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               Introducing the Poem
               Literary Focus: Extended
Is living most like walking through passages?
going on a voyage? Or, like playing parts in a
In these lines from Shakespeare’s comedy As You
Like It, Shakespeare compares the world to a
stage, people to actors, and their lives to roles in a
In the play, Jaques speaks
these lines as a
monologue—a long speech
delivered by a single
character. Here the lines are
presented as a poem.

                                        [End of Section]
A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a
comparison between two unlike things, in which
one thing becomes another thing without the use
of the word like, as, than, or resembles.

The dawn of day
is   the opening line
of an unwritten book.
An extended metaphor is a comparison
developed over several lines of writing.

               The hours of climbing sun   are
               paragraphs seeking their conclusion;
               And sunset   is the final page of day.

                                       [End of Section]

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