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									Take your old CDs and put them to good use by making some creative and unusual jewelry.
These directions have been compiled from a number of creative people, hopefully I’ve given everyone credit for their projects!

Stamp Art Jewelry from CDs

"Blue Eye"             "Cartouche"             "King Tut"      "       Moon"           "Japanese Lady"         "Writing Lady Art"         "Mauve Lady"

1. Using protective eyewear, cut CDs into pieces w/ heavy-duty kitchen scissors held at a 45-degree angle. Or hold under hot water to soften. To get
unusual shapes, put CDs in near--boiling water & let sit for a few minutes until heated. Use tongs to remove. Wear gloves, as CD will be HOT. Work fast as
it will start to cool immediately. Cut any shape you want easily. If the CD starts to get hard to cut, slip it back into water and heat up again.

2. With cosmetic wedge, sponge acrylic paint. I like to 2 colors like soft blue for background & darker blue around edges. Metallics are great backgrounds.
My favorite is a copper metallic background accented w/ metallic blue paint. Use bottled acrylics --Ceramcoat, Americana, Accent, Aleene's, etc.

3. When dry, stamp chosen image on painted background with Crafter's Black ink & heat set.

4. Press CD printed side onto clear embossing pad then into shallow dish of Clear UTEE to coat with powder. Heat & melt UTEE.

5. Press CD quickly back into Clear UTEE for 2nd coat. Don’t burn yourself.

6. Heat. I like to sprinkle other UTEE colors like Interference Blue or Gold or even regular embossing powder into melted Clear UTEE. Heat & melt them;
then dip CD into Clear UTEE for 3rd and last time.

7. If desired, ink stamp w/ colored pigment ink. Heat 3rd layer of Clear UTEE. While still molten, press inked stamp into it. Let UTEE cool before removing.

8. When cooled, brush 1 coat of Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Varnish to protect pigment ink. Omit this step if you didn't stamp w/ inked stamp. Dry overnight.
Ceramcoat is my favorite; Krylon Gloss spray dulls UTEE.

9. Drill holes for charms. If UTEE cracks around hole, cover w/ Beedz or a mix of seed & bugle beads. These make excellent embellishments. Attach
charm(s) & glue pin back onto reverse of CD piece with E-6000. That’s it!
The Melting Pot                      To Dye For Inks                       Stamping Squares
Rainbow Foil                         Angle Tweezers                        Embossing Craft Sheet
Sure Shot Heat Gun                   Puttin' On The Glitz                  Teflon Non-stick Scissors
BeaDazzles                           Zamora Beadz                          CLEAR UTEE - One Pound Jar
UTEE FLEX                            Kool Toolz                            CD
Permanent ink pad

NOTE *When working with melted or heated UTEE, it’s safest to wear a face mask & work in a well-ventilated area. While not toxic, fumes
cause headaches, stuffy noses or the feeling of a sore throat in sensitive individuals.

1. Melt Clear ultra-thick embossing enamel plus 1/2 scooperful of UTEE F-L-E-X in the Melting Pot.
2. Add 2 to 4 drop of To Dye For inks. These are made special for pot & are heat-safe. Stir with heat safe & non-stick Kool Toolz Spatula.
3. Stamp on CD using permanent ink.
4. Use Heat Gun to heat the CD to soften it and then cut with good scissors.
5. Hold the cut piece of CD with tweezers and dip into the molten embossing enamel.
6. Place the CD on a non-stick craft sheet to cool.
7. Place cardboard craft square into molten enamel. Lift out w/ tweezers & IMMEDIATELY place on backside, (not color side), of rainbow foil.
8. Leave in place for about 30 seconds until it cools & peel off foil. Color will remain on craft square.
9. Lift foiled square w/ tweezers & dip it, color side down, into molten enamel. Lift out immediately (if left in too long, foil will disintegrate).
10. Place hot foiled square on craft sheet & instantly place CD onto hot surface, pressing in place to bond. Tinted enamel that squeezes out
from sides will appear glasslike when project is finished. Should CD pop off, Zap-a-Gap super glue will hold it back in place.
11. Add embellishments like Beadazzles & Zamora Beadz using Puttin' On The Glitz glitter glue as a base. Then attach pin back or pin bale.
Faux Dichroic Glass Carol Duvall Show : Episode CDS-1325 –

