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Dates                                  FOR YOUR DIARY                                              EDUCATION
The 21st Worldwide Teleconference                                  Philips Echocardiography 2
“Echo in Context”                                                  Weston Education Centre, King’s College Hospital,
Saturday 18th February, 2006.                                      London
UK Venues London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Join us                The objective of this course is to develop good
again at one of the venues in the UK and participate in the        echocardiographic techniques and an understanding of its
largest educational event devoted to echocardiography.             use in the diagnosis of cardiac pathology. The course is
                                                                   aimed at those with some experience.
Cardiff-Freeman Echocardiography Course                            The first course is scheduled for 27th February to 3rd March
The Thistle Hotel, Cardiff                                         and the second course from 12th to 16th June, 2006.
7th to 9th February, 2006
                                                                   Echo in Congenital Heart Disease
Philips Echocardiography 1                                         5th to 7th July 2006 , The National Heart & Lung
Weston Education Centre, King’s College Hospital ,                 Institute, Royal Brompton Hospital
London                                                             Echocardiography for Paediatricians
The objective of this course is to introduce the concepts of       April 2006 (date to be advised) Freeman Hospital,
echocardiography and its use in the diagnosis of common
cardiac pathology for those new to the technique.
                                                                   For further information on any of these courses contact
The first course is scheduled for 27th February to 2nd March        Anita Littlechild at:
and the second course from 12th to 15th June, 2006.      

Philips launch new Cardiology
Ultrasound System
Philips Medical Systems presented the       heart chambers, wall motion and ejection
new HD11 XE cardiology ultrasound           fraction. The system also features QLAB
system at the Annual Meeting of the         quantification software to improve
British Society of Echocardiography in      diagnostic capabilities by providing
Birmingham.                                 non-invasive assessment of cardiac
   The new system is the latest version     anatomy and function. These include
of Philips’ popular HD11 ultrasound         Strain Quantification, which uses Tissue
system and now comes with a flat panel       Doppler Imaging and provides tools to
monitor and articulated arm.         The    quantify velocity and evaluate patients for
system is designed to meet the specific      synchronisation therapy, and automated
needs of cardiologists; it provides         Intima Media Thickness measurements of
increased power for cardiac capabilities,   carotid and other superficial arteries. In
which allows advanced quantification to      addition, Region of Interest quantification
make faster and more specific treatment      analyses pixel densities from 2D or colour
decisions.                                  Doppler data sets in up to ten user-defined
   The new Philips HD11 XE provides a       regions, which can be graphed over time.
variety of features to accurately measure

Website:                                                          sense and simplicity

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