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                      DCS BY FISHER & PAYKEL INTRODUCES

Spending time in your outdoor kitchen shouldn’t mean that the chef has to miss-out on
conversations while tending to the feast. Through a unique modular approach, DCS by Fisher &
Paykel opens up new opportunities in outdoor kitchen design, and brings the chef and guests
closer together to better enjoy the outdoor cooking experience.

Huntington Beach, CA (January 2007)    –The DCS Liberty Collection was inspired by the fact that
people love to gather around a fire – and they love to get involved. By doing away with the
traditional grill hood and creating a modular system of outdoor appliances, the DCS Liberty
Collection brings an outdoor cooking experience that’s truly interactive for both the chef and the

“It’s really interesting to watch people interact with a traditional hooded grill where people
gather behind the chef,” Laurence Mawhinney, VP Sales & Marketing Fisher & Paykel
Appliances, “and then watch people gather around the Liberty Collection. People interact more.
The social dynamic is amazing.”

By eliminating the grilling hood, people are invited to gather around the fire with the chef. No
longer is the hood obstructing the view – or the conversation. Suddenly, an outdoor kitchen with
an island arrangement becomes more inviting and practical, opening up new possibilities for
outdoor kitchen design.

The Modular Approach

The Liberty Collection’s modular approach allows you to build the outdoor kitchen you desire.
“When a chef orders his cooking appliances for his restaurant, he orders what is called a ‘battery
of products’,” continues Mawhinney. “He specifies components to meet his style of cooking. For
instance, he may request a grilling surface, four traditional burners, a griddle and a sink. The
commercial cooking equipment manufacturer then builds products to the chef’s specifications to
deliver exactly what he needs. The Liberty Collection by DCS incorporates modules to offer the
consumer the same customization and performance that professional chefs have come to expect.”

This modular approach leads to an unexpected benefit: it helps simplify the process of specifying
and purchasing a complete outdoor kitchen. The Standpoint Research Group’s study “Outdoor
Living, A New Landscape for Consumers” shows that many consumers are overwhelmed by all

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the options and requirements for an outdoor kitchen. The Liberty Collection by DCS simplifies
the process by offering three modules that address the needs of an outdoor kitchen including
grilling, side-burners, griddle, and sink.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel is concurrently releasing a new cart to accommodate the Liberty
Collection and offers assisted cooling and large storage functions. The modules combined with
the carts accommodate all the activities you need for an efficient outdoor kitchen, eliminating the
complications of specifying built-in appliances.

Liberty Collection Modules

The Liberty Collection by DCS is available in three configurations. Choose from the Liberty All-
Grill module, the Liberty Griddle and Double Side-Burner module, and the Liberty Double Side-
Burner with Sink module. Each stainless steal module is 30-inches wide, includes optional 24-
inch side tray accessory with optional cutting boards, and can be ordered in any combination to
suit your needs.

The Liberty Collections All-Grill module includes two independent burners capable of 25,000
BTU each. The patented DCS Grease Management System® allows you to cook everything from
delicate fish to hearty steaks with ease. The “Sear” setting ensures the intense heat needed to
deliver a true restaurant-quality sear. And by eliminating the hood, the Liberty Collection Grill
helps bring a sense of community to your outdoor grilling experience.

The Liberty Collection’s Griddle and Double Side-Burner module includes two 17,000 BTU
sealed burners and a solid stainless steel griddle with 12,000 BTU’s. The side-burners allow fine-
tune control of the flame to warm delicate items like chocolate or sauces while providing enough
power to bring a 20-quart pot of water to a rapid boil for that perfect lobster feast. The griddle is
equally as powerful. Sear items such as thin slices of beef and vegetables for a Teppanyaki
experience, or whip up a round of pancakes and sausages for morning brunch. The DCS heat-
dispersion technology and Blanchard ground surface delivers even cooking surface temperatures
and a non-stick surface for consistent results.

The Liberty Collections Sink and Double Side-Burner module offers two 17,000 BTU sealed
burners and the convenience of an outdoor sink. This built-in sink is easily hard-plumbed to your
outdoor water source or conveniently attaches to your garden hose.

New Carts Offer Great Mobility

When mounted on newly released CAD30 cart, any Liberty Collection unit can be placed in any
area of an outdoor kitchen. Whether you want to line all three units side-by-side for an 11-1/2-
foot island or place two of the cooking stations together with the sink and side-burner station in
another area of your outdoor kitchen, any desire can easily be accommodated.

A customer with a traditional DCS by Fisher & Paykel grill can expand their outdoor kitchen by
simply adding one of the Liberty Collection modules incorporating side-burners and a griddle or

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sink. The carts make the units mobile so your outdoor kitchen can easily be rearranged to
accommodate different occasions. Their mobility also allows them to be stored during the winter
months if desired. Your options are endless and completely customizable.

Grilling Carts

In addition to the 30-inch CAD30 cart, DCS by Fisher & Paykel is also releasing a new line of
36 and 48-inch carts to accommodate DCS traditional grill heads. These new carts build on the
success DCS has had with the line of Access Drawers the Company released last year and
incorporate multiple options for storage of anything from bulky items, your LP tank, cold drinks
and marinating meats.

All carts include a large pull out drawer for storage and connection of an LP tank. For modules
ordered with direct natural gas connections, the large pull out drawer offers a convenient area for
storing large pots and pans, or can be made into a waste receptacle with the optional wastebasket

Also included with each cart is a small and medium sized drawer. The small drawer allows quick
access to your grilling tools and cooking utensils. With the built-in drainage system included in
the medium drawer, you can store ice for chilling those bottles of juice and wine. The new CAD
model carts can be fitted with optional 24-inch side shelves to offer plenty of workspace in your
outdoor kitchen.

The Possibilities are Endless

The Liberty Collection is perfect for creating an interactive outdoor kitchen for both host and
guest. It also makes specifying an outdoor kitchen a snap. Whether you’re showing off your
fancy steak-flipping technique or you want to warn the chef that you like your steak rare and it’s
time to remove the filet from the grill, the Liberty Collection brings a new sense of community to
your outdoor cooking experience!

Available Spring 2007

The DCS by Fisher & Paykel Liberty Collection of outdoor appliances will be available in
Spring 2007. The Liberty Collection modules retail for between $1,449 and $1,599. The new
CAD30 cart retails for $1,299.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel

Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc. commenced operations in 1987 manufacturing cooking
appliances under an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) arrangement, initially for
Thermador. In 1991, DCS began manufacturing ultra premium outdoor cooking appliances,
primarily outdoor grills (barbeques), where it retains a leading market position in the United

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States. The company expanded into high-end, commercial style indoor ranges, cooktops and
ovens through the 1990s.

DCS products are widely regarded to be among the best performing professional cooking
equipment in the U.S. market place. The brand has a strong reputation for product innovation
and evolution of the high-end cooking market and has won two prestigious Kitchen and Bath
Innovator Awards.

Purchased by Fisher & Paykel Appliances in 2005, the Company’s name was changed to DCS by
Fisher & Paykel. Currently DCS by Fisher & Paykel products are sold directly to approximately
4,000 dealers in North America. Further details on Fisher & Paykel Appliances and DCS
Appliances are available on their Web sites:


Press Contact

For more information about the Liberty Collection or any other DCS by Fisher & Paykel
product, please contact:

Toni Ouellette
Product Manager, DCS by Fisher & Paykel

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