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					                                       Campus Partners Update
                              Index for January to December 2001 Issues

               Audit                               Department of Education                  ERIC Releases New System-Wide
                                                                                             Web Site Address (June, p.4)
   Annual Third-Party Compliance                2001-2002 SFA Handbook Errata             FAFSA Applications Available by
    Audit is Underway (May, p.6)                  Published (Aug., p.3)                      Late October (Oct., p.5)
   Audit Report Available (Sept., p.8)          2002-2003 EDE Technical                   Fed.Up Initiative Issues Chart (Dec.,
   Audit Begins in April (Apr., p.4)             Reference Now Posted (Dec., p.2)           p.2)
   Audit Report Available in August             Annual COHEAO/HHS Conference              First Annual Spring Update
    (June, p.6; July, p.5) Attachment:            to be Held March 19-20) (Feb., p.4)        Conference (Dec., p.2)
    Audit Report Request Form                    Availability of CPS Test System for       Four More Volumes of “2000-2001
   Third-Party Audit Completed to                2002-2003 (Dec., p.2)                      ED Handbook” Available in Print
    Perfection! (Aug., p.4) Attachment:          Availability of Quality Analysis           (March, p.3)
    Audit Report Request Form                     Tool for Windows 2000-2001, v.1.0         Improvements and Changes to
                                                  (Jan., p.3)                                NSLDS Announced (Aug., p.3)
                                                 Campus-Based FISAP Moving to              National Default Prevention Day,
    Collection Agency Update                      Web Soon (Aug., p.3)                       August 2, 2001 (June, p.3)
                                                 Complete your Program                     New Look for IFAP Homepage
Attachments:                                      Participation Agreement Now (May,          (March, p.1)
 Collection Agencies, Loan                       p.5)                                      New Promissory Notes Revised
    Rehabilitation, and the Credit               Conference Update on the Federal           (Dec., p.1)
    Bureaus; Report Enhancements;                 Perkins Loan Promissory Note              Roderick Paige Sworn in as Seventh
    Enhancement to DocumentDirect;                (Aug., p.3)                                Secretary of Education (Feb., p.4)
    DocumentDirect Reminder;                     Corrected Page 31 for 2001-02 EFC         SFA Issues Notice on Interest Rates
    DataLink – Quick Access (May)                 Worksheets Issued (March, p.2)             for Consolidation Loans (July, p.3)
 Disaster Relief Guidelines; How To             Department Policy Decisions on            SFA’s New Web Site (March, p.1)
    Tell if a Loan Has a 25% Cap; Need            Hold (Feb., p.4)                          SFA Recovers $1 Billion Year-to-
    Quick Access to Borrower Accounts            Digest of Education Statistics 2000        Date (July, p.2)
    in Real Time? Try DataLink! (Nov.)            Released (Feb., p.5)                      Schools Invited to Join the
 Lost Without Your Weekly Reports?;             ED Announces PIN Application               Postsecondary Electronic Standards
    Why Did My Password Expire?                   Process (May, p.2)                         Council (PESC) (July, p.3)
    (August)                                     ED Finds Delinquent Borrowers             Second Administrative Cost
 Where Are My Reports? (Feb.)                    Among New Hires (Apr., p.3)                Allowance Payment (Aug., p.4)
                                                 ED Issues “Best Practices                 Third Update to Draft RFMS 2001-
                                                  Handbook” on Student Loan                  02 Record Layouts Posted (March,
    Customer Anniversaries                        Repayment (Feb., p.4)                      p.2)
                                                 ED Issues Correction to Federal           Upcoming Changes to Higher
   Long-term Customers Recognized                Student Aid Application File (Apr.,        Education Tax Benefits (Aug., p.3)
    (Jan., p.5; Apr., p.6; July, p.6; Oct.,       p.2)                                       Attachment: Changes in Higher
    p.8) Attachment: Long-term                   ED Issues Pre-Release Draft of             Education Tax Benefits
    Customer Anniversaries                        2002-03 FISAP Technical                   Updating the Federal School Code
                                                  Reference (March, p.3)                     File (July, p.2)
                                                 ED Reduces Schools’ 2002-2003
           Cutoff Dates                           Paper FAFSA Orders by 33% (Dec.,
                                                  p.1)                                       Disaster Relief Information
   Cutoff Dates for 2002 (Sept., p.10;          ED Reports on Continuing Decline
    Dec, p.8)                                     of College Loan Default Rates (Oct.,      Bill Introduced to Help Those
   Feb/March (Jan., p.8)                         p.5)                                       Affected by Terrorist Attacks (Oct.,
                                                 ED Software Not Tested in                  p.4)
   March/April (Feb., p.10)
                                                  Windows XP Environment (Aug.,             Dear Colleague Letter for Military
   April/May (March, p.6)
                                                  p.2)                                       Personnel Issued (Oct., p.3)
