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									            February 2005

                                                                                      This Month
As MassMedia moves into its 5th year of operation we finally feel we are
getting over that "Start Up" hump. Since our last email we have grown
again and now desperately need to find a new home to allow for further                   Great Leap Forward
                                                                                         Voice to SMS on mobiles
Our team has not only grown in size but expertise and it is great
working with such a diverse and enthusiastic group of people.
                                                                                         Helping Tsunami Survivors
2005 has started out with loads of potential and we hope to capitalise
on what seems to be a strong turnaround in the industry. We will have                    MassProducts
lots to report on over the next few months so we will be blasting out a
few more emails this year to keep you informed - but for now enjoy the                   BASIX
update and if you would like to know more about any industry trends or
our products and services please feel free to contact myself or Leon                     Mounties
Young (Featured Employee).
                                                                                         Kids Helpline Website
All the best,                                                                            Development
Steve Fanale
Managing Director                                                                        Telstra Free Text At Night

                                                                                         Latest News

                                                                                      Latest Stats

                                                                                         Tech jobs defy dip
Half a million .au domain names

THERE are now more than 500,000 and internet domain names             MassEmployee Profile
registered, local domain administrator AuDA has announced.

   click here for more


Slight dip in January IT jobs

THE traditional holiday hiatus in the early weeks of January saw IT&T vacancies
dip by 5.12 per cent, seasonally adjusted, despite a recovery in the latter half of
the month, a new survey shows.

   click here for more
                                                                                   Leon Young
                                                                                   Leon is MassMedias Business
                                                                                   Development Manager - let's see how
Helping Tsunami Survivors
                                                                                   well he sells himself...

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and Tsunamis disaster in southern
Asia, MassMedia’s employees have been extremely generous in donating a total
of $1800 to a variety of different charities.

MassMedia Studios has generously matched these donations and has donated
the money to Care Australia to assist them in continuing in their amazing relief

If you would like to make a donation, please see their website http://www.

                                                                                   Where were you born?
                                                                                   Bunbury, Western Australia.

                                                                                   Why did you become a Business
                                                                                   Development Manager?
                                                                                   It allows me to use my problem
                                                                                   solving and sales and marketing skills
                                                                                   to help our clients, while playing an
MassMarket - Building B2B Loyalty                                                  active role in growing the business.

                                                                                   What do you like most about your
Loyalty programs have been proven to be amongst the most cost-effective            job?
means of generating return business from your customers, as well as providing      The broad range of clients and
a clear competitive advantage in winning new customers. Loyalty programs are       projects.
working everywhere; from supermarkets and petrol stations (Fly Buys) to
banking and airlines. Even coffee shops are in on the act(buy 9 coffees, get the   What would you be doing if you
10th free). MassMedia has the tools and experience to manage all kinds of          weren't an BDM?
loyalty programs over online, email, mobile and point of sale channels. We are     Something entrepreneurial.
now leading the way in applying this proven business model in the business-to-
                                                                                   What are you passionate about?
business market with our product MassMarket.
                                                                                   Technology and its ability to improve
Do you sell products through a reseller channel? Then you understand the           the quality of peoples lives (and no
unique challenges in keeping resellers motivated. It doesn't matter how much       Ken, World of Warcraft doesn't
you spend on advertising your products and promoting them directly to              count).
consumers, if the sales staff working for your resellers don't promote your
                                                                                   What are your favourite hobbies/
products, or worse still encourage consumers to pick a competitors product over
yours, you will miss out on sales!
                                                                                   Food, playing guitar, snorkeling/
You need to offer the sales staff an incentive to sell your products rather than   diving and more food.
your competitors' products. You need to develop reseller loyalty. You need
                                                                                   If you were a music genre, what
                                                                                   would you be?
The way it works is simple. Every time a salesperson sells one of your products,   Who wrote these questions?? Ok, Jazz
they log into MassMarket and enter some proof of sale information (such as the     Fusion (not exactly fashionable, but
barcode number). If they don't have access to a PC, they can even enter the        original and creative).
sale via SMS! Loyalty points are accrued and can be redeemed online for
                                                                                   What is your favourite Album?
various rewards. To avoid fulfilment issues, the available merchandise usually
                                                                                   Made in Japan (Deep Purple).
consists of gift vouchers that can be delivered electronically and redeemed at
various high street retailers.                                                     What is your favourite Film?
                                                                                   Either "Dingo" or "The Underground".
MassMarket is a white label product that can be branded to match your
business, and MassMarket is proven to work. Sony has been running reseller         What is your favourite Book?
loyalty programs through MassMarket since 2003.                                    Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Roddy
The best thing about MassMarket is that it makes launching a loyalty program
painless. You can create and manage an end-to-end loyalty program for your         Who would you most like to meet?
resellers without placing a strain on your human resources or having to deal       My grandfather (father's side). A
with complex fulfilment issues. Call MassMedia Studios now to learn more about     great entrepreneur who lead an
how to launch your own loyalty program.                                            extraordinary life.

