NFL reaches Rs. 5 Billion in Sales

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					     National Foods Limited completes Rs. 5 billion in Sales

Karachi, July 07, 2009: Pakistan‟s leading multi-category food company,
National Foods Limited (NFL), today announced that it has crossed Rs. 5.0
billion in sales during the financial year ending June 30. This represents a 25
percent growth over the previous year and clearly confirms NFL as a
Pakistani food specialist. NFL‟s strong branding has created loyalty in
consumers throughout Pakistan and in other countries.

National Food‟s healthy growth can be attributed to the company‟s visionary
leadership, progressive HR policies, and its core philosophy of striving for
excellence in every sphere of the company‟s business. The Company‟s
consistently improving performance is also due to the great emphasis laid on
research and development for product improvement, for new products
development and for improved packaging that ensures purity and freshness.
Innovation through a systematic approach is an integral part of NFL, with
new products being launched to fulfill evolving consumer needs. NFL has
always focused on developing and renewing strong relationships with
consumers, which is evident from growing sales growth locally as well as in
export markets.

“Achieving this breakthrough result is based on a profound understanding of
consumer needs and building a dedicated team that can deliver products and
services that meet these needs,” stated Abrar Hasan, CEO of NFL and added,
“Our sales growth is very much in line with the company‟s „Vision 20/20‟
which targets a sale of Rs. 50 billion by the year 2020.”

National Foods Limited (NFL), founded in 1970, is today Pakistan‟s leading
multi-category Food Company with over 250 different products in 12
categories. NFL holds ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP certifications along
with SAP business technology to drive the company‟s strong commitment to
quality and management excellence. NFL is an international brand sold in
over 35 countries and it aims to be a Rs. 50 billion company under its Vision
20/20. NFL is dedicated to improving the well-being of society through
continuous development of innovative food products and through a wide-
ranging corporate social responsibility program.

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