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					                                                                                                          Based on the problem solving
Effective Problem Solving                                                                                     expertise applied at:

Online learning…
   Offers flexibility: learn anywhere, 24/7.             Delphi Effective Problem Solving is a series of five modules.
   Accommodates different learning styles.
   Learn at your own pace; go back and                   Course Outline
   Review.
Requirements…                                                       Delphi Problem Solving Introduction
   A passing grade of 80% on all online                            DPS - Problem Identification and Containment
                                                                    DPS – Identifying the Root Cause
   A passing grade of 80% on a final
    certification exam.                                             DPS – Solution Identification and Prevent
                                                                    DPS – Improving Our Problem Solving Culture
Course Prerequisites…
   Students should have a general
    understanding of basic mathematical
   Comprehensive level of a high school
   General proficiency in using computer

Target Audience…
  …Anyone wanting to learn the fundamental
  skills to impact their problem solving process.

PC Requirements…                                          Overview
  …IE 6 Browser, Screen size of 1280x800 pixels,
  Flash version, Session cookies                 Delphi’s Problem Solving course covers the process of solving problems and how
  enabled, Java Script enabled.                           to better integrate this process into an organization. Students will learn the key
                                                          elements and what actions should be taken in each step. As they practice these
Materials…                                                skills they will get more effective at the steps of Select, Contain, Correct, and
 …Portal access to online course modules,                 Prevent. This course runs approximately 3 hours online.
 downloadable guides for modules,
 Instructor Guide and Participant Workbook                Problem Solving Introduction
 for classroom, and other preparation
                                                          Students will learn the purpose of structured problem solving, the impact of
                                                          poor problem solving, why problem solving is part of the job process and not
                                                          just a series or tools or forms, the definition of the problem solving process, and
                                                          the purpose of the problem solving form..

                                                          Problem Identification and Containment
                                                          Students will learn why data is important, how to write an effective problem
                                                          statement, how to convert data into a strategy, different measurement methods,
                                                          the purpose of containment, and how to fill out the problem solving form.

                                                          Identifying the Root Cause
                                                          Students will learn how to identify the root cause candidates using a fault tree
                                                          analysis and a process map, how to use data for support dictionary splits, how to
                                                          identify and confirm the root cause, how to understand solution generation, and
                                                          how to evaluate / select a solution.

                                                          Solution Identification and Prevent
                                                          Students will learn about Solution Planning, what strategies to focus on, about
                                                          contingency plans, verifying and implementing solution strategies, evaluating and
                                                          removing containment, and evaluation / standardization of controls.

                                                          Improving Our Problem Solving Culture
                                                          Students will learn that problem solving is not a stand alone process, the
                                                          importance of roles and responsibilities, the definition of a communication plan,
                                                          and the role of leadership.

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