   May/June (Apr., p.10)                        EDExpress 7.0 Issues (Feb., p.3)
   June/July (May, p.10)                                                                   EFG Technologies Implements
                                                 EDExpress Packaging Aid Type               Disaster Relief (What is EFG
   July/August (June, p.8)                       “R” Not Calculating Correctly
   August/September (July, p.8)                                                             Doing to Help?) (Sept., p.1)
                                                  (Aug., p.2)
                                                                                            Attachments: Dear Colleague
    September/October (Aug., p.7)                EDExpress Software Printing
   October/November (Sept., p.9)                                                            Letter (Gen-01-11); Relief for
                                                  Incorrect ISIR Report Value
   November/December (Oct., p.9)                                                            Borrowers; Dear Colleague Letter
                                                  (March, p.2)
                                                                                            (Gen-01-12); Institutional
   December/January (Nov., p.6)                  Education Department Developing
                                                                                             Reporting Deadlines
   January/February (Dec., p.7)                  New Transfer Monitoring Process
                                                  (May, p.1) Attachment: Transfer           Forbearance for Borrowers who
                                                  Monitoring Process                         Reside or Work in Disaster Area
    (Oct., p.4)                             House Education Panel Chairman             (Sept., p.4)
   Forbearance for Other Borrowers          Selected (Jan., p.1)                      Updated On-Line Processing
    (Oct., p.4)                             Modifications to Student Loan              Manual Available (Jan., p.6)
   HHS Issues Disaster Relief               Interest Deduction (June, p.1)            Use Index to Locate Articles (Jan.,
    Guidelines for Title VII, VIII          President Offers Detailed Budget           p.6) Attachment: Update Index
    Programs (Oct., p.3)                     (Apr., p.1)                                2000
   New SFA Web Site Gives                                                             Welcome New Market
    Guidance in Aftermath of Terrorist                                                  Development Staff (May, p.8)
    Attacks (Oct., p.4)                            Miscellaneous                       We’re Committed to Customer
   Update on Disaster Forbearance                                                      Service Excellence (July, p.6)
    Processing (Oct., p.1)                  Annual Statements to be Mailed in         We’ve Got Mail! (Jan., p.5)
                                             January (Dec., p.5)                       William D. Ford Consolidation
                                            Annual Statements to be Sent in            Loan Clarification (Jan., p.5)
                                             February (Jan., p.4)
                                            Campaign Underway to Encourage
   Poverty Guidelines Issued-2001           ADD (Dec., p.5)                                     NSLDS
    (Apr., p.3)                             Cohort Default Rate Added to
                                             Enhanced Status Report (Feb., p.7)        Assigned/Accepted Loan Reporting
                                            Collection Agency Update (Feb.,            to NSLDS (Jan., p.4)
            How To                                                                     Great News About NSLDS
                                             p.8) (New Publication)
                                             Attachment: Collection Agency              Reporting (March, p.3)
Attachments                                                                            NSLDS Loan Error Report
 Change Your Reporting Options                                                         Available in On-Line (Sept., p.7)
    (Dec.)                                  Consolidated Billing Reduces
                                             Confusion (May, p.5)                      NSLDS Separation Date
 Ensure Borrower Repayment (Nov.)                                                      Modifications (June, p.5)
 Order Exit Interview Packages             Customer Service Week Celebrated
                                                                                       NSLDS Update Provides Good
    (Feb.)                                   (Oct., p.8)
                                                                                        News (May, p.5) Attachment:
 Manage Your Cohort Default Rate           Fiscal Year-End a Success! (July,          NSLDS Update
    (March)                                  p.5)                                      New Edits Added for New Loans
 Process a Loan Rehabilitation (Jan.)      GASB Publishes Guide for                   and Advances (Feb., p.6)
 Process Credit Balance Refunds             Analysts Related to GASB                  Remarkable Progress (Aug., p.6)
    (Apr.)                                   Statement 34 (Feb., p.5)                  SAIG Re-Enrollment Form
 Process New Loans and Advances            Go Teams! (Jan., p.6)                      Clarification (Dec., p.3)
    and Unpostable New Loans and            HELP Desk Transfers to Customer
    Advances (Sept.)                         Service (Dec., p.5)
 Reconcile Accounting and Cash             Holiday Schedule for 2002 (Dec.,           New Customer – Welcome!
