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Beginning by sofiaie



 Given all equipment, plants and accessories and a client developed scenario, create a garden space.

 Upon completion, the garden space will be evaluated by your facilitator against the client’s criteria and
 the principles of design rubric. The instructor will walk through your project for the evaluation.

                                             The Principles of Design
                            Beginning           Developing                              Accomplished                             Score

                                 0                   2                                          5
1. Enclosure - A
                          Enclosures are     Although not used      Enclosure gives the garden a sense of permanence it
garden room defined by not used in this      to the extent          unifies house and garden into a cohesive whole, creating
borders of various     project               possible in the        a virtually continuous living area. The enclosures set the
materials.                                   project, attempts at   stage for a variety of moods and experiences. Enclosures
                                             using enclosures       add a sense of security and comfort by providing familiar
                                             are apparent.          structures: walls, floors, doorways and ceilings.
                                                                    Enclosures establish order by creating manageable sized

                                 0                   2                                          5
2. Shape and Form         Could not easily   Although not used    Shapes have symbolic meanings. Shapes used to convey
- The contour and         identify the       to the extent        "personality" creating a mood or feeling. The arrangement
three-dimensional         projects use of    possible in the      of shapes in relation to one another used to define the
qualities of individual   shape or form.     project, attempts at
plants or groups of                            using shape and        styles.
plants in the garden, as                       form are apparent
well as the outline of a
garden room itself.

                                  0                    2                                          5
3. Framing the             Framing not used    Although not used      Framing draws attention to an object or scene. Framing
View - Directing           or not easily       to the extent          opens a sight line to the desired subject and screens out
attention to an object     identified in the   possible in the        surrounding distractions. Windows and doorways inside
or view by screening       project.            project, attempts at   the house are used as frames for outside views.
out surrounding                                framing the view
                                               are apparent
distractions while
creating a visually
balanced and organized

                                  0                    2                                          5
                           There is no         Although the entry     Entrance serves as prelude to what lies beyond. Entrance
4. Entry - A defined       obvious entry       is obvious, it does    provides symbolic sign of welcome. Garden entrance
point of entrance into a   point to the        not match the          reflects the home's architectural style. Entrance serves as
garden enclosure.          project.            architectural style    directional guides and transitional points from one area to
                                               of the home or does    the next.
                                               not “welcome”
5. Focal Point -                  0                    2                                        5
Positioning an object to
draw the eye and to      Focal points are      Focal points lack    Focal points visually organize the area.
create a feature of      not easily            overall organization
attention.               recognizable.

                                  0                    2                                        5
                           Little effective    Although the use of Structures provide a sense of enclosure, screen views,
6. Structures - A          use of structure    structure is        and provide a center of visual interest. Structures
variety of constructed     in the project      obvious, some       represent an anchoring element, a firm point from which
features within the                            opportunities to    we can begin to absorb the richness and diversity of the
garden.                                        maximize its use    entire space. Structures articulate the transition between
                                               have been           the house and garden.

7. Color -                        0                    2                                        5
Orchestrating the color
                           The color palette   A color palette has A green framework holds the garden together and serves
palette in the garden      appears non         been developed but as a background for other colors. Colors create moods
through the selection      existent or         not fully utilized  and illusions. Used no more than one color theme for
                           random                                  each garden room. Greens and grays are used as
and arrangement of
                                                                   harmonizers between contrasting colors. The garden's
plants and objects.
                                                                   color scheme matches the house and other predominant
8. Texture, Pattern               0                   2                                          5
and Rhythm - Using         The use of        The use of texture      Texture, pattern, and rhythm are used to add layers of
surface characteristics,   texture pattern   pattern and rhythm      richness and interest to the garden. Contrasting surface
recognizable motifs,       and rhythm is     is apparent but         characteristics of plants and materials utilized to heighten
and the cadence            unrecognizable    underutilized in this   the visual impact in the garden rooms. Repeating motifs
created by the spacing                       project                 create a feeling of continuum within a garden room and
of objects as elements                                               give harmony to the design. The cadence created when
of design.                                                           three or more objects are equally spaced in an obvious
                                                                     pattern implies rhythm, order and dependability.

                                  0                   2                                          5
9. Abundance - An          Planting is sparse Abundance is        Abundance is contained to the point where it is not a
ample to overflowing                          overused creating a distraction. A few "workhorse plants" are used generously
quality created by the                        distraction         to establish abundance without excess. Staggered bloom
generous use of plants                                            times used to extend the impact of the display while
and materials.                                                    maximizing the use of the bed space.

                                  0                   2                                          5
10. Whimsy -               No use of         The use of whimsy
                                                                     Humor used in the garden to add enjoyment to the
Elements of                whimsy found      is apparent but
                                                                     outdoor experience. Themes of whimsy running through
lighthearted fancy.                          opportunities to
                                                                     the garden used to add harmony, wit and surprise.
                                             maximize it’s use
                                             may have been
                               0                     2                                         5
11. Mystery -
Piquing a sense of      Little or no sense   Visitors just begin    Intriguing paths invite exploration. Various devices used
curiosity, excitement   of mystery or        to have their           in the garden room to play on the senses-sound, sight,
and occasionally        curiosity            interest piqued.            smells or touch-stimulating emotional responses.
apprehension through    developed in         More depth of
                        visitors             mystery would add
the garden's design.
                                             interest to the

                               0                     2                                         5
12. Time - Various
                        No connection        Time period         Garden styles reflect era of design. Features are
garden styles
                        between age or       elements are used   consistent with the age of the house and surroundings.
representing certain    period of home       but in some cases a Wise use of choice materials.
ages of design.         with garden          bit inconsistent.

                               0                     2                                         5
13. Hardiness
                        Hardiness zones      Hardiness zones       Hardiness zones of each planting accounted for
Zones                   not accounted        accounted for
                        for                  inconsistently

                               0                     2                                         5
14. Budget              Available budget Some cost overruns Budget was meticulously adhered doing design, any
                        not considered to encountered       adjusts required were discussed and agreed upon in
                        design                              advance with client (instructor)
                                  0                     5                                      30
15. Client Criteria       Did not account       Accounted for client Customer criteria was met, customer was satisfied with all
                          for client criteria   criteria             work



 Customer Scenario One:

 Bob Johnson lives in Eastern Washington and would like a new garden in his back yard. He describes a place where he
 can sit and have his coffee in the morning and have friends over for a BBQ on weekends. He is on a pretty tight budget,
 about $5000. Although he likes colorful plants, he would like to utilize the garden on nice winter days and doesn’t want it
 to turn into a bunch of dead weeds when the weather turns.

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