Impacting Health Care - The Effect of Ellel Ministries

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					Impacting Health Care - The Effect of Ellel Ministries
In 1993, Health Care In Christ held what was to be a very strategic 4 day
intercession camp to pray for health care in Australia. During that time the Lord led 3
people simultaneously to Luke 10.        Since that time Luke 10 has become a
foundational Scripture to us. Among other things it says:
"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest,
therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." verse 2.
"When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is set before you. Heal the sick
who are there and tell them, "The kingdom of God is near you."" verses 8,9.
"The seventy-two returned with joy, and said, "Lord, even the demons       submit to us
in your name."" verse 17.
We believe our mandate is to send health workers into the harvest, to seek and
proclaim the kingdom of God in health care, and to bring healing and deliverance to
those the Lord sends us to. In our first contact with Ellel Ministries in 1996, we found
their primary teaching areas were in evangelism, healing and deliverance. As we saw
God healing and delivering people we saw the kingdom of God in action. Our eyes
and minds were opened by Ellel’s understanding of the process of healing in the
spiritual realm. It had particular relevance to health workers who were seeking to
relate healing in the spirit to their own practices. We believe that there are
significant reasons, why we as a health care organisation have been led to work with
The first Ellel 2 week training school in Australia has recently been completed and "
the people were amazed". It was a joy and a privilege to see so many people healed
and set free. Some had physical healing and some of that in visible ways, but the
majority of healing was in the deep areas of the soul and the spirit. So much pain
was dealt with and healed, so much hurt and bitterness healed and forgiven. It
seemed significant that some of the most powerful testimonies were from doctors
who received great healing from past pain and brokenness. It is wonderfully exciting
that God is doing a deep work among doctors. God is bringing healing to the city of
health care, beginning with healing the medical professionals.
As teaching of the Kingdom of God in healing and deliverance spreads more widely a
number of changes are taking place.
Faith is being raised to see God's healing both in those working in a church setting
and those in professional health care settings. The ministry is taught in a way that
people can readily take it away and apply in their own settings. As more and more
people are trained, there is a gradually increasing availability of ministry through the
Body of Christ.
Ellel teaches in a way that can be taken "on board " by health workers. In some
approaches to healing, the impression is given that only faith or anointing are
necessary to see healing. Because there is not further understanding as to why
sometimes there is healing and sometimes not, it is hard for health workers, who
work from a more empirical framework to incorporate this into practice. In contrast,
the Ellel teaching is more of a developmental flow linked to discipleship in a person's
life. The process begins with repentance, commitment and lordship, being filled with
the Holy Spirit, then working through issues of resentment, unforgiveness,
generational issues, soul ties and so on.
There is a strong element of "cause and effect" in the teaching, rather than operating
in the unknown. The Biblical effects of unforgiveness, for instance, are clearly taught
and ministered to. Unless this is dealt with, it is a blockage to healing, and allows the
enemy to continue afflicting the person with whatever is attached to or associated
with that sin. Sin does have its effects, and it has to be dealt with in God's way, that
is by repentance, to allow Him to bring His healing. Forgiveness is a powerful issue in
healing. Likewise we can have further insights into causes and effects in looking at
other Biblical truths such as blessing and cursing. Although there have been some
who have taught this in the past, most notably Derek Prince, I think it would be true
to say that these clear Biblical principles have not been widely known or understood
by Christians. Similarly with generational issues, iniquities, curses, soul ties and the
consequences of sexual sin. We see in many areas that there are issues that are of
great importance in healing that have not been understood by the church, let alone
the healing professions. In the health care professions we try and understand causes
and effects in sickness and disease, and these insights of spiritual issues and
solutions are opening up many possibilities.
As many health workers are being exposed to spiritual issues relating to the medical
fields, I believe the spiritual climate is beginning to change. The concepts from which
we work and practice are beginning to change. The worldview from which we work is
changing, from the paradigms of our secular training and medical world, to the
Kingdom of God. Our hearts are being challenged as we begin to grapple with what
this all means for us in our own practices and beyond. How can we incorporate what
we are seeing, learning and experiencing into our everyday practice and to have a
wider impact in the discipline in which we work? The answers will be many and
varied according to the setting in which we work. These are real challenges, taking
us beyond our comfort zones, into areas that require greater commitment, sacrifice
and dedication to the Lord's purposes in us, and more widely in the Kingdom. We can
anticipate possible criticism, conflicts and opposition, but God is faithful to lead us as
we walk closely with Him.
We are hearing of some of the ways people are planning to go on after the school.
Some are meeting to go through the teaching again, study the Scriptures and
minister to one another. Some are setting up ministry groups to pray with people,
and some of these are in health care settings. Many churches have healing
ministries, or are developing them in various ways. I believe those of us in health
care need to work more closely with these ministries and develop better referral
pathways between us.

One very significant finding at the 2 week school was of many people who had
properties which they believed were to be used by God for a healing purpose. Over
20 people from 4 different states had properties for which there was a vision for
healing ministry. These are at various stages of planning or development. God was
showing us what He had put on His people's heart as part of His answer to the cry
for healing of the land. It seems that a network of healing centres is being raised up
across the nation that will minister to the deep needs of the people, and with a sense
that they are part of God's plan to heal the land. These could be linked with and
have involvement with local Christian health workers, and work together to find
God's redemptive purposes for individuals, health care and the nation. How exciting
it would be, for instance, to have healing retreats for individuals with particular
conditions to seek and find more of God's answers in that area, which could then be
used more widely. We could see significant breakthroughs that could be objectively
assessed and published in the medical literature. If we are going to see inroads into
the health system these sorts of things will have to be done.
Donna Parachin director of Ellel Canada, taught on intercession and spiritual warfare.
On one of the nights she ministered powerfully to the health workers present. I
believe something happened that night to anoint, empower and thrust both those
present and others, into the realm of authority and power which God has for those
who will obey Him. There is a city to be taken, and God has the strategies to take it,
if His people will hear and obey. We need to take spiritual responsibility in our
workplaces, to pray in His will and purposes, that the enemy's purposes would be
The various factors necessary for Ellel to become established in Australia appear to
be moving into place. It is likely that Ellel will be functioning in its own right in the
next couple of years. Health Care In Christ and Ellel Ministries have their own visions
and calling and will continue to operate as separate organisations. However, we
believe that it has been strategic for both groups to function together so far in
Australia. Our desire is to continue to work closely together in common areas to
further God's Kingdom.
                                                                              Ken Curry