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					                                      Emory Maiden
                                 English Department
                            Appalachian State University
                                  Boone, NC 28608
                           Email: maidenev@appstate.edu

University of Virginia, Ph.D., 1972
University of Virginia, M.A., 1968
University of Richmond, B.A., 1967

Appalachian State University, 1973--present
    Exemplary Post-tenure review, Spring 1999, Spring, 2004
    Graduate Faculty, reappointed for full term, Spring, 1998
    Full professor, 1987
    Associate professor, 1976
    Tenure awarded, 1977
    Assistant professor, 1973
University of New Hampshire, 1971--1973
    Offered tenure track position, 1973
    Appointed to two year temporary position, 1971.

Course work

      Hybrid online Advanced Expository Writing Course, Summer, 2006
      General Honors 3515: Human Futures as seen through speculative fiction, spring
      Pilot section in technologically enhanced first-year offerings, EXCEL Project,
       August, 1999-May 2000
      Graduate Writing Pedagogy seminar, including proposing and teaching first
      Graduate Nineteenth Century American Literature seminar
      Undergraduate Advanced Expository writing, Introductory Expository writing and
       proposing and teaching Basic writing
      Undergraduate Colonial, Nineteenth Century and Modern American majors'
      Sophomore Honors seminars in Nineteenth Century and Postmodern American
       Literature and both halves of the American Literature survey.
Special assignments

          Served as mentor in WEBCT staff development workshop, May, 1999
          Developed and presented Hubbard Center series of faculty development
           seminars to begin implementation of Core Curriculum writing intensive
           courses, both semesters, 1991-93

      University of North Carolina Board of Governor's Excellence in Teaching Award,
       May, 1997
      Inducted into Academy of Outstanding Teachers, College of Arts and Sciences,
       May, 1995
      Nominated for Outstanding Teacher Academy for College of Arts and Sciences,
       April, 1990
      Nominated for Arts and Science's Outstanding Teacher Award by Student
       Government Association, April, 1988


      Participated in Caldwell County Grant to improve history instruction—by including
       different kinds of texts, some literary, in their curriculum. June, 2006
      Led essay reading in regional phase of Young Columbus Contest sponsored by
       Winston -Salem Journal, 1996, 1997, 1998: read school essay winners from high
       school juniors from all NW region to nominate state finalists for trip abroad and
       cash award
      Directed and co-directed the Appalachian Writing Project, 1983—1995:

                              -thirteen successful competitive SDPI grant proposals
                              - four successful highly competitive federal matching grants
                              -thirteen Summer Institute programs, with different Project
                              guidelines as goals shifted at state and national levels
                              - managed budgets over $200,000 in teacher stipends,
                               tuition grants and consulting
                              - more than three hundred regional K-14 writing and
                              language arts teachers recruited, taught and assisted with
                              follow-up in-service
                              -several NW county school systems and the NW Regional
                              Educational Center recognized AWP as having made a
                              direct impact on the writing instruction (and state ranking in
                              test scores)
University --last six years
      Instructional Technology Advisory Committee, fall, 2003--present
      Library Planning Committee spring 2001- spring 2003
      Served as site monitor, Fall Focus Day, September, 2000
      Assessment Committee, fall, 1998-2003

Special and ongoing University Service

      Appointed director of ASU Summer Reading program, fall, 2006
      Conducted both phases of Office of Institutional Research writing assessments
       as part of preparation for SACS accreditation review.
              Phase 1--December, 1998--approximately 1300 essays, led reading team,
              recorded results and contributed to assessment of results
              Phase 2--Spring, 2000--approximately 1200 essays, led team, recorded
              results and contributed to assessment of results.

      Coordinated University Writing Placement in cooperation with Office of Academic
       Affairs, Admissions, Orientation and the Registrar (1981—present). The duties of
       the co-coordinator include:
                            -Develop and revise scoring rubrics in consultation
                            with placement readers and Office of Testing
                            -Initiate process to revise and generate writing
                            -Lead reading team during summer Orientation and
                            academic year follow up readings--~1300 essays read
                            and students placed.
                            -Report results and assess placement effectiveness.
                            -Provide placement for APP program each spring

College of Arts and Sciences---recent

      General Education Task Force, Spring ,2003 to Spring, 2004
      Technology Advisory Committee, Fall, 2003 to present

Department recent service:

      Core Curriculum, occasional 2003-present

      Chair, Equipment, Technology and Building, 2001-present

      Advisory Committee, 2002-present

      Full time, non-tenure track search committee, spring 2003
      Colonial American position search committee, fall 2001and spring 2002

      Began and maintains departmental listserv, construed, November, 1998-present

      Developed and maintained English Department Web-site, March 1997—March,

      Organized and presented in a series of tech workshops for English Department
       faculty, Sept 2001-April 2003.

Regional Conference presentations

“Web Discussion in Literary Survey Classes,” Lilly South Conference, February
22, 2006. (looks at written fluency and course specific knowledge as related to
forum use)

 “ Web discussion Fora: Enhancing Learning In Literature Survey Classes,” April
6, 2002, Greensboro, UNC-G Conference on Technology in the College English

 “ Web Discussion Scores as Measures of Student Learning: The Limits of
Statistical Knowledge” April 11, 2002, Greensboro, UNC Teaching and Learning
Through Technology Conference. (looks at correlation of grades to forum use)

“Geopolitics and Gender: the good Ole‟ Boys and Little Girls in Gibson‟s Virtual
Light and Stephenson‟s Cryptonomicon.” Popular Culture Association in the
South. Essay accepted, registration fee paid, flight paid for (by me), listed on
conference program for October 5, 2001—but not delivered because of 9/11 flight

"Tom Wolfe's Rehabilitation of Southern Males," Popular Culture Association
Conference, October, 1999.

Regional Presentations under the auspices of ” Let‟s Talk About It” : a North Carolina
Humanities program to bring university scholars to regional libraries to present on and
facilitate discussion of literary texts.

“Space Merchants: A Look at Our Consumerist Present” Hickory City Library,
October, 2004.

“ Invisible Man: A Reconsideration “ Yancy County Library, NC, October 16, 2001
 " A House Divided: Uncle Tom's Cabin's as Radical Romance”: Burnsville Public
Library, September 12, 2000.

“ Ralph Ellison‟s Old Modernism,” Hendersonville Public Library, May, 2000.

“ More than a Book for Children: Grahame‟s Wind in the Willows,” Brevard
Library, April, 2000.

"Different Perspectives on Charlotte Perkins Gilman‟s „Yellow Wallpaper, „”
Mitchell County Library, September, 1999.

Campus Programs

“General Education in the 21st Century,” part of a ASU faculty group presentation,
August 15, 2003.

“ Curriculum reform: Where do we go from here?” part of English Department
Writing Workshop, Nov. 15, 2001

“Early Findings for using web fora,” panel participation, ITS, ASU, May 14, 2000

"Changing Ideas about Literacy: The Story of English 1000," ASU Humanities
Series, January, 2000.

"On-line Forum: using Cyberspace to prepare for face-to-face, " Chancellor‟s
Technology Conference, December,1999


Both state and National Writing Project grants—1983-1995—see above

Successful internal grant application for English Department participation in University
pilot project to integrate technology into typical first year course load. March, 1998.
     Grant funded, $21,000, May, 1998
         $11.4K for instructional technology for department, including mobile projector
           and laptop for class room use.
         Nine hours of reassigned time for English Department faculty--three hours
           each for three faculty members (Arant, Boyd and Maiden) to explore software
           and hardware configurations to implement pilot for Fall, '99.