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AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus


AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                          2008
Topic                                                                                        Dates
Basic Chemistry & Lab Safety (Review)
Class Introduction                                                                            8/12
Lab Safety, Lab Safety Quiz

Nomenclature, Polyatomic Ions, Moles, %Composition, Empirical/Molecular Formulas            8/13-17
Lab Safety, Lab Safety Quiz

Reaction Stoichiometry                                                                      8/20-24
Determination of the formula of a copper chloride hydrate through analysis of water %
    and stoichiometric reaction with aluminum
AP Recommended Lab #1 & #2

Preparing and analyzing solutions, Solution Stoichiometry.                                  8/27-8/31
Standardization of NaOH(aq) using KHP
AP Recommended Lab #6
Analysis of amount of acetyl salicylic acid in aspirin by titration with sodium hydroxide
AP Recommended Lab #7
Analysis of concentration of a cupric sulfate solution: Beer’s Law
AP Recommended Lab #17

Using ICE tables in problem solving.                                                          9/4-7
Determination of phosphorus in plant food
AP Recommended Lab #16

Basic Skills/Solutions Quiz

                                              Ionic Reactions
Electrolytes, Types of Reactions, Precipitation reactions, Solubility rules                 9/10-14
Determination of mole ratio of carbonates and HCl in neutralization reactions
AP Recommended Lab #9

Reactions Practice                                                                          9/17-21
Separation of cations and anions by selective precipitation
AP Recommended Lab #14
Identification of unknown by chemical properties
AP Recommended Lab #14

                                            Redox reactions
Calculating oxidation numbers, Oxidizing and reducing agents, recognizing redox             9/24-28
    Analysis of bleach by oxidation-reduction titration.
AP Recommended Lab #8
AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                        2008
Topic                                                                                     Dates
Balancing redox reactions: Half-reaction method, electron balance method                   10/1-5
Determination of vitamin C by iodometric titration
AP Recommended Lab #8

Ionic Reactions/Redox Quiz

                                               Gas Laws
Kinetic-Molecular Theory, Pressure, Super-combined gas law (AKA: ABC gas law), Ideal      10/8-12
    gas law and its variants
Determination of molar volume of carbon dioxide – using dry ice & balloons
AP Recommended Lab #5

Graham and Daltons Law, Non-ideal gases                                                  10/15-18
Determination of mass, mole, volume, and pressure relationships in the electrolysis of
AP Recommended Lab #9

Calorimetry, Heat of Reaction, Hess’s Law                                                10/24-26
Determination of heat of solution of NaOH and KI.
AP Recommended Lab #13

Gas Laws/Thermochemistry Quiz

                                         Chemical Kinetics
Reaction Rates, Measuring Rates, Rate Laws, First Order & Other Reactions,               10/29-11/2
Determining reaction order graphically
Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (graphical method)
AP Recommended Lab #12

Determining reaction order from initial rates, Temperature Effects                         11/5-9
Determination of the rate of a reaction and order for the acid catalyzed iodination of
    acetone (initial rates method)
AP Recommended Lab #12

Catalysis, Reaction Mechanism                                                            11/12-16
Determining the Kinetics of the reaction of food coloring with hypochlorite
AP Recommended Lab #17

Chemical Kinetics Quiz

                                           Chemical Equilibrium
Model of equilibrium, Le CHâtelier’s Principle                                           11/19-20
Chemistry Day
AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                          2008
Topic                                                                                       Dates
Equilibrium Expressions, Equilibrium Calculations, ICE Tables                               11/26-30
Spectrophotometric determination of the equilibrium constant for the reaction of Fe3+ and
    SCN- ions.
AP Recommended Lab #10

Common Ion Effect                                                                            12/3-7

Equilibrium Quiz

Flex Time – Review for Exam                                                                 12/10-13
Critical Thinking Labs

