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					Preparing for
 Daylight Saving
   Time Change

    • Richard Becker, Network Technologies Manager

    • Julie Bell, EST/Unix Manager

    • Dennis Devenney, COE Network Services

    • Tammy White, CTS Senior LAN Analyst
Daylight Saving Time (DST)

   What is it?
     – Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a
       change in the standard time of each
       time zone.
Daylight Saving Time (DST)

   Why change?
   • Energy Conservation
     – “Delaying” sunrise and sunset tends to
       increase energy consumption in the
       morning and reduce it in the evening.

       • 1975 United States Department of
         Transportation (DOT) study estimated that DST
         reduced the country's electricity usage by 1%

       • A Mexico study after the reintroduced DST in
         1996, estimated a national savings of 0.7% of
         national electric consumption and reduction of
         peak load by 500 MW.
Daylight Saving Time (DST)

   When does it happen?
   •   Uniform Time Act of 1966 - Standardized DST
        – Begins: last Sunday in April
        – Ends: last Sunday in October

   •   The "energy crisis" years
        – 1974 DST Begins: January 6th
        – 1975 DST Begins: February 23rd

   •   1987 DST Adjustment
        – Begins: first Sunday in April.
        – Ends: last Sunday in October

   •   Energy Policy Act of 2005 - Extends DST by four weeks
       starting in 2007
        – Begins: second Sunday in March
        – Ends: first Sunday in November
Daylight Saving Time (DST)

   Why is it a big deal now?
   • Digital Revolution
     – Electronic devices are everywhere
       • Computers, Cell phones, PDAs
     – Networks are a part of everyday life
       • Commerce, communications, etc
What is effected
                 Systems that use date/time stamps

    •Operating Systems    •Applications
      –Unix                  –E-mail
      –Linux                 –Calendaring
                             –Web Applications
                             –JVM (Java)
                             –Backup software
      –etc.                  –etc.
What is effected
                Systems that use date/time stamps

             Other Devices

    •Routers/Switches    •Phones
    •NTP appliances         –Cell
    •Time & Alarm           –Land Line
    Clocks               •PDA’s
    •PBX systems         •Digital Camera’s
                         •Photo Copiers
    •IVR/ACD systems
                         •Fax Machines
What is effected…
    • and many, many more
What you need to do
    • Identify possible vulnerabilities
    • Check vendor’s websites
      – Don’t assume your systems will update properly
    • Apply patches where available

         For DST Change Support Material
How K-State is preparing
     • Networking Devices
       – Just pointing to a NTP server for
         time isn’t enough
How K-State is preparing
     • Windows (Servers & Workstations)
       – Run Windows updates (KB931836)
       – Manual update for Windows 2000 or older –
       – Additional updates Exchange
     • Novell
       – NetWare
       – GroupWise
     • Sun Java JVM
       – Java –jar tzupdater.jar /u /v
       – Update each instance of JVM on servers and
How K-State is preparing
     • Apple
       – Run Software Updates
         • Includes Mac OS & Java for Mac updates
How K-State is preparing
     • Unix/Linux, Central Services
         – (Operating Systems, email, K-
           Calendar, Remedy)

     zdump -v US/Central

     US/Central Sun Mar 11 07:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 01:59:59
     2007 CST isdst=0
     US/Central Sun Mar 11 08:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 03:00:00
     2007 CDT isdst=1
     US/Central Sun Nov 4 06:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Nov 4 01:59:59
     2007 CDT isdst=1
     US/Central Sun Nov 4 07:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Nov 4 01:00:00
     2007 CST isdst=0
     US/Central Sun Mar 9 07:59:59 2008 UTC = Sun Mar 9 01:59:59
     2008 CST isdst=0
How K-State is preparing
     • Phone systems
     • Cell phones