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									                                                                  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009                                                           PRSRT STD

       CARLMONT                                                                   Vol. 27, No 8

                                                            Home Gardener’s Newsletter
                                                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                    P A I D
                                                                                                                                                   Permit No 496
                                                                                                                                                    Berkeley, CA


            2029 Ralston Ave.
            Belmont, CA 94002
            (650) 591-6845                             Closed
   Open 7 days a week 8:30 - 5:30
                                                     December 24 th
                                                     — J a n u a ry 4 th                      CHRISTMAS TREES
                                                                                                      Arriving Late November
• All deliveries to driveway only unless previous     Reopen:
   arrangements have been made                                                                 Flocking and Fire Retardant available
                                                      J a n u a r y 5 th
• 25% restocking fee on all returns.
                                                                                          Tree Top (Noble & Fraser Fir). . . . 2’-4’
                                                                                          Noble Fir. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4’-9’
                                                                                          Sheared Douglas Fir . . . . . . . . . . .4’-9’
                                                                                          Grand Fir . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5’-9’

                                                                                                        WIN - WIN - WIN!
                                                                                               Read our newsletter carefully. If you see your name
                                                                                                printed in the text, come in and claim your prize!
                                                                                            A $20.00 Gift Certificate!
   Christmas Wreaths, Garland,                                                                            Must be claimed by 12/23/09
   Table Runners & Much More!                                                                          (Look carefully, there are 6 names.)

                                                    Leaf n’ Bud Roses
                                                    Arriving in early March!
                                            Pre-Order before January 15th
                                                and receive 20 % off !

                                                                     details inside
                                                             (A RRIVING   APPROXIMATELY   M ARCH 12, 2010)

                                                    FREE SEMINARS IN JANUARY
                                                                           MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
                                               Seminars start at 10 a.m. and run repeatedly until 2 p.m.
                                                                   COME ANY TIME!

                            "A-Z About ROSES" — January 13th
        "A-Z About FRUIT TREES and JAPANESE MAPLES"— January 21st
20%   OFF ROSES PRE - ORDERED BY         J ANUARY 15, 2010
            ( ARRIVING   APPROXIMATELY   M ARCH 12, 2010)






                                     yellow/gold                      white





                Holiday Containers                                          Plant Winter Color!
               elebrate the rest of the year by using                he days between Halloween and Thanksgiving are the
           C   the colorful plants we have in stock              T   lull before the holiday season—what a good time to brighten up
                                                                 key areas in your yard so that it will be ready for all of the festivities
      to brighten and decorate your home and
      bestow as gifts!                                           and be more colorful during the coming gray months!
      OUTDOORS: Make use of any empty contain-                   Cyclamen's beauty is not just the star-shaped blooms of vibrant
      ers that previously held summer blooming                   pink, rose, and violet, but also its unique roundish leaves with silver
      annuals. In the center, plant a conical-shaped             patterning.
      evergreen (dwarf juniper, spruce, etc.) or one             Sasanqua camellias are prolific bloomers, drought-tolerant, take sun,
      of our berried plants. Add a plant with gray               and are already in bud and bloom, Carole Mertens! Some are fragrant
      foliage, Sara Velez. Pine cones and red or                 and range from single to multi-petalled forms of white, deep pink,
      green bows are lovely finishing touches.                   red, burgundy and bi-colored varieties.
         Red and green color schemes are just one                Flowering Kale is a fabulous attention getter with its frilly leaves and
      option. Try bright yellow flowering primroses              unusual form. The plants produce open rosettes of blue-green leaves
      and accent with gold ribbon and cobalt blue                with frilly edges in purple, rose, cream or white.
      ornaments. Or use white cyclamen with silver                  Other cool season flowers to plant now include stock, snapdragons,
      bells and ribbon accents, and a red poinsettia.            primroses, pansies and violas, and Iceland poppies.
      INDOORS: Choose a new decorative pot, or
      use one you already have, covering it with fes-
      tive fabric. Select one of our blooming cycla-
                                                                                   Fall Gardening Tips
      mens, camellias, kalanchoes, poinsettias, or               1. Apply pre-emergents to prevent weed problems.
      Christmas cacti. Add a tall plant with strap-like          2. Rake up fallen leaves often, Edward Thornborow, so they don't
      leaves (such as dracaena). A trailing plant                smother lawn areas or start to rot on a wooden deck. Compost these
      (variegated ivy or vinca are marvelous) draped             leaves and next year you'll have a much needed treat for your garden soil.
      over the rim is an attractive accent, especially
                                                                 3. Buy Cloud Cover (or our frost blankets) and apply it now, before
      when set off with a big red bow.
                                                                 cold weather, to protect frost-tender plants.
         Thank you valued customers!
          May your Holidays be Joyous
        and may the New Year bring you                            Puzzled About Your Garden ?
           Contentment & Prosperity
                                                                       Check out our in-house consulting service!
            in overflowing measure .
                                                                    Garden Installation and Maintenance
               Spray Peach                                        RT SCAPE Garden design, installation and maintenance—
             & Nectarine Trees                                    Specializing in water features, streams and dry creek beds.
         pray peaches and nectarines with our                     RAY'S GARDEN DESIGN Garden design installation and
      S  special fungicide to prevent peach leaf curl.            maintenance for Patty Juay and everyone else—Specializing in
      Apply your 1st spray the day after                          Japanese Maple pruning, tree planting & irrigation installation.
      Thanksgiving. Spray once in January, Denny                              Come in to see us, or find details online at
      Lawhern. Then spray a 3rd time one week                           
      before they bud out in February.

                                                      Santa Suggests . . .
              e have items that are suitable for avid gardeners, occasional gardeners, and even some great gifts for non-gardeners!
      W       Our gardening gift ideas include these and many more! Garden Accessories—for added beauty and elegance in
      the garden, select statuary, fountains, and birdbaths. Herb Container Garden—to provide fresh herbs for your favorite
      chef, or for your own gourmet cooking needs. Gift Basket—include vegetable and flower seeds, peat pots, good soil,
       fertilizer, garden gloves, and dormant spray to prevent insects and disease. Tools for your yard care, Sharon Reich,
           including pruning equipment, rakes, shovels, plus smaller hand tools.

               Gift Certificates—the perfect gift that takes the guess-work out of giving !

BONUS GIFT CERTIFICATE!                 Don't despair if your name doesn't appear in this issue as a Gift Certificate winner! You have a 2nd chance! Come
into the Nursery and check the Gift Certificate posted on the bulletin board. If your name is on it, you've won our BONUS GIFT CERTIFICATE worth $25.00!

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