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Image Quality


									Image Quality                                                                                                                     Avoid to use AUTO setting for Tone Compensation and
                                                                Metering and Exposure:                                            Saturation.
JEPG vs NEF: NEF: 12-bit, JPEG: 8-bit
                                                                Dedicated 1005-cell CCD in the viewfinder (same is D1, D2
JPEG : JPEG compression of 4:1 or lower produce virtually       and D70). 15 rows of 67 columns.
imperceptible artifices in most common photo scenes.                                                                              White Balance (page 278)
FINE: 4:1, Normal: 8:1, Basic: 16:1                             With D or G type lens, matrix also use focus distance info
                                                                (3D Color Matrix II)                                              Use Flash -2 (5800k) to set sunny white balance, and tend to
Dealing with JPEG (p553).                                       In high contrast scene, D200 tends to preserve highlight          use much higher color temp value than Nikon suggests for
     •    Use less contrast or normal                           detail over shadow.                                               most indoor lighting, e.g. Incandescent -1 or -2.
     •    Do not overexpose                                                                                                       D200 does not have dedicated white balance sensor like
     •    Use any sharpening at ISO 100; do not use             Center-weighted metering should be used when using a filter       D2X, but it uses both 1005-pixel sensor in viewfinder, or via
          sharpening above ISO 200                              that has an exposure factor of one stop or more, for              main imaging sensor itself.
                                                                example, polarizing filters.
Resize to 1/8 to produce best resized images by d200.                                                                             Nikon D200 White Balance Preset Value
Images with lots of details with sharpening and other           Blow out the high lights, 255 in 8bit, 3095 in 12-bit data
enhancement turned on can produce larger files.                 Watch out: blow out red, and red+green (yellow) patch.                             -3     -2     -1       0       +1      +2     +3
Jpeg FINE produces clean edges despite low sharpening           Any red or blue channel blowout means need to reduce              Incandescent     3300   3200   3100     3000    2900    2800   2700
settings.                                                       exposure.                                                         Fluorescent      7200   6500   5000     4200    3700    3000   2700
Jpeg NORMAL increases contrast slightly.                                                                                          Direct           5600   5400   5300     5200    5000    4900   4800
                                                                Histogram:                                                        Sunlight
Jpeg artifacts – caused by compression 1) higher
                                                                Most pixels skewed to the right (right-heavy) – overexposed.      Flash            6000   5800   5600     5400    5200    5000   4800
compression, 2) sharpening set to high.
                                                                Most pixels skewed to the left (left-heavy) – underexposed        Cloudy           6600   6400   6200     6000    5800    5600   5400
                                                                Pixels are scattered over the entire width, high in overall       Shade            9200   8800   8400     8000    7500    7100   6700
(Worst combination: jpeg compress high, size priority,
sharpening high, high ISO). Avoid!                              contrast (consider use fill in light in dark areas)
                                                                Pixels are mostly in a narrow band in histogram – low             Use Nikon default setting tends to produce warmer (red)
USE: JPEG Fine Optimal Quality
                                                                contrast.                                                         indoor color, and slightly cooler (blue) outdoor color. Tip: for
                                                                Any spikes at the right edge means lost highlight detail,         outdoors, use -1 or -2 adjustment. For indoors, leave camera
                                                                watch out!                                                        setting.
NEF: produces slightly more detail then jpeg – jpeg encoding
                                                                                                                                  Use Flash -2 (5800k) for flash and direct sunlight WB.
“smoothing” edges a bit.                                        Color Space and Color Mode (page 559)
•   Need NEF converter program such as Nikon Capture
                                                                                                                                  White Balance Color Temp
    4.4 or later, or ACDsee Pro. (See page 613)                 A color space is a definition of the gamut (size and extent) of   Lighting                D200     Film          Likely
•   Recommend not to use NEF compression until you              colors that can be captured. A color mode refers to how           100-watt incandescent   3000     3200          2900
    really need the space.                                      accurate the colors are.                                          Sunny Daylight (noon)   5200     5400          5400
                                                                                                                                  Overcast (Cloudy)       6000     5400          7000
NEF / JPEG sizes                                                All Optimize Image presets (i.e Vivid, Portrait, etc.) will
JPEG fine, large, 4.8mb, NEF 15.8MB, NEF Compressed:            produce sRGB Color Space files and override any                   5200k        Direct Sun
8MB.                                                            AdobeRGB Color Space.                                             5400k        Direct Sun – 2, sunny daylight standard
                                                                                                                                  5600k        Direct Sun – 3
D200 File Sizes                                                 Also use AdobeRGB and color mode II to push colors up in          5800k        Flash -2, typical Nikon flash value
Format               Large     Medium                           saturation instead of using sRGB mode 3. With sRGB or             6000k        Flash -3, brand new Nikon flash
JPEG FINE 4.8mb      2.7mb                                      AbodeRGB, use Color Mode I for portraits. Adobe RGB is a          6200k        Cloudy -1
JPEG NORM            2.4mb     1.4mb                            wider Color Space, intend for print (inkjet or high-end           6400k        Cloudy -2
