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					Work Term Checklist – Spring 2009


Lower Mainland Placements - Register for your practicum – see the SFU Calendar for the course description

       ENSC 194 - Optional Work Term
       ENSC 195, 295, 395 - Industry Work Terms
       ENSC 196, 296, 396 - Research, Entrepreneurial or Self-directed Co-ops

Out of Lower Mainland Placements – Registration and UPASS Exemption: As of Fall 2008, co-op students
        living and working outside the GVRD can request a U-PASS fee exemption by enrolling in a new section
        D200 of their co-op practicum. Note that the ENSC Co-op office will enroll you as students are "add
        restricted" from this section.
To request an exemption:

    1. Pay your registration deposit.
    2. Email with "U-PASS" in the subject line. Provide your full name and student number,
        request a U-PASS exemption, tell Liz the practicum number you need to enroll in. You will be notified
        once you're enrolled.

Offer letter

       You should receive an offer letter from the employer within 3-4 weeks
       Respond promptly - (if required) sign and accept the offer before the deadline
       Provide a copy of the signed offer letter to the co-op office for your file
       Need a witness to sign the letter or a fax machine? We can help!

Courses to Drop and Interviews to Cancel

Please let us know if you have outstanding interviews scheduled that we need to cancel. As many of you
have interviews with other departments and in some cases you were contacted directly by the employer, we
may not be aware of your interview schedule.

Also, if you have courses that you need us to withdraw you from after the course drop deadline, we can
withdraw you without penalty. Please reply and list the courses you'd like us to drop for you.


       If you have not done so already, sign and submit a hard copy of the new Terms and Conditions
        form. Forms can be found at:
       Complete your Co-op Placement Basic Information: Login to your Symplicity account, click on your
        Profile button, and the Co-op Placements tab. Click the edit button, then fill in the required details on
        the Basic Info Tab. You may have to wait until you've started work to complete all the fields. The
        information you provide will help coordinators arrange for your site visit so please include information
        about parking, obtaining a security pass (if applicable) and directions to your work location.
       Complete your Learning Objectives: In the same section of Symplicity as your Co-op Placement
        Basic Information (above), go to the bottom of the Basic Info tab, to add your first Learning Objective.
        Complete the three questions (boxes) for each of your three learning objectives. You will need to click
        the Add Learning Objectives button to create the boxes for your second and third learning objective.
        Don't forget to click the save button to save your work! Arrange a meeting with your supervisor to
        discuss your learning objectives and be prepared to discuss your progress on your learning objectives
        with a coordinator at your site visit.
Site Visit:

                                                               nd   rd
        You will be contacted by a Co-op Coordinator (in the 2 -3 month of the work term), via your SFU e-
        mail account. Please monitor your SFU account while out on a work term.
       The site visit is a part of your evaluation for your work term grade. Please cooperate with your
        coordinator to make arrangements for your site visit.


Supervisor Evaluation - fillable form can be found at

       You must ask your supervisor fill out the Supervisor Evaluation form at the end of your work term and
        review it with you. Submit it to the co-op office when you return to campus, or by fax, or email a
        scanned signed copy to . Be sure to include your full name and student number in all
        email correspondence. Submit the evaluation by the 15 day of the last month of your work term
        (i.e. April 15, August 15 or December 15).

Student Evaluation - fillable form can be found at

       Remember to also complete your evaluation of the work term. Submit it to the co-op office when you
        return to campus, or by fax, or email a saved copy to . Be sure to include your full
        name and student number in all email correspondence. Submit the evaluation by the 15 day of the
        last month of your work term (i.e. April 15, August 15 or December 15).

Create a Profile in the SFU Online Learning Community

       Login with your SFU ID, click on Profiles, click on New Profile, then complete your work term profile.

Complete your Work Term Requirement. One of the following MUST be completed for each 4 month work
term. These requirements must be completed to pass your work term and all three must be completed prior to
your graduation check. More information can be found at this link or contact Steve Whitmore -
or Mike Sjoerdsma –

       Oral Presentation – first work term
       Executive Summary and updated resume – second work term
       Work Term Report – third work term


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