1st Semester Exam                                                                            12/14
AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                           2009
Topic                                                                                        Dates
                                        Acid Base Equilibria
Acid Base Review (Arrhenius, Brønsted-Lowry, Lewis Theory, pH Scale),                         1/3-4
Critical Thinking Labs

Molecular structure and acid/base strength, Equilibrium of weak acids/bases, Titration       1/7-11
Determining ionization constants for a weak acid from titration curves
AP Recommended Lab #10
Determination of the best indicator vs. pH of end-point of titration
AP Recommended Lab #11

Polyprotic acids, Buffer solutions, Complex Ions                                             1/14-18
Preparation of a buffer solution and analysis of their properties (pH, buffering capacity,
    optimal concentrations, …)
AP Recommended Lab #19
Synthesis of several transition metal complexes with a variety of ligands, analysis of
    relative ligand bonding strength through competitive complexation reactions and
    complex color.
AP Recommended Lab #15

                                             Solubility Equilibria
Solubility product constant, Molar solubility, Common-ion effect, Effect of pH               1/22-25
Determination of solubility product constant for silver acetate
AP Recommended Lab #10

Completeness of Precipitation, Selective precipitation                                       1/28-2/1

Acid Base/Solubility Equilibria Quiz

Spontaneous Change, Entropy, Free Energy Change, Temperature dependence                       2/4-8

Free Energy Change and Equilibrium                                                           2/11-14
Measuring the spontaneity of a reaction

Half-reaction/redox review, Voltaic cells, Standard electrode potentials, Electrode          2/18-22
     potential, Spontaneity, Electrolysis
Preparation and measuring voltages of electrochemical cells, determination of equilibrium
     constants, ΔG
AP Recommended Lab #21
AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                             2009
Topic                                                                                          Dates
Equilibrium, Effects of concentration                                                          2/25-29
Electroplating of various metals (copper, zinc, …)
AP Recommended Lab #21

Thermodynamics/Electrochemistry Quiz

                                    Atomic and Molecular Structure
Development of atomic theory, Atomic Structure and Bohr’s Model, Electronic                     3/3-7
Configuration, Periodic Trends, Chemical Bonds and Bonding, Molecular Structure
Determining the identity of unknown by chromatography
AP Recommended Lab #18

VSPER, Hybridization, Resonance                                                                3/10-14
Identification of unknown (using electrochemical series and other properties
AP Recommended Lab #20

                          Intermolecuclar Forces and Colligative Properties
Review of Intermolecular Forces, Vapor Pressure, Phase Changes, Solubility of gases,           3/17-19
liquids, and solids,
Determination of molar mass of a volatile liquid (2-propanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, …) by
     measuring vapor density – Dumas method
AP Recommended Lab #4

Colligative properties                                                                         3/31-4/4
Determination of freezing point of pure lauric acid – cooling curve analysis
AP Recommended Lab #4
     Determination of freezing point of benzoinc acid/lauric acid mixture and calculation of
     molar mass of benzoic acid
AP Recommended Lab #4

Structure and Bonding/IMFs and Colligative Properties Quiz

                                           Organic Nomenclature
Naming and drawing structures for alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, rings, aromatics, functional      4/7-11
    groups, Identifying and writing isomers, Review of bonding, resonance, and
Synthesis, purification and analysis of an ester
AP Recommended Lab #22

Special Topics

Nuclear Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry                                                     4/14-17

Organic Chemistry/Special Topics Half-Quiz

                                           AP Exam Preperation
 AP Chemistry Class and Lab Syllabus                                                                 2009
 Topic                                                                                              Dates
 Format, Strategies, Practice, Review                                                               4/21-25

 2nd Semester Exam                                                                                  4/28–5/2

 Review Semester Exam, Review for AP Exam                                                            5/5-9

 Saturday Review for AP Exam                                                                          5/9

 AP Chem Exam                                                                                         5/12

Caveat: This is a tentative syllabus – dates, labs, and subject matter are all subject to change.

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