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Success Story: John Elsfelder
John is 48 Years Old And Is Making Dramatic Improvements In His Voice. Listen to
his song below right...

Yes, hello. My name is John Elsfelder. I have been very successful with your course. I am very
pleased. I actually was able to improve my voice and go into a studio and record a song that
I wrote and I am trying to make it in the business, even at my age. I'm 48 years old, but I am
going to do it. And I had a great time in the studio and I can even send you my song, so you
can hear how good it sounds.

I think the course is awesome. I love the technique about warm-ups, I really liked that. It
really has helped me. Infact I did that before I actually went into the studio. Anyway, I have
a finished song, and I'm going to do 3 Christmas songs, hand them out to my family for
Christmas on December 9th, and on December 16th I am going into the studio to record 2
more songs that I have written.

I have written 9 songs so far. I just want to make it into the business, I'm trying to get on the
radio. Everyone that has listened to my song loves it, and if I could get radio airplay it would
be a hit. I'm just trying to make it and your course has really helped me a lot. I really, really
am glad that I brought your course.

-- John Elsfelder (United States)

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