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									      Oriflame Opportunity Meeting: Expect the Unexpected

Karachi, October 25, 2009: Oriflame Cosmetics Pakistan today held a
special Opportunity Meeting entitled „Expect the Unexpected‟. The occasion
was attended by a large number of Oriflame consultants from all over
Karachi. The event consisted of an „Income Opportunity‟ presentation by the
Oriflame MD as well as new products videos and consultant testimonials.
Earlier this year the company launched more than 350 products in Pakistan
which are sold by independent sales consultants via direct selling. Oriflame
welcomes everyone to join their consultant team and become a part of over
3 million consultants the world over.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Fredrik Nilsson, Managing Director Oriflame
Cosmetics Pakistan said, “Oriflame is giving millions of people worldwide the
opportunity to Look Great, Make Money and Have Fun. I invite you to join
this fast-growing family right here in Pakistan and experience it for yourself”.
He also announced the new product catalogue, saying, “New products are a
regular feature in the Oriflame world; we develop a large number of new
products each year, following the latest trends in the cosmetics industry.”

Three senior Oriflame managers were also present, namely, Mr. and Mrs.
Ausaf and Mr. Rehmani. These senior consultants shared their testimonials
with the audience, telling how they were working and earning with Oriflame
and feel that it is a good decision to join; it is a company that does what it
promises and has a fair pay out system. Anyone can join the team!

Also present at the event were Ms. Amna Niazi, Marketing Manager Oriflame
Cosmetics Pakistan and an Oriflame beauty expert from Indonesia.

Oriflame Cosmetics is a world leading, multi-category beauty company that
has been providing personal care solutions in 61 countries for over 40 years.
Oriflame has a vast range of Color Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fragrances,
Personal and Hair Care products suitable for all ages. Oriflame products are
of the highest quality, based on natural ingredients, and never tested on
animals. Oriflame supports numerous charities worldwide and is a Co-founder
of the World Childhood Foundation. It is the first direct sales company in
Pakistan, creating self employment opportunities for thousands of people. For
further information please visit www.oriflame.com.pk.

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