The Melting Pot                                    "To Dye For" inks                           cardboard craft squares
metallic rainbow foil                              tweezers                                    non-stick craft sheet
heat gun                                           compact disc (CD)                           permanent ink pad
glitter glue                                       scissors                                    wooden craft stick
Stamp Oasis #1431 Sea Queen rubber stamp           glass beads, embellishments                 UTEE

1. Melt clear UTEE in Melting Pot.
2. Add 2-4 drop To Dye For inks. These are made for the pot and are heat safe. Stir with craft stick (figure A).
3. Stamp on CD using permanent ink.
4. Heat CD to soften, then cut with good scissors (figure B).
5. Hold cut piece of CD with tweezers & dip into molten embossing enamel (figure C).
6. Place CD on a non-stick craft sheet to cool (figure D).
7. Place cardboard craft square into molten enamel. Lift out w/ tweezers & place on backside, not color side, of rainbow foil (figure E).
8. Leave in place for 30 seconds until it cools & then peel off foil (figure F). Color will remain on craft square.
9. Lift foiled square w/ tweezers & dip, color side down, into molten enamel. Lift out immediately (if left too long, foil will disintegrate).
10. Place hot foiled square on craft sheet & instantly place CD onto hot surface, pressing into place (figure G) to bond. Tinted enamel that
squeezes out from sides will appear glasslike when finished. Should CD pop off, super glue will hold it in place.
11. Add embellishments using glitter glue as base (figure H). Then attach pin back.
rubber stamps -
faux dichroic glass pins supplies - Suze Weinberg
Except Rubber Stamps, CDs, permanent Stamp ink and craft sticks.
Suze Weinberg Design Studio
booklet: Melt Art Impressions by Suze Weinberg         Design Originals
A CD Pin with Foil - This is another "Faux Dichroic glass" effect.
CDs                            Favorite Stamp                   Angle Tweezers                               Kool Toolz
The Melting Pot                To Dye For Inks                  Embossing Craft Sheet                        Perfect Pin Bales
Perfect Pinbacks               Rainbow Foil                     Sure Shot Heat Gun                           Teflon Non-stick Scissors
Clear UTEE                     Stamping Squares                 Zap-A-Gap                                    Teflon Non-stick Scissors
Permanent ink (Brilliance, Ranger Decor-It)

1.   Always work on Non-stick craft sheet and use the non stick Kool Toolz.
2.   Melt Clear UTEE in Melting Pot at highest temperature and use the lid to keep covered.
3.   Add 2-4 droplets of any favorite color(s) of To Dye For heat safe ink additive. Stir thoroughly.
4.   Stamp on CD, then heat with heat tool to soften. Cut with scissors to desired size.
5.   Lift CD w/ tweezers & dip entirely into melted UTEE to coat it. Remove from pot & place on craft sheet to harden & cool.

6. Dip one full side of the craft stamping square into the pot of melted UTEE and use tweezers to remove when coated.
7. IMMEDIATELY place hot cardboard onto BACKSIDE (non color side) of foil and press it down using tweezers as pressing tool.
8. Allow to harden, then slowly peel foil back exposing color side that has transferred to cardboard.

9. Lift CD from craft sheet & just have it ready.
Dip cardboard (colored foil side DOWN) into pot & IMMEDIATELY remove using tweezers. If left too long foil will disintergrate.
10. Place CD IMMEDIATELY onto foil & press using tweezers as pressing tool. This bonds the 2 pieces.
11. Embellish using Glitter Glue to hold beads. Glue requires overnight dry time but will dry to a glistening finish with beadz intact.
12. You can add a self sticking pin back or attach a pin bale with our Zap-a-gap which allows you to wear it as either a pin or a necklace.

