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CURRICULUM VITAE PT International Nickel Indonesia Plaza Bapindo


									                                          CURRICULUM VITAE

  PT. International Nickel Indonesia
  Plaza Bapindo - Citibank Tower 22nd Floor
  Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kaveling 54-55
  Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
  QQ or C/O
  PT INCO Sorowako, South Sulawesi
  Indonesia 92984

                              To pursue higher education overseas and obtain Master degree in Control System
OBJECTIVE                     Engineering.
                              Surname(s) / First name(s)      Rachmuddin / Yunita
                              Address(es)                     Jl. Incoiro No. 11 Sorowako, Sulawesi Selatan

                              Telephone                       0811 423 800

                              Nationality(-ies)               Indonesia

                              Date of Birth                   10th August 1980

                              Gender                          Female

WORK                          28th June 2005 - now            Main activities and responsibilities:
EXPERIENCE                    PT INCO, tbk                     -   Design engineer, Project engineer and
                              Sorowako                             management.
                              Instrument Engineer              -   Develop Engineering Work Package and detail
                                                                   drawings for instrument and control projects.
                                                               -   Develop report and cost estimate.
                                                               -   Provide construction supervision, test, and

                              (1st Aug 2003 – 1st Feb 2004    Main activities and responsibilities:
                              and                              -   Develop Engineering Work Package and detail
                              1st Aug 2004 – 1st Dec 2004)         drawings for instrument and control projects.
                              (PT INCO, tbk – UnHas)           -   Develop report and cost estimate.
                              (Asst. Instrument Engineer)
                              (Aug 2002 – Jul 2003)           Main activities and responsibilities:
                              (Electronic & Device Lab. -      -   Provide questions and answer to students before
                              Hasanuddin Univ. – Electrical        practical work.
                              Engineering Dept.)               -   Provide and test lab equipment.
                              (Makassar)                       -   Provide practical schedule and supporting
                              (Lab. Assistance)                    documents for students report.
                                                               -   Assist student during lab work and data
                                                               -   Assist students during report generation and
                                                                   provide final evaluation.
EDUCATION            N/A                               N/A
                     Sep 1999 – Dec 2004               Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia
                                                       Electrical Engineering Dept.
                                                       Sarjana Teknik (S1)
                     Jul 1996 – Jun 1999               SMU YPS
                     (sma)                             Sorowako, Sulawesi Selatan

TRAINING,            20th – 23rd March 2007            Developing a Logix 5000 Project using RSLogix 5000
COURSE,                                                software – Rockwell Automation, Jakarta
                     11th – 14th Dec 2007              FTView SE Project Development – Rockwell
PUBLICATIONS                                           Automation, Jakarta

                     2007 - 2008                       Basic Safety Training (JSA, First Aid, Risk
                                                       Assessment, Confine Space, Working on Heights,
                                                       Lockout and Tagout, Safe Drive Training) – Alkon,

                     2008                              Ms Project Professional – PT INCO, Sorowako

                     2007                              Report Writing and Business English Course – PT
                                                       Inco, Sorowako

PERSONAL             Organisation Skill and competences:
SKILLS &              -  Member of Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII) in Research and Development on
                         Community Technology section, 2006-now.
COMPETENCES           -  Chairman of “Persaudaraan Muslimah” for East Luwu regency, February 2009 -
                      -  Coordinator of “Pos Wanita Keadilan” for Sorowako area, 2007-now.
                      -  Electrical Engineering Student Association, 2001-2002.
                      -  Engineering Faculty Senate, Hasanuddin University, 2001-2002.

                     Artistic Skills and competences:
                     Photography using DSLR camera and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop CS2.
                     Member of SPS (Sorowako Photography Society).
                     Current gear: Nikon D200.

                     Windows, MS Offices, Visio, AutoCAD, MS Access, MS Project, Adobe Photoshop CS,
                     WinEst Pro Plus, Joomla CMS, Drupal, CMS Made Simple, PHP, MySQL, and HTML.

                     I am a self motivated person and creative individually who constantly looking for ways to
                     improve my self and eager to learn new things. I can work either individually or in
                     teamwork easily. I have good communication skill; I can be assertive to get win-win
                     solution. Honesty is the most important thing to me and I always try to keeps it upfront.

                     Driving License:
                     SIM A

  I declared all information in these curriculum vitae is true.


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