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									              “On Demand Profits” Master Resell Rights
This document serves as a certificate that you have the “Master Resell Rights” to my
Report “On Demand Profits”. Congratulations – I hope you make the most of these
rights and make some good profits and a large customer list by selling the report.

As a Master Reseller of “On Demand Profits”, you have to follow certain guidelines and
Rules which have been outlined below:

1) You cannot alter the Report in any manner. This includes preserving the images,
Author’s name and html links included in the Report. The entire Report has to be
Sold AS IS.

2) You can sell the Report at any price you want. You can even give it out for Free.

3) You can sell the Report anywhere – in auctions, as upsells/crosssells or as an
Independent product in your own website.

4) You should make it clear, in your sales listings, that You are the Seller. You are
Not allowed to use the name of Alok Jain as the seller. However, you can tell Your
Readers that Alok Jain is the creator of the Report.

5) You are allowed to offer Resell Rights to the Report to your customers. However,
The report should be provided AS IS. And this MRR Certificate should
Accompany all Resell Rights sales.

Wish You all the best in selling the “On Demand Profits” Report. If you need any help,
Please write to service@ondemandprofits.com and I will reply at the earliest.


Alok Jain

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