Detoxifying Through Colonic Irrigation

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					                                      Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Colon cleansing can be very helpful in ridding our bodies of all the unhealthy toxins that tend to accumulate in
   our bodies due to our unhealthy diets, chemicals and environmental pollution. Our blood should be very pure
                                           and healthy to keep us moving
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                                    Detoxifying Through Colonic Irrigation
                                                 By Wong Darren

  Many clinics in the United States and the United Kingdom offer detoxifying treatments. These clinics
implement colonic irrigation (for colon cleansing) and a host of other processes to detoxify the body.

 The trend is the removal of toxins and trapped wastes in the body using natural means. The premise
is that the human body simply needs a “nudge” in the right direction. This means all the detoxifying
processes activate natural cleansing capabilities of the body.

Colonic irrigation

 Colonic irrigation is the systematic application of water to force trapped indigestible waste out of the
colon. Traditionally, the colon is filled manually with water to capacity. The person being irrigated then
manually has to expel all the water out.

 What results from the manual irrigation of course is the manual elimination of the contents of the
colon. Most colonic clinics or “detox” clinics no longer use the manual method.

People who whish to have their colon irrigated are now hooked to specialized machines. These
machines control the temperature and flow of water, to and from the body.

Most detoxifying programs require persons to undergo colonic irrigation everyday for at least a week.
The idea is to get as much waste and as many toxins out for better results.

 What comes out during irrigation? Aside from loose waste, there are also impacted “mucoid plaques”
inside the colon. These mucoid plaques are blackish, rubbery strips of indigestible proteins and other
waste products.

Some are about two feet long when removed, and may weigh between 5 to 10 pounds.

Specialized diets

 To aid in stabilizing the colon, persons be detoxified are required to fast for a few days. Special juices
are given, to be drunk at least five times a day.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

The idea here is to make the body lighter and to initiate the toxin-removal mechanisms of the body.
During periods of hunger, the natural reaction of the body is elimination of toxins and waste products.

 What are these juices made off? The answer is fruits and vegetables. Lemon, cabbages and carrots
are popular choices. Since detoxifying individuals are not allowed to eat, they are required to drink an
ounce of juice for every pound of body weight.

This translates to roughly at least a gallon of juice for a normal-sized person.

What happens when toxins begin to pour out of the body? Daniel Reid, author of the book The Tao of
Health, Sex and Longevity sheds light on the matter:

 “It takes at least 24 hours for the body to start pouring toxins into the bloodstream for elimination, soon
after which it will be carrying up to 10 times its normal load. You will feel weak, fatigued, stiff,
light-headed and perhaps a bit nauseous, much like a hangover."

Other Steps

 Other steps in detoxifying programs include the use of “liver flushes” or juices that help clean the liver
and skin brushing. Skin brushing is massaging the nerve endings of the surface of the skin to help
release toxins.

 Skin brushing and the application of heat (soaking in a very hot bath, for example) are just two ways
that toxin removal can be initiated with the skin.

Wong Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Visit
site for more useful articles: "3 Benefits of Colon Cleansing" and "6 Tips to Overcome Colon Cleansing
Side Effects".

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                   Colonic Irrigation: How It Works To Give You A Healthy Colon
                                          By Lindsay Robertson

 As a teenager, every time I got acne, my grandmother was convinced that it was due to bad bowel.
But I used to brush her off as being prejudiced. But now that I am experienced and well informed I
know the value of a god bowel movement, not only for maintaining the health of your skin, but for an
overall well being.

A properly functioning colon is the precondition for a healthy bowel movement and healthy colon can
be achieved through its proper cleansing at regular intervals. There are so many techniques to
accomplish this objective. Colonic irrigation is one of the most popular among them.

Most of us lack the basic idea about how various colon- cleansing methods work and avoid them out of
the gross misconception that the methods are complex and painful. On the contrary, the colon
cleansing methods, particularly the colonic irrigation is a simple process that produces dramatic
results. How? To know the answer read on.

Colonic irrigation is typically performed by a licensed professional in a clinic and the entire procedure
does not take more than forty five minutes.

In brief, it is a kind of water therapy to cleanse your colon. First a small speculum with an attachment of
plastic hose is inserted into the patient's rectum. The plastic hose is connected to the colonic machine.
The machine controls the volume and temperature of the water which is passed onto the hose that
take the water to the patient’s rectum and through this to the entire colon.

The volume of water with which the patient’s colon is temporarily filled up varies according to individual
tolerance. This gush of water induces peristaltic or muscular contractions in colon. As a result fecal
matters from the patient’s colon are forced out. These wastes are expelled through a clear plastic tube.

During the irrigation process the therapist slightly massage the parts of the abdomen to help free the
encrusted wastes on the walls of the colon. Thus the colonic irrigation does not only pull out the mucus
and parasites, the old fecal matters, dark black in color come out through the tube.

The amount of water is important. Only a proper volume of water is capable of inducing proper
contraction of the muscles, so that the colon resumes its normal peristaltic activities. When more than
required water is used, not only it becomes painful for the patient, it may produce negative results.
Less amount of water on the other hand makes the colon overwork.

In general, colonic irrigation is a process which is neither painful nor uncomfortable if performed
professionally. Generally more than one session of colonic irrigation are needed to completely get rid
off the encrusted feculent matters. So good amount of patience is required to get success from the
treatment of colonic irrigation.

Lindsay Robinson writes on several subjects.including colonic irrigiation. For more info check Also try and for more
info on colon cleansing.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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