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                                             Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Can Be Dangerous
                                                                  By Mary Parker

  Dermoid ovarian cysts are nothing but a benign kind of ovarian tumor, which is not even dangerous,
but it for sure needs medical help. It generally affects young women. Misconceptions and myths
surrounding this condition make young women worried about their fertility when suffering from dermoid
ovarian cysts. This sometimes leads to delay in treatment and hence paving the way to further
complications. It is important to understand dermoid ovarian cysts to understand the condition

What are dermoid ovarian cysts?

 Dermoid cysts of the ovary are called mature teratoma. These cysts may be terrible when it comes to
their look, as they sometimes look like a small human being, or to be more precise they sometimes
have many features of humans in them; like teeth, sweat glands hair and even thyroid tissues. Each
cyst is unique in its look because of the differences in their makeup. Perhaps this knowledge of the
presence of a cyst in their body make females turn nervous and psychologically upset rather than the
actual risks involved in this condition. However, dermoid cysts are non cancerous in nature. A dermoid
cyst might stay in the ovary for a long time without giving rise to any symptoms whatsoever.
Sometimes a person gets to know of their presence only during routine checkup. Sometimes
irregularity in menstrual cycle might also signal the presence of dermoid cysts. Many females tend to
avoid the treatment of dermoid cysts. However these cysts need to be closely monitored, because they
can twist on themselves and rupture, thus leading to a serious painful condition and various other
complications. Thus it is very important to go for medical help before the situation turns serious.
Dermoid cysts don’t have any impact over a woman's fertility. In spite of this aspect, it is best to get
cured of this condition when you plan to start a family.

Dermoid ovarian cyst risk factors:

 The risk involved with dermoid cysts is related to what the nature and the size of it is. Its size does
matter and works as an important factor deciding what the risk is. Bigger cysts tend to rupture more
easily and frequently. Dermoid cysts tend to twist the ovary, thus affecting blood supply; this can lead
to very uncomfortable and painful conditions. Though most dermoid cysts are benign in nature in some
rare cases the cysts may be cancerous in nature. But this is a very extreme case and very rarely

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

found. But dermoid cysts though not fatal can be very painful. Therefore you really need the right
treatment, because not only do you need to deal with the pain and discomfort, but you will also need to
cure the dermoid cyst completely.

Dermoid ovarian cyst treatment

 Dermoid cysts in the ovary sometimes gain the attention of patients only when it leads to
complications like serious pain, irregular periods, obesity and various other issues. There are various
forms of treatments that can help treat dermoid ovarian cysts. But conventional methods only treat the
symptoms rather than the cysts themselves. In most cases surgery remains the only alternative
available to women suffering from this. But surgery cannot guarantee that the cysts won't recur ever
again. What you actually need to do is find the real causes that lead to the formation of the cysts, and
then treat them so that they are eliminated completely, rather than just addressing the symptoms. In
order to treat dermoid ovarian cysts you should opt for the holistic approach. The holistic approach
works because:

 • This is a natural and safe process and causes no side effects too.
 • It searches and destroys the real reasons why the dermoid cysts are caused.
 • It prevents surgery in most cases.
 • Holistic approach lets you keep the control with yourself. And so you always can control the
 • Holistic approach heals a woman emotionally and helps her in dealing and tackling the situation
while she is fighting the cyst.

Hence, if you want a complete treatment you should definitely opt for the holistic approach.

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                       What Ovarian Cyst Exactly Means For Your Wellbeing?
                                               By Sam Ness

? You must know that the normal function of ovaries implies producing an egg every month. There is
nothing to worry about so far. During ovulation, a follicle (usually described as a cyst-like structure) is
formed inside the ovary and when it gets to maturity it is released. From the empty follicle a corpus
leteum forms; it usually dissolves if pregnancy does not occur. However, when this process is
somewhat perturbed, the corpus leteum does not dissolve, causing the functional ovarian cyst. This
type of ovarian cyst usually shrinks and disappears within a couple of menstrual cycles.

Ovarian cysts may also be the result of a hormonal imbalance and come in several categories:
dermoid cycts, endometrioma cysts, cystadenoma cysts and the well-known polycystic ovarian
disease. Dermoid cysts are the cysts filled with different types of tissues, such as skin and hair;
cystadenoma cysts form from cells at the surface of the ovary; endometrioma cysts, those formations
related to endometriosis, appear when some tissue like the uterus lining attaches to the ovary, while
the polycystic ovarian disease is the thickening of the ovaries due to follicle cysts. This condition
causes an enlargement of the ovaries and may be the cause of infertility.

Ovarian cysts symptoms constitute the tricky part of the condition. They may be absent in some cases.
However, there are many patients who get the regular kind of ovarian cyst symptoms, such as a dull
ache, some pressure in the abdomen, pain during intercourse, irregular and painful periods, etc.
Ovarian cyst pain is in most cases the reason why a woman with this problem will see a specialist.
Asymptomatic ovarian cyst conditions are the real problem here but those who are in the habit of
getting a general check-up will be diagnosed in due time by their doctor through the annual pelvic
examination and many other methods available.

The ovarian cyst removal necessity will be decided by the specialist, according to the very type of cyst
or cysts present. However, an ovarian cyst may dissolve without the patient knowing it; that is why,
most doctors opt for prescribing medication to their patients before even thinking of ovarian cyst
surgery. They will prescribe different types of oral contraceptives or hormones in case of functional
ovarian cysts. It has been proved that women who take certain contraceptives are less likely to develop
such conditions in the first place.

It is wise to remember that women who have previously had a cyst are more prone to developing cysts
ovaries than those who have no such history. These patients are advised to never neglect the
importance of periodical examinations so that further problems can be avoided. Besides, any condition
is easier to improve if it is detected in due time. Ovarian cyst removal is also less hassling if the patient
is diagnosed in a timely manner. Contrary to the popular belief that pregnancy may solve a whole lot of
women's body functional problems; ovarian cyst pregnancy is not an isolated occurrence. Actually,
these cysts may cause a lot of trouble to some patients, even jeopardise the foetus, so a miscarriage
can happen in some cases.

You don't have to search far and wide, to realize how critical ovarian cyst is for your health. There are
many resources available online, offering various quality of information. Find out answers to your
concerns at today!

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