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					To my knowledge I am European, Native American, and Egyptian. Europeans i the modern day society
are thought to be the real American. The world tends to believe this way. When people in other countries
think of Americans they think of white people. They do not think about the mix of races and are oblivious
of the fact that the original American were Native Americans which are brown. This thought that people
have that all Americans have blue eyes and blond hair is uneducated. Even some Americans think this
way. America is a melting pot of people around the world and it is not owned by any race. In fact, a mixed
country is suppose to be Americas greatest strength.
I believe that the biggest issue for people concerning immigration is that people do not like change.
People comeing from other cultures bring there cultures with them and this makes the people living here
uncomfortable because they do not understand the others cultures and are afraid of the change that
comes with it. This very much includes relgion. In America we have the freedom of relgion, but to what
extent? I would say only legally. Most Americans (especially in smaller cities and communities) are not
very open to new religions. It makes people question there own beliefs some automatically believe the
immigrant is worshiping Satan if they do not believe the way they do. Which most are not and they refuse
to learn about the new religion that the Immigrant bring. Clothing also scares them because it is
different. New languages make people uncomforable because the"Americans" do not undersatand this
new language. Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or
leave the country. -Theodore Roosevelt. My perspective on this issue is that more then immigration
creating an economical problem, immigration is creating more of a religious and cultural problem. I figure
that the more people there is the more people there are to buy merchandise which would induce the
economly. Yes, they will need jobs, but they also need food, clothing and shelter as well. Alot of
immergrant I have seen acutally open busniess here which creats more job opportunities. Actually, I have
seen more immergrant as doctors and engeneries then "Americans". They are not taking jobs away from
"Americans", they are earning them. We should welcome immergraents. I believe that if we did not have
immigrants then we would not be as successful as we are today. We would lose the talent and intelligent
that theses successful imergraents have brought us. What made us (America) so successful is the
combined ideas and talents from all over the world. If you look at any big cooperation you will see a lot of
the CEO's are immigrates. LN Mittal and Indra Noori are the CEO's of Pepsi Co. They are both from India.
Jacques Nasser Richard Caleal Samir G. Gibara. was formerly the president and CEO of Ford Motor
Company. created the "revolutionary" 1949 Ford car design, a design that some credit with saving the
company. The chairman of the board of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is
Two Arab Americans were appointed to President George W. Bush's first term Cabinet: former Director of
the Office of Management and Budget Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., who is now the Governor of Indiana and
former U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham. The first Arab American ever appointed to a Cabinet
secretary post was Donna Shalala, the nation's longest serving Secretary of Health and Human Services,
and now president of the University of Miami.

  There are seven African-American CEOs on the Fortune 500 (1 to 500) and three African-American
CEOs on the second 500 (501 to 1,000).;-big-oil-dominates-top-five
As you can see America is composed of successful immigrants. I found these names without trying. Can
you imagine all the successful immigrants who helped America become successful? Can you imagine
America without all these people?

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