                         Red Asian CD
Red CD (I buy hot colored CDs at Staples)         Heat set ink (Ranger Decor It, Tsukeniko Brilliance)   Zap-A-Gap
Favorite Stamp                                    The Melting Pot                                        Angle Tweezers
Clear UTEE                                        Perfect Pinbacks                                       BeaDazzles
Teflon Non-stick Scissors                         Sure Shot Heat Gun                                     Embossing Craft Sheet
Perfect Pin Bales                                 Perfect Pinbacks                                       Rub n Buff

 1. Working on the non stick Craft sheet, melt Clear UTEE in the Melting Pot.
2. Stamp on your red colored CD using a good heat set type of ink.
3. Use heat gun to heat stamped image. This seals ink & softens CD making it safe & easy for cutting.
4. Now that CD is soft, use good scissors to cut CD to size & shape you like.
5. Lift CD with tweezers & dip entire piece into Clear melted UTEE. When coated, remove & immediately dip into beadazzles. Beads will stick
to hot UTEE all by themselves & stay put.
6. Place CD on non stick craft sheet & allow to cool.
7. Add self sticking pin back or attach Pin Bales (use Zap a Gap) & wear as either pin or necklace.

8. Wendy made UTEE mold using Mold-n-Pour molding putty from fan shaped piece of jewelry or charm.
9. Apply small amount of Rub n Buff w/ finger to surface of UTEE casting to bring out raised areas.
10. Attach to CD w/ Zap-a-Gap.

                                                                             From Suze Weinberg’s site
                                                        CD Pin Examples and Instructions

“I was inspired by the bulletin board (Gingerwood) to create unique pins from CDs! A few samples I created (after a few trials & errors!).”

What kind of CDs can I use?                           Commercially created CDs
How do I cut the CD?                                  Use any regular household scissors – not your good paper or fabric scissors!
How can I prevent CDs from cracking?                  Keep scissor blades at 45-degree angle. Or slightly heat CD with your heat tool and cut.
How do I make holes so I can add beads & charms?      Use a drill with a small bit. Add holes after your pin is finished.

Commercial CD                         Scissors                               UTEE                            Holographic embossing powder (1)
Blue/green Pearl-Ex powder (1)        Clear embossing pad                    Heat tool                       Markers (2, 3) (Prismacolor art markers)
Clean rubber stamp w/ bold image      Glue (Yes! glue)                       Acrylic spray                   Tiny gold or silver beads (2, 3)
Clear Crystal Lacquer (pins 2, 3)     Feathers (1, 2, 3)                     Pin back                        Cardboard or cardstock (backing)

1. Holding scissor blades at 45-degree angle, cut CD in ½. Cut shape slowly, keeping scissors at a 45-degree angle. Amoebic blob is best general shape.
2. If you want to color it, do so now. Work on shiny side. A blend of several colors looks great.
3. Coat shape with clear embossing pad (make sure you coat entire surface).
4. Coat shape with UTEE. I dump UTEE in bowl and dip my shape into bowl.
5. Heat well with heat tool.
6. Immediately dip shape into UTEE again (do not use embossing pad again!).
7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you have at least 4 coats of UTEE on your shape.
    Note: For pin 1 I added holographic powder & blue/green Pearl-Ex after 2nd application of UTEE. This gives depth.
8. After final coat of UTEE is heated, immediately stamp w/ stamp. Allow piece to cool completely before removing stamp.
9. Embellish.
        a. For pins 2 and 3, I adhered gold or silver Beedz w/ clear Crystal Lacquer,
        b. For pins 1, 2, and 3, I adhered colorful feathers to back with Yes! glue.
            Note: Before adding feathers or other "external" embellishments, coat pin w/ acrylic spray to protect it. Allow to dry completely.
10. Cut card stock or cardboard slightly smaller than pin & adhere to back. Allow to dry.
11. Add pin back & sign your masterpiece!

