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Observing the Reactions of Household Chemicals

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					              Observing the Reactions of Household Chemicals
                               By: Jacquelyn J. Greenwood

       The purpose of the lab is to practice describing reactions of ordinary household
chemicals with several reagents. Also, to be able to identify a household chemical that is
presented as an unknown by observing the reaction patterns.

        Introduction: In this experiment you will be provided with a set of household
chemicals that were purchased at a local store. Each of the household chemicals is
composed mainly of one active ingredient. You will mix each of these substances with a
few different reagents. Then you will carefully observe and record what happens when
you add each reagent to a fresh sample of the household chemical. Using the observed
reaction patterns, you’ll then be asked to identify the unknown chemicals.

          24-well reaction plates
          10 polyethylene transfer pipets
          Handi-Wrap plastic film
          Nine 13 X 100mm test tubes\
          30 mL Beaker
          Clorox Bleach
          Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
          Arm & Hammer Baking soda
          Vanish Crystal Bowl Cleaner
          Blue Food coloring
          Silver Nitrate (AgNO3)
          Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)
          Hydrochloric Acid (HCl2)
          Thymol Blue indicator

       Part 1
       1. Obtain samples of the household chemicals: 2-3mL of Clorox Liquid Bleach,
              .5 mL of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, .5g of baking soda, and .5g of Vanish
              Crystal Bowl Cleaner in the 30mL beaker.
       2. Add about 8mL if deionized water to each of the test tubes that contain Lysol,
              baking soda, and also to the 30mL beaker of Vanish. Cover the test tubes
              with plastic film and shake thoroughly until solids are dissolved. Stir the
              Vanish with a glass rod until the solids are dissolved.
       3. Obtain 5 reagents (Blue food coloring, Silver Nitrate, Calcium Chloride,
              Hydrocholoric Acid, and Theymol Blue indicator) in test tubes and add
              about 3mL of each.
       4. Take the 24-well reaction plate and each column will correspond to the
              household chemicals and each row will correspond to the reagents.
       5. Take note to what happens as you add the reagent to the household chemicals
              and record your findings.
      Part 2
      1. Obtain a clean 24-well reaction plate. Put each of the samples of the
             unknowns in each of the columns.
      2. React them with the same 5 reagents used in Part 1.
      3. Compare the reaction patterns used for the unknowns with the household
             chemicals in Part 1.
      4. Record your observations.


     Part 1
  Reagent          Lysol Toilet     Baking Soda     Vanish Crystal Clorox Liquid
                  Bowl Cleaner                       Bowl Cleaner       Bleach
 Blue Food       Gel-like          In a glob but    Blended        Food color
 Coloring        *stayed in one    spread out more                 went to the
                 blue glob         as time went on                 outer edge &
                                                                   made a blue
Silver Nitrate   Gel-like          Spread out with Spread out      Made a ring on
                 *white glob       a little opening leaving the    the outer edge
                 with little       in the middle    middle empty   with spindles
                 chunks                                            going to the
Thymol Blue      Made a pink       Mixed up and     Made a pink    Mixed up and
                 blob that         turned green     ring           turned a pale
                 created little                                    yellow
  Calcium        Pale white blob   Small bubbles    Thick              Bleach color
  Chloride       spreading         in the white     precipitate        and precipitate
                 *some             lump                                formed
                 precipitate       *finely divide
Hydrochloric     No reaction       Produced a lot   No reaction        Produced
   Acid                            of bubbles                          chlorine gas

     Part 2
  Reagent          Unknown A        Unknown B        Unknown C           Unknown D
 Blue Food       Made a blue       Blended          Spread out         Gel-like
 Coloring        ring                                                  *stayed in one
                                                                       blue glob
Silver Nitrate   Made a ring on    Spread out       Spread out with    Gel-like
                 the outer edge    leaving the      a little opening   *Chunky white
                                   middle empty                        glob
Thymol Blue      Mixed up and      Made a pink      Mixed up and       Pink blob that
                 turned a pale     ring             turned green       created little
                 yellow                                                chunks
   Calcium       Creamy color      Thick             Small bubbles     Pale white blob
   Chloride      and precipitate   precipitate       in the white      spreading
                 formed                              lump              *some
                                                     *precipitate      precipitate
                                                     was formed
Hydrochloric     Produced          No reaction       Produced a lot    No reaction
   Acid          chlorine gas                        of bubbles

        Conclusions: After doing the mystery lab of trying to figure out what chemical
was what, we came up with Unknown A is the Clorox Bleach, Unknown B is the Vanish
Crystal Bowl Cleaner, Unknown C is the Baking Soda, and Unknown D is the Lysol
Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

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