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									               Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Q & A

Q: What is Geek Squad Black Tie Protection (GSBTP)?

A: GSBTP is:
    o Our commitment to provide best-in-class service and protection for the products
      consumers purchase at Best Buy.
    o A combination of proactive services and coverage to enhance product performance,
      provide protection, and be there to fix or replace the product if needed.
    o Additional benefits that focus on the customer plus improved processes and fulfillment.
    o A promise and customer experience only possible by the combined power of Best Buy
      and Geek Squad.

Q: So, is GSBTP just a rebranding of your existing Product Service Plans (PSP) and Product
Replacement Plans (PRP)?

A: Absolutely not. While Best Buy’s product service plans have always been industry leading,
GSBTP recognizes the changing marketplace and increased customer needs. We’re improving
the level of protection, reiterating our commitment to great service and helping our customers get
even more out of their technology.

Q: Are all Best Buy employees involved?

A: Yes. While Geek Squad will be tasked with ensuring that all product repair, replacement or
optimization needs are fulfilled, Best Buy employees will be responsible for communicating the
benefit to customers and pointing them in the right direction.

Q: Are service plan prices changing?

A: The overall service plan portfolio will see modest price increases. This is not an across-the-
board adjustment, but rather specific adjustments in each category based on factors such as:
costs to serve, customer demand, value of the benefits, competitive pricing, and simplicity for
retail. Our enhanced ability to provide still greater benefits to our customers will continue to make
our plans industry leaders.

Q: What products will be protected?

A: GSBTP will cover the following product groups:
    o Computers (laptops and desktops, although not Apple)
    o Home Theater (televisions, speakers, receivers, etc.)
    o Mobile Entertainment (in-dash head units, rear seat televisions, etc.)
    o   Appliances (all appliances purchased at Best Buy)
    o   Mobile Technology (cell phones, personal digital assistants, etc.)
    o   “Gadgets” (mp3 players, peripherals, etc.)

Q: What types of plans are offered?

A: In most cases, consumers will be able to choose from either Standard of Premium plans. In
general, the Standard plan is focused on protecting products from trouble, and getting consumers
back up and running should something go wrong. The Premium plan offers a step up and
additional high-quality features, depending on the type of product. For example, GSBTP Premium
for laptops includes online data backup, anti-virus and anti-spyware software and much more, in
addition to the standard protection. GSBTP Premium for Home Theater includes a 37” loaner
television, should a consumer’s need fixing. And so forth.

Q: Can customers purchase GSBTP on

A: Yes, standard GSBTP plans will be available on as well as the Advanced Plans
for laptops. However they’ll be referred to the stores to purchase Premium plans.

Q: Is Calibration discounted as part of the GSBTP Premium Offer in Home Theater?

A: Calibration will be discounted $50 as part of the premium offer. Beginning on 9/14, Calibration
will no longer be discounted through other offers.

Q: How does the TV loaner program work?

A: Any customer with a Premium plan for their TV qualifies for a loaner if their repaired on the first
visit. Each tech will have a 37-inch Insignia TV in the purpose. Loaners are recovered by the in-
home repair tech. In outlying loaner will be shipped. There is no store involvement in the loaner

Q: What’s the cancellation and return policy for GSBTP?

A: Just like our current PSP/PRP program, customers who want to return their plan within our 30-
day return policy can visit the customer service desk at one of our stores to return their plan.
They’ll receive a refund less any services or software provided. If a customer wants to cancel
his/her plan outside of our 30-day policy, their refund will be prorated.

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