Drop several drops of 2 or more colors of nonporous surface paint on CD. Cover w/ freezer wrap paper & rub to blend colors together. Allow to dry.

                      CD Pins Carol Duvall Show : Episode CDS-1139
junk mail CDs                                                old heavy-duty scissors                            heat tool
sandpaper or coarse emery board                              black permanent ink                                white cardstock
Stamps, Etc. stamps - "Art" and "Checked Lady"               Wonder Sheet tape                                  cotton swab
Stampers Anonymous stamp - #J2-643 Harlequin Scrap           cosmetic sponge                                    black waxed linen cord
Ranger Adirondack pads - butterscotch, lettuce, red pepper   stipple brush                                      assorted beads
black ultra fine point permanent marker                      clear embossing stamp pad                          embossing craft sheet
Krylon gold metallic leafing pen                             clear UTEE                                         Mini-Mosiacs
black glossy card stock                                      gold wire                                          Diamond Glaze
small paint brush                                            pin back
1. Warm CD for 30 seconds, using heat tool. Cut CD with old scissors into a rectangular shape. Smooth out sharp edges with sandpaper or emery board.
Use caution when cutting CDs, as they splinter and shatter.
2. Stamp "Checked Lady" image on white card stock using black permanent ink. Stamp "Art" image at top of lady's head
Trim image in shape of CD piece and apply piece of wonder sheet to back of card stock (figure A).
3. Remove pink protective layer from wonder sheet & firmly adhere it to shiny side of CD. Trim card stock around edges of CD.
4. Apply butterscotch-colored ink to center of woman's face w/ stipple brush. Randomly apply lettuce & red pepper ink to remainder of image w/ cosmetic
sponge until entire image is colored. Using cotton swab, apply small amount of red pepper ink to woman's lips. Ink "Harlequin Scrap" image with red pepper
ink and stamp it in the lower right hand corner. Using a black ultra fine permanent marker, create handwriting image in lower left hand corner (figure B).
5. Stamp card stock side of CD w/ clear embossing pad. Using craft sheet as work surface, dip CD into clear UTEE & heat. When UTEE is melted, dip piece
into clear UTEE again. Cont. to heat & emboss. Repeat process at least 3 times. Let cool on craft sheet for 2-3 minutes.
6. Apply thin line of gold ink w/ metallic leafing pen around edges. Let dry.
7. Create dangle by stringing small beads onto waxed black linen cord. Knot ends. Leave ¾” end at top of strand, & clip bottom of strand close to knot (C).
8. Cut black glossy card stock approx. size of CD piece & adhere piece of wonder sheet adhesive to back of black card stock. Remove pink protective sheet
& lay card stock glossy side down, tape side up. Center ¾” end of bead dangle on bottom edge of CD piece, sticking to card stock. Line up bottom of CD
piece w/ card stock, firmly apply & trim close to edge. This will finish pin back & hold bead dangle in place.
9. Shape wire into flattened coil, using flourish on stamped image as pattern. Apply nickel-sized amount of Diamond Glaze on pin center. Spread glaze over
pin w/ small paintbrush (D). Gently press wire & sprinkle mini-mosiacs (cracked corn & coral) into Diamond Glaze. Let dry for 12 hours. Apply pin back.
Placing CDs into pan of boiling water for a few minutes can make CD cutting easier.
Drill small holes into CD to add jump rings & brass barrel fishing swivels for small beads. Use drill with 1/16” bit and drill after UTEE have cooled.
Decorated CDs can be used for more than wearable art. Painted, embossed CD pieces can also be used like tiny pieces of mosaic on boxes or frames.
Interesting embellishments can be created for cards or as a magnet. Cover inexpensive notebook w/ specialty paper & top w/ CD for unique gift.

