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Template for assessing program effectiveness


                                      Service Unit Improvement Plan

        1. PROCESSES: What is the primary key process and the related outcome(s) of your
        service unit? Name up to four sub-processes or procedures that support the KEY process.
        (Eg. A key process for the Admissions Office is “Admitting New Learners,” which has the
        four identified sub-processes shown below. The related outcome is “admitted learners.”)

                Key Process                                                  Related Outcome
Ex: Admitting New Learners                                Admitted Learners with everything they need to pre-
KEY SUB-PROCESSES/PROCEDURES                              OUTCOMES
1) Managing planned communications sequence               Prospects and applicants who have received
for prospects, applicants, admitted new learners          appropriate communications according to planned
                                                          schedule (e.g., admitted learner receives letter of
                                                          admission with information on pre-registration).
2) Processing applications                                Applications processed through “admit.”
3) Responding to inquiries.                               Responses replied to in timely fashion.
4) Managing applicant files (electronic and hard          Applicant files complete.
5) Providing materials needed for pre-registration. Advising files are complete and ready for advisors on
                                                    Pre-registration Days.

        2. STANDARDS: What are the performance standards for each process/outcome? Identify
        at least one efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness/customer service standard (use the
        CAS standards, if available). The standard identified is the performance target.
        Example standards for processing applications might be as follows:
Key Process                      A. Efficiency                 B. Effectiveness                C. Responsiveness/
(and subprocesses)               Standard                      Standard                        Customer Service
Admitting New Learners
Key sub-processes/
1) Managing planned              Letters are “run” and         Letters are accurate,           Changes to letters and or
communications sequence          mailed daily.                 up-to-date; sequence            sequence requested
for prospects, applicants,       Measured by: Log sheet        is correctly set up so          through Dean are
admitted new learners                                          that letters are                implemented
                                                               triggered                       immediately.
                                                               appropriately.                  Measured by: Documented
                                                               Measured by: Examination        change supplied to Dean
                                                               of packets ready to mail on a
                                                               randomly selected day
2) Processing applications       Mean processing time          No errors on 95% of             Applications are
                                 is 20 minutes or less         the applications                processed and first letter
                                 per application.              Measured by: Random check       mailed within 3 days of
                                 Measured by: Log sheet        of applicant files.
                                                                                               Measured by: Dates in ISRS

3) Responding to inquiries.      Information from         Inquiries are all                    Inquires are responded to
                                 Inquiry Cards entered    recorded on Inquiry                  within 1 day of entry
                                 into the system within 1 Cards so no inquiries                into the system (within 2
                                 day of receipt of the            are lost.                      days of receipt of
                                 inquiry. (2 days for             Measured by: No complaints     inquiry).
                                                                  of inquiries not received or   Measured by: Dates in ISRS
                                 bulk receipts, i.e.,             responded to
                                 college fairs)
                                 Measured by: Dates on cards
4) Managing applicant files
(electronic and hard copy)
5) Providing materials
needed for pre-registration.

       3. MEASURES: How well is your service unit doing on each standard? Reply using a 1-3
       scale with 1 being below standard, 2 being meets standard and 3 being exceeds standard.
                                Standard A                Standard B               Standard C
                                (Efficiency)              (Effectiveness)          (Responsiveness/ Cust
                                3        2        1       3        2       1       3        2     1
EX: Admitting learners                   x                         x               x

       4. RESULTS: How do you KNOW how well you are doing? (I.e., provide data that back up
       your responses above. E.g., if you scored your department as a 3, what data led you to that
       rating? The key is your measures. What are the results of your measures?)
       Example results for each type of standard are shown for Sub-process 2) Processing
 PROCESS                   Standard A                       Standard B                       Standard C
 Admitting New             (Efficiency)                     (Effectiveness)                  (Responsiveness)

 1) Communicating with     Inquiries are entered into the   Examination of packets ready     Inquiries are responded to within 3
                           system within1 day of receipt.   to mail on a given day           days
 Prospects                                                  (randomly selected) show no
                                                            (or 1?) error
 2) Processing              Random sample of chart          Random sample of applications    Data records from ISRS show 2 day
                           recording processing time        shows missing data on 3% of      average between application
 Applications              shows mean time of 21 minutes.   applications.                    received and application processed.
 3) Communicating
 admit status and
 directions for
 registering to admitted
 4) Creating advisor

                                         Improvement Plans

      Based on the results from above and using other means of feedback on performance (e.g.,
      areas of complaints), what are your plans for improving the performance of your unit?
      Establish at least one goal for each standard:
           Standard                                                Goal(s)



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