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					Tutor Group Activity 3: Creating a web channel
Weeks 9 to 12

Note: TGA3 now depends on something called “wiki”. Ask your students to do
Exercise 25 in Section 4 so they know what wiki is and how it helps them to
develop their web channel. You may want to do this exercise on front of the
students in a face-to-face tutorial.

First: You may want to edit the main page of the wiki called "the Web Channel"
so your students names are all added to the page. Alternatively, each student
may add his/her name, yet some help from you side in the face-to-face tutorials
will be needed.

How does the activity fit in the course?
This activity falls within Section 4 (weeks 9 to 12) and relates directly to work for

For your guidance, a suggested timetable is given at the end of this message
which lists the activities to be undertaken by tutor, group and individual student.
They will need time to complete work on the web channel and have time to write
up their assignment, so this work should be “closed” by the end of the 11th week,
at the latest.

Students are told in the Introduction to Section 4:

“Your assignment for this section is to produce an individual page for a group
web channel, as a joint project with other students from your tutorial group. You
will be marked mostly on your personal contribution to this project, but you will
also be able to practice and reflect on your growing groupwork skills. If your
group works together effectively, you should find that your results will be a lot
better than they would have been if you were just working on your own.”

Full details of the assignment give further explanation and refer them to this Tutor
Group Activity. Please note your message will be the only place which tells them
exactly how the activity will be organized.

The aims of this activity
To provide an opportunity for students to work together to produce a combined
To generate ideas and evidence for reflection in TMA02

Setting up the activity
Your first task is to make sure that each student selected a different topic or
subtopic. Next, do Exercise 25 in Section 4 and inform your students about the
wiki which will be used to develop the main page in the web channel. It might be
helpful if you generate the first page in the wiki and then add few linking to create
individual pages so your students know what they should do.

The group will need an area where they can work together. You could do this via
TGA3 Forum. Once you have decided the practicalities of how students will work
together, you can use the message below to tell your students about the activity.

Below is an example set-up message which needs you to make some changes
depending upon the approach you take to the organization of your group. The
areas which you will need to change are shown in red text. The final message
can then be and „cut and pasted‟ into TGA3 Forum. Feel free, though, to make
other amendments as you deem appropriate. Alternatively, you may wish to
compose your own message.

Note, however, that it is vital that students take part in this activity so that
they can complete TMA02.

Tutor Group Activity 3:
Group-work: Creating a web channel

Here are some details for our third tutor group activity.
Note: You will need to do this work in order to complete the second assignment. This
assignment is summative and half of your course result will be based upon your work for this

What is this activity about?
The main aim of the activity is to work together to create a group web channel.

You will also experience what it is like to produce work collaboratively in an online
environment, and collect work towards TMA02.

What do you need to do?
Check out the TMA requirements! Have a look at the requirements in the TMA02

You will see that each of you needs to choose a subject that you will investigate for your
own page. So the first thing you have to do is agree which subject each of you is doing. It
may be that some of you would like to choose the same subject. That's fine as long as you
negotiate to decide and agree what aspects of the subject each of you is going to follow up.
So, for example, if sport was chosen one person may follow up 'ball games' whilst another
might investigate 'watersports'. It is vital that no-one develops the same aspect of the
topic as someone else otherwise similar content opens the door for charges of collusion and
plagiarism to be placed - which the Course Team are keen to avoid but will follow up if
necessary. Hence, it must be clear that the work you create for TMA02 is your own effort.

Individually you will gather information, then create you own individual web page which
provides links to sites on your subject. As a group, you will then need to create a group
web-page with a list of contents and links to each member's individual page - thus forming
the group’s web channel.

For the assignment you will also need to reflect on the experience of working together.

Find your working area. If you can’t find the TGA3 Forum let me know quickly.

Start the groupwork by discussing and agreeing your subject with your fellow students, and
deciding how you will work together to produce what is needed by the set date. For
instance, do you need some sort of timetable to follow, and if so, how will you set the
dates? What sort of style will you use? How will the group page be put together? Will you
look out for information that could help other members of your group? Use what you have
learnt from Working in cyberspace to do this.

Create a plan to help you complete the whole assignment on time.

When will the activity start and finish?
The activity starts from <date> and will end on <date>. This is <number> days before the
assignment is due to give you time to finalise your work.

Do Exercise 25 in Section 4 and learn about the wiki that your group will be using to develop
the main page in the web channel. Click on the wiki named “The web channel” and read the
header note.

Read the TMA notes thoroughly before you prepare to take part in the activity, so that you
know what you need to do.

Keep notes on how things progress, so that you can complete the reflection needed in

Look at the list of subjects to see what you would find interesting to work on, but be
prepared with more than one choice, so you can accommodate others in the group.

Ask other members of the group for ideas and feedback, and take an active part in the
discussion from now on.

<tutor’s name>
                                                                             End of message
The group’s work
You will need to check on the group‟s progress as time goes on and help the
process along, also to ensure that they will have their work ready for the
assignment by the set date.

The list below gives a suggested timetable for the web channel activity

Activity plan

During Week
Activity (G = Group; I = Individual student; T = Tutor)

T - establish group-working process; I - read spec for TMA02; G - allocate tasks
and topics

G - agrees common style for web pages;I - search for topic web sites & write

G - creates home page; I - create topic web page and then a link to your page in
the wiki named "The Web Channel".

I - reflects on group process & completes assignment

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