Diamond Glaze dimensional adhesive
Harlequin Scrap rubber stamp
stamps - Stamps Etcetera      402-397-8485
Leafing pens--Krylon
Wonder Sheet, UTEE, Embossing Craft Sheet, Mini-mosiacs, Perfect Pin Backs
Adriondack pads
Stamping on CDs

I painted with acrylic white paint first, used the heat gun to dry it faster, gave it as many coats as I liked, the I used cat's eye color box inks, red, green and
yellow. There is small amount of heliotrope in there also. Then embossed with transparent powder.

    1. Sand off label on junk CD. Silver labels are easiest, but all colors sand as far as I know. When done sanding, CD should be c-through.
    2. There are a lot of different ways to proceed from here:
        A. Stamp on shiny side w/ crafter's ink & heat set. Flip over & color in on the sanded side w/colored pencils.
    B. Color on sanded side w/ permanent markers (I used berol Prismacolor, Tria ink work too). Stamp on sanded side w/ black crafter's ink, & heat set.
    Then flip over & stamp again w/ crafter's ink and heat set. Stamping on both sides gives the illusion of depth.
    C. On sanded side, rub colored crafter's ink on CD. After completely covered, make lines w/ ink pad in direct-to-paper fashion on CD over ink. Emboss
    w/ clear UTEE or EP. Flip over, & stamp images around CD w/ black crafter's ink & heat set. Rub embossing ink over top & emboss in clear UTEE.

                                                                          A. Stamp on the shiny side w/ crafter's ink and heat set. Flip over & color in on the
                                                                          sanded side w/colored pencils.
                                                                          3. Heat top of CD and punch a hole w/ a 1/16th" hole punch to avoid cracking.
                                                                          Thread w/ string.

                                                                          4. Go around edges w/ a gold leafing pen.

                                                                          5. Hot glue a pretty bow over previously punched hole.
                                                                          These look especially pretty on a Christmas tree with the lights shining or on a
                                                                          window with the sun shining through.
Put the CD in the microwave for 5 seconds. It will begin to spark. Don't be alarmed. Try it a few more times in 5 second increments. The sparking is what
gives the CD the cool cracked look and darkens the color.
The CD I used had a pale greenish iridescent color with a white back. Next, you can either put the CD into boiling water for a few minutes or bake it in the
oven at 400, just until it begins to soften enough for you to cut it. A pair of heavy duty kitchen shears or garden shears works best for this step.
After CD is cut into various shapes, use a Dremel to drill holes into the pieces for jump rings & other findings. Lay out your pieces & plan how you want to
put your project together. Do you have cool beads you want to incorporate? I had these pretty aurora borealis E beads and flat beads that I strung onto
eyepins, and put them in between the CD pieces. This really is a great example of upcycling, and so eco-chic!

   How to Make CD Pins By Susan Smith

   CDs, heat tool, scissors, tweezers, double sided tape, Melting Pot, pin backs
   Clear OPALS embossing enamels (Franklin)
   Suze Weinberg’s "To Dye For" dyes or dye ink reinkers
   A Kool Toolz Spatula - available on our website
   Non-stick craft sheet - available on our website
   Heat resistant working surface or hot pads
   Glossy Accents - available on our website
   After Midnight rubber stamp copied on clear acetate (kind used for overhead projectors)
   (Stamping directly onto acetate may be done if using permanent ink)
   Embellishments such as pre-strung beads, feathers, etc.

                                Heat CD’s w/ heat gun, slowly & close to CD, heating a small portion at a time.
                                Alternative method: Linda Hanson found that you can heat the CD’s in a toaster oven that has been dedicated to crafts.
                                Heat the entire CD at 110 degrees until the CD is very warm to the touch. Using an oven mitt to hold the CD, cut out
                                pieces you want.

