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Effective Annotation


									                            Effective Annotation

For each work you read for your final project, you should keep records of your
thoughts as you read. You will be turning in an annotated bibliography of 8-10
works. The first work for everyone will be the excerpt from Plato’s Phaedrus.
Subsequent works will depend on your topic. Note that your presentation will
count as one of your annotations. The following will help you annotate

   1. Brief summary (very brief—1-2 sentences):

   2. Identify the thesis statement/statement of main argument.

   3. Identify the evidence and examples the author uses to support it.

   4. How does the author’s rhetorical style work with his or her argument?

   5. What was interesting to you in this essay? What was not?

   6. What questions does the work raise for you?

   7. I agreed with the author’s stance on __________ because

   8. I didn’t agree with the author’s stance on __________ because

   9. How can I use this work for my project?

   10. Which quotes did I find most interesting? Copy the start of it and provide
       the page number.

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