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					            2009 AG/GARDEN GRANT
San Diego AG In the Classroom is pleased to announce an
opportunity for San Diego County Schools and youth organizations
to apply for grants to support gardens or ag projects that enhance
the teaching of agriculture.

Grants range from $250 to $1,000 and can be awarded to
individuals, groups or schools.

Applications will be available starting October 1, 2009 on the San
Diego County Farm Bureau website at
or by calling the Farm Bureau office at (760) 745-3023.

DEADLINE: All applications must be submitted or
postmarked by Friday, November 20, 2009.

RESULTS: GRANT awards will be announced by December
30, 2009.

SUBMIT BY EMAIL TO: please send
as an attachment and include any photos you wish to submit.

MAIL APPLICATIONS TO: San Diego Ag In The Classroom
                      1670 East Valley Parkway
                      Escondido, CA 92027
                   San Diego Ag In The Classroom
                  2009 Ag/Garden Grant Application


School or youth group: ___________________________________________________

Teachers/leaders involved in the garden program: _____________________________
Primary contact person: __________________________________________________

Phone (please circle one: School/office/home): _______________________________

Best time to call: _______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________

Fax: __________________________________________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________

AMOUNT YOU ARE REQUESTING:____________________
Grants range from $250 to $1,000.

Please mark only one.

________ Garden Start Up
         Number of students involved _______

________ Existing Garden Project
         Number of students involved _______

________ In Class Ag/Garden Project
         Number of students involved _______

1. Indicate the number of hours per week, on average, each student will spend in the
garden (or on the project):
                ________ Hours per week per student

2. Mark all the activities that the students will do while in the garden (or while working
on the project):
_____ Planting                    _____ Watering                   _____Weeding
_____ Observing                   _____ Recording                  _____ Harvesting
_____ Playing                     _____ Sitting                    _____ Fertilizing
_____ Other, please explain:_________________________________________________

3. Indicate the amount of time per week that you will use the garden (or the project) as
an instructional program:
       _______ Hours per week

4. Mark the subject areas that will be incorporated into your garden/project. Check all
that apply, and give examples in the narrative portion of the application.
_____ Math                     _____ Science                  _____ Social Studies
_____ History                  _____ Health/Nutrition         _____ Language Arts

_____ Music                    _____ Physical Education        _____ Environmental Ed.
_____ Art                      _____ Ethics                    _____ Agriculture
_____ Other, please specify: ________________________________________________

5. If you have an existing garden, indicate the number of years that it has been part of
your program:
                ______ Number of years

6. Indicate the types of volunteers that have helped or will help with the garden/project:

_____ Master Gardeners                        _____ Senior Citizens
_____ Garden club members                     _____ University students
_____ High school students                    _____ FFA member
_____ Parents                                 _____ 4-H members
_____ Other, please specify: ________________________________________________

                                            - 2-
7. Indicate the information sources you will use to support your garden/project:
   _____ UC Cooperative Extension Service             _____ 4-H education materials
   _____ Teacher in-service training                  _____ Lifelab
   _____ CA Dept. of Education materials              _____ Ag in The Classroom
   _____ Educational journals/publications            _____ Junior Master Gardener
   _____ Personal knowledge                           _____ Friends/volunteers
   _____ Other, please specify:______________________________________________

8. Indicate the types of educational materials you will use to support your garden/
   project. Please reference favorite materials in the narrative portion of the application.
   _____ Library books/personal books                 _____ Computer software
   _____ UC Cooperative Extension materials           _____ Videos
   _____ CA Dept. of Education Ag Curriculum          _____ Internet
   _____ Gardening magazines & catalogs               _____ Textbooks
   _____ Other, please specify:______________________________________________

                                            - 3-
Please check-off and include the following with your application:

_____ A description of your garden/project and how it connects with agriculture.

_____ A description of how you plan to assess the effectiveness of your garden/project.

_____ A proposed budget for your garden/project.

_____ If proposing a garden, a design plan or diagram.

_____ Pages 1 – 4 of this application.

»»   Only complete applications will be accepted.

»»    Submit no more than 10 pages of narrative, budgets, diagrams and photos.

»»    All applications must be POSTMARKED by Friday November 20, 2009.

»»     Direct all inquiries to the Farm Bureau office at (760) 745-3023.

»»     Mail applications to: San Diego Ag In The Classroom
                             1670 East Valley Parkway
                             Escondido, CA 92027

                     *** PLEASE READ AND SIGN BELOW ***

The amount of grant money allocated to each garden/project chosen will be determined
by the San Diego Ag In The Classroom committee and will depend on the magnitude and
extent of the proposal.

Please understand that if your garden or project is selected, you will be asked for a
follow-up assessment on the progress of your project. This will take the form of a
questionnaire and/or visitation.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!

I have read and understood the above.

__________________________________________               __________________
Signature                                                Date

                                             - 4-

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