                                Cut out the After Midnight rubber stamp image that has been stamped or photocopied onto clear acetate. Cut close to
                                the outside lines of the image, but don’t worry too much about inside lines. Adhere the image to a CD piece using a tiny
                                bit of Glossy Accents.
                            Heat clear Opals in the Melting Pot until melted. Add a few drops of
                            reinker and stir until well blended. Dip the CD, picture side down, into
                            melted OPALS. Be sure that a small amount is on the back of the CD as
                            well so that the cooled OPALS sticks well to the CD. Pull out from the pot
                            and place right side up on a non-stick craft sheet that is on a heat
                            resistant surface.

                            Place CD’s on a non stick craft sheet that is on a heat resistant surface.
                            Using a heat gun, carefully heat over any bumps or places that need to
                            be smoothed over. While still warm, a scissors may be used to cut off
                            excess OPALS. Allow to cool, and add embellishments of your choice.

Pointers from Linda - I am tweezer challenged so I attach pin back before dipping CD into pot to give a handle & not leave tweezer marks.
Use dye ink reinker (but not pigment ink reinkers).
To attach transparency image to CD, use a very tiny dab (just barely touch CD) of Glossy Accents. It's quick, easy, & dries clear. You don't have to
wait for it to dry before you dip the image.
I also use the Glossy Accents to attach any embellishments such as beads, feathers, fibers, or our prestrung beads on the ribbons. But, you can also
use glitter glue to embed your embellishments. Gives a totally different look. I generally use both on the pins
                                                                                            I took my Dremel & sanded edges & rounded corners. I painted the
printed side of the CD chunks with black acrylic paint with 2-3 coats till it’s opaque black. Allow to dry between coats. I took 3 colors of interference paints--
green, blue, & violet--and slapped them on, blending just a bit. The interference paints look hazy when wet but colors show up best on black once they dry.
I may have done a couple of coats.
Here are some of my painted pieces waiting for     You must use a permanent ink; I used Jet         What would happen if I coated the piece with
transformation. They're nothing to scream about.   Black StazOn. Still nothing exciting. Yawn.      VersaMark Ink…

I threw it ink side down into Clear Embossing         Cook w/ Heat Tool. Powdery pieces are not       These pieces have 2 coats Clear Embossing Powder.
Powder vat...                                         done; shiny pieces have been heat treated.      They look "dimple-y", so 1 more coat will do it.
Do you see how adding layers of Embossing Powders makes black images pop as well as better define those interference colors? I'm not sure how the
photograph will translate, but this stuff is *gorgeous*! We can make pins, pendants, magnets, etc.. Fun-fun-fun!!!
Altered CD Pins
Heat gun   CD   permanent ink   shears
1/6” hole punch                22 gauge colored wire          flat sided gem                  glue dots
Dimensional adhesive           flat sided bottle w/ cork      food coloring

Stamp image on silver side of CD in permanent ink. Soften cutting line w/ heat gun; cut CD into desired size & shape.
Melt clear UTEE in Melting Pot; mix additional dry clear UTEE w/ few drops of Butterscotch dye ink. When mixed thoroughly, add to UTEE
already in pot. Cover w/ lid & heat to melt. Heat CD piece again & punch 4 holes along edge w/ handheld punch. Holding CD piece w/
tweezers, dip into melted UTEE, allow to drip then cool on craft sheet. With large needle, open holes previously punched. Thread wire &
loop as embellishment on piece. Adhere decorative 'gem' in center of woman's forehead. With dimensional adhesive, add colored micro
beads on piece. Once pieces are dry & set, adhere glue dots to back of finished CD piece & apply to front of bottle. Wrap wire around neck
of bottle. Mix complementary shade of dye ink or food coloring w/ water to fill bottle. Cork the

Stones" made with alcohol inks on old, cut-up CDs - Cut up CDs & use alcohol inks to color them. The results look like gemstones, but they really are flat
with shimmering colors that change as they dry & w/ different light. I have used them in my scrapbooking. They are only pretty on 1 side. The other side
is the cd label. You can paint over it, but it’s not the same effect.

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