NEF                  15.8mb                                     printer).                                                         6700k        Shade +3
NEF Compressed       ~8MB                                                                                                         7100k        Shade +2, overcast sky
                                                                D200 supports 3 color modes;                                      8000k        Shade
Images per 2 GB card:                                                                                                             9200k        Shade -3, shaded area in hazy sun
RAW: 133, RAW compressed 262, JPEG Fine Large: 437              I – moves some red values within the color space to a
(without sharpening)                                            slightly warmer rendering, so that skin tones look better.
(in my own situation, with large file, JPEG Fine setting, the   II – color definition of the Color Space should be honored
LCD display only 225 remaining frames from a newly              exactly.
formatted 2GB CF card.                                          III – many of colors, especial greens, are boosted in
                                                                saturation from their expected Color Space. Yellows are
                                                                looking a bit green.
Henry’s D200 Notes                                                              Last printed 6/18/2006 11:27:00 AM
Sharpening                                                                                                                         NEF and AdobeRGB, and Color Mode II get every last bit of
                                                                   D200 Setting Templates                                          color capability out of the camera.
Use Photoshop: Unsharp Mask value of 4, 50, 4 for Nikon
D200 (Radius, Amount, Threshed).                                    ala        Sharpening      Tone        Color      Saturation   Other things to consider:
                                                                    Henry                                  Mode
NEF files don’t get sharpened by the camera, but you should         Normal     Medium          Normal      1 or 2*    Normal       Use Custom Curves
still set the camera to a value of “None” so that your                         High
conversion program does not pick up a sharpening value by           Portrait   Medium          Medium      1          Normal
default.                                                                       Low             Low
                                                                    Vivid      Medium          Normal      2*         Enhanced
Auto Focus                                                                     High
                                                                    More       Medium          Normal      3          Enhanced
Single Servo AF: (Focus Priority)                                   Vivid      High
Camera finds focus once and locks on that as long as the
shutter release is held halfway. If the subject was moving         Automatic Shooting Settings
when focus was established, focus follows the subject.              * Not camera default
However, a picture is never taken unless focus is achieved.        Long Exp NR           On*
                                                                   High ISO NR           Off*
Continuous Servo AF: (Release Priority)                            Image Quality         Fine
Camera looks for focus the moment the shutter release              Image Size            Large
reaches the halfway point and continues to monitor focus as        JPEG Compression      Optimal Qual
long as the shutter release is held partway. If a subject starts   White Balance         Manual Setting
to move after focus was established, focus still follows the       ISO                   100-200
subject. Picture is always taken immediately when the              Optimize Image        Sharpening +1*
shutter release is fully pressed, even if focus hasn’t yet been                          Tone Comp Normal
archived.                                                                                Color Space Adobe RGB
                                                                                         Color Mode I for portraits, III for
In Single AF, predictive focusing is used if the subject is                              scenics *
detected as moving towards or away from the camera at the                                Saturation Normal
time focus is acquired, but not if the subject was stationary      Autofocus mode        AF-C (Single Servo)
and later starts moving. In Continuous AF mode, predictive         Autofocus area        Dynamic Area*
focusing is used at all times, even if the subject wasn’t          Metering              Matrix
moving when focus was acquired.                                    File No Seq           On*
                                                                   Image Rotation        On*
Four auto-focus area modes:
                                                                   Quality Shooting Settings
     1)   Single AF, only used currently selected AF sensor.
                                                                    * Not camera default
     2)   Dynamic Area AF, camera starts by focusing on
                                                                   Long Exp NR           On*
          the subject under the currently selected auto focus
                                                                   High ISO NR           Off*
          sensor, but may move to use another sensor if it
          detest that the subject is moving.                       Image Quality         NEF (Raw)*
     3)   Group Dynamic AF with Closet Subject Priority            Image Size            Large
     4)   Dynamic Area AF with Closet Subject Priority             JPEG Compression      Optimal Qual
                                                                   White Balance         Manual Setting (actual condition)
                                                                   ISO                   100-400 (max)
                                                                   Optimize Image        Sharpening None
                                                                                         Tone Comp Normal
                                                                                         Color Space Adobe RGB
                                                                                         Color Mode II for everything
                                                                                         Saturation Normal
                                                                   Autofocus mode        AF-C (Continuous Servo)
                                                                   Autofocus area        Dynamic Area*
                                                                   Metering              Matrix
                                                                   File No Seq           On*
                                                                   Image Rotation        On*

Henry’s D200 Notes                                                                Last printed 6/18/2006 11:27:00 AM

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