                                                                                   What are your pet hates?
                                                                                   None, I quite like pets.
                                                                    back to top     Best thing about working at
                                                                                    MassMedia Studios?
                                                                                    The great team, the diversity of our
                                                                                    clients and the close proximity to a
                                                                                    range of watering holes (hopefully the
                                                                                    range will be equally impressive at
                                                                                    our new premises).

BASIX                                                                               MassNews

Basix is the Building Sustainability Index                                          MassMedia Studios have recently
website that was commisioned to MassMedia                                           featured in the Sydney Morning
Studios by the Department of Infrastructure,                                        Herald in an article featuring our
Planning and Natural Resources of NSW. It is                                        product Traction which was used on a
a web based planning tool designed to assess                                        project we did for Transit TV.
the potential performance of new homes
against a range of sustainability indices. Basix                              ...   Click here to read the article.
allows architects and property developers to
enter details of their property designs via an
intuitive user interface, ensuring a design
meets minimum scores without the need of
excessive paperwork.

   click here to view                                               back to top
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Mounties required a number of promotional
online games to promote traffic to the
Mounties website, increase brand awareness
and expand their customer database.

Three Flash-based games were developed,
and each game had an 8-10 week lifespan on                                    ...
the Mounties website. Each game was
promoted on the website, on print-based
marketing collateral, and at home games of
the Parramatta Eels rugby league club. The
games were time-limited and users were
encouraged to beat their previous score and
then challenge a friend or colleague to better
their score (via a "Challenge a Friend" page)
via a competition entry mechanism.

   Kick for Goal Game
   Match the Player
   Spot The Difference                                              back to top
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Kids Helpline Website Development

The three websites under the remit of Kids
Help Line were in need of a redesign and
redevelopment to update the online look and
feel, consolidate content and make it more
accessible to both young people and the
general public, within a distributed content
management system.                                                            ...

The MassManage™ content management
system (CMS) was implemented, allowing non-
technical users' access via a standard browser
to manage all website content.

MassManage™ allows for the repurposing of
content and assets across the three websites
within the constraints of a site-specific look
and feel, consistent with the brand identity.
The new look and feel has consolidated Kids
Help Line's online presence as an accessible
agency for young people and adults alike.

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Telstra Free Text At Night Events

Earlier this year, Telstra launched a range of
new mobile plans called "Free Text at Night"
targeted at 18 to 23 year olds. The plans
allow subscribers to SMS other Telstra
subscribers free between 6pm and 6am. The
plans were launched at a series of exclusive
nightclub events featuring Swiss DJ's                                         ...

Telstra wished to showcase the ubiquitous use
of mobile phone technology within this
demographic by incorporating cool uses of
SMS both during the lead up and live at the
events. The aim was to associate the Telstra
brand with the social aspect of mobile
technology that is so important to today's 18
to 23 year olds.

Users entered the competition via a website
registration tool, that captured personal
details, location and mobile handset types for
use in the rest of the campaign. Working with
Aura communications, winners were each sent
a barcode logo to their mobile phone, which
acted as their tickets into the venues.

To get the winners excited about the nightclub
event, users were sent exclusive Shakedown
polyphonic ringtones. The night was awash
with handsets bleeping out Shakedown's "At
Night" dance hit.

MassMedia developed flash based plasma
screen displays to run Text-2-Screen and
Picture-2-Screen applications. Throughout the
events, users would send a TXT message to a
188 number. The messages were moderated
using Tractions txt moderation tools and then
published to the plasma screens at the venue.
During the event a photographer took a range
of pictures that were made available for
download as MMS messages using the same
188 number and Traction.

The punters raved on till the wee hours of the
morn, and Telstra's teen market was happily
seducing and offending each other with their
SMS texts appearing on screen, and many
mobile wallpapers of club goers and Dj's were
downloaded to phones. A successful series of
events for Telstra's Free Text at Night
promotion who now have plans to use the
same technology at sporting events around
the country.

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                                                      The Studio, Ground Floor, 91 Reservoir Street,
                                                           Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia.
                                                      Phone +61 2 9211 4344 Fax +61 2 9211 6566

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