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									                         Cause and Effect in India: Monsoons

       How did geography affect life in India?
         o What impact did monsoons have on agriculture?
         o What were the effects of monsoons on ocean trade?

       Monsoon—a seasonal wind pattern occurring in the Indian Ocean

Part 1: Reading a map
Students should study the map on page 168. As a class, discuss the following questions
and ideas:
    1. What is this a map of and how do we know this?

   2. How would you describe the directions in which the summer and winter monsoon
      winds travel?

   3. Why do you think we will be studying monsoon winds in this lesson?

Part 2: Highlighting Cause and Effect
Read the passage below. Underline the causes and circle the effects.

Climate plays an important role in the civilizations we study. Civilizations emerged close
to large rivers, which allowed the people to grow food. An increase in food production
led to an increase in population and urbanization. Often other aspects of climate also
shaped these civilizations, including mountains, winds, and rainfall.

Part 3: Determining Change over time with Cause and Effect
Read over the portion of the text on monsoons on page 168-69. Fill out the chart below.
The first one has been done for you.

You will learn what monsoon winds are and how this affected Indian society. This will
allow you to answer the questions on the right-hand side of the column as well as the
lesson questions listed above.

           Causes                           Effects                     Questions
                                                                How is this weather
In the winter, dry winds blow   Little rain falls               pattern similar to Santa
from the land to the sea.                                       Ana winds?

In the summer, this pattern
reverses, wet winds from the
ocean blow onto the land.

           Causes                            Effects
From the time that farming       agriculture depended on the      Why do you think the
began in South Asia,             summer monsoon.                  monsoons were
                                                                  important for Indian
If the rains came on time,

If the rains came later or not
at all,

                                 floods washed away farms         How are the monsoons
                                 and villages.                    similar and different to
                                                                  the climate of the Nile in

                                 Therefore, the monsoon had       What are the positive
                                 both positive and negative       effects of the monsoon
                                 effects on daily life in South   on South Asia? What are
                                 Asia.                            the negative effects?

Create a seasonal timeline to explain how the monsoons affect agriculture in the Indian

Winter                 Spring                 Summer                 Fall______________
       How did geography affect life in India?
         o What were the effects of monsoons on ocean trade?

          Causes                       Effects                  Questions
The monsoon also             Sailors                  Why did sailors use wind to
influenced seagoing trade.                            sail their ships?

                             Upon arrival the crews   Why would the sailors wait
                             waited,                  for the monsoons? What
                                                      might happen if they sailed
                                                      at the wrong time?

When the winter came,        the monsoon

                             In this way,             How did the monsoon
                                                      connect India to other
Identify the following locations on the map:
Indian subcontinent            Indian Ocean        East Africa           China

Draw a line between China, the Indian Subcontinent, and East Africa via the Indian

Answer the question below using the information you have learned in this lesson?

           o What were the effects of monsoons on ocean trade?

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