    Activity Reports with Bank               p.7)
    Statements (July)                       How to Contact Customer Service           New Customers on Board (Aug.,
 Use Automated Collection Agency            (CSR Extensions) (May, p.7)                p.1)
    Interface (Oct.)                        If a Disaster Strikes, Are You            St. Catharine’s College joins EFG
 Use DataStreamsm (June)                                                               Technologies (Sept., p.4)
                                             Ready? (Feb., p.8)
 Use DocumentDirect (May)                                                             Welcome New Customer –
                                            Increase in Late Charges Amount
 Use our Web Site (August)                                                             University of Maryland College
                                             (Apr., p.5)
                                                                                        Park (Oct., p.5)
                                            Loans to Review for Cohort
    inside Campus Partners -                 Default Rate (Feb., p.7)
             Profiles                       Long-term Employees Honored                   Regulatory Updates
Attachments                                  (March, p.4)
 Adams, Debra (Jan.)                       Not Another Fire Drill?! (July, p.4)      2001-2002 SAR/ISIR Comment
 Balsamo, Bob (June)                       Pat Hill named “Service Excellence         Codes Updated (Nov., p.3)
 Brown, Shirley (Oct.)                      Award” Recipient (Feb., p.1)              A Guide to 2001-2002 ISIR (Feb.,
 Fields, LaShonda (Aug.)                    Attachment: Inside EFG feature             p.2)
 Mastin, Pattie (Dec.)                      article on Pat Hill                       Accessing the FISAP on the Web
 Morgan, Debbie (Nov.)                     Processing Procedures Clarified            (Sept., p.5)
 O’Mara, April (Feb.)                       (Hardship/Forbearance Processing)         Campus-based Policy Memorandum
 Roberts, Kathy Jo (Apr.)                   (Sept., p.6) Attachment: Forms             2000-01 (May, p.2)
 Smejkal, Jeff (July)                       and QuikLetters                           Campus-based Program Funding for
 Smith, Judy (March)                       Quarterly Update Index Available           2001-2002 (Apr., p.2)
                                             (Apr., p.8; July, p.6; Oct; p.8)          Change in 2001-2002 FAFSA
 Spencer, Betsy (Sept.)
                                             Attachment: Quarterly Update               “Drug Conviction” Question (Apr.,
 Thompson, Andrea (May)                                                                p.1)
                                            Students Unaware of Total Costs of        Changes Made to 2001-2002
       Legislative Updates                                                              Electronic Financial Aid
                                             Loans, Says PIRG (Apr., p.3)
                                                                                        Applications (Feb., p.2)
   Are You Fed Up? (June, p.1)             Updated E-mail Addresses Needed
                                                                                       Changes to the 2002-03 Renewal
    FAFSA Process (Sept., p.5)                p.4)                                     On Target for New Deferment and
   Clarification on the Use of IRS          Late Charge Increase Reminder             Forbearance Processing Service
    Letter 1722 for Financial Aid             (May, p.5; June, p.4)                     (May, p.3)
    Purposes (Sept., p.5)                    Reminder: Mailing Address for            Processing Forbearances and
   Deadline and Submission Dates             Customer Support (Feb., p.8)              Hardship Deferments (Apr., p.6)
    Published for 2001-02 Award Year                                                   Sign Up Now for NSC Deferment
    (Sept., p.4)                                                                        Processing Service (Aug., p.4)
   Dear Colleague Letter GEN-01-01            Services/Enhancements
    (ACTION LETTER #5) (Jan., p.3)                                                       System IIIsm Connection
   Dear Colleague Letter, GEN-00-24         2002 Training Changes Announced
    (Jan., p.1)                               (Dec., p.5)                          Attachments
   Don’t Forget to Report FISAP Cash        Announcing a New Product-             Are You Using the Payment
    on Hand Amount (Nov., p.4)                Enhanced Servicing! (Dec., p.5)          Request Screen?; HOSB Screen
   Federal Perkins Loan Program IRS          Attachment: New Product Update –         Keeps Track of Outstanding Bills;
    Skiptracing Service (Sept., p.6)          Enhanced Servicing                       Updated On-Line Processing
   Federal Register Notice, December        Accounting Report Enhancements           Manual Available; System III
    22, 2000 (Jan., p.3)                      (May, p.6)                               Availability (March)
   Final Drug Worksheet Available on        Authorization Needed for NSC          Who Wants to Collect More
    Web (Nov., p.4)                           Deferment Processing Service             Money?; Benefits from Using
   Ignore Prisoner Matches Per ED            (May, p.4) Attachment: NSC               DocumentDirect for Year-End
    (Sept., p.4)                              Authorization Form                       Processing; Remind Your Collection
   Information Pertaining to                Changes to Improve Online                Agency about the Benefits of
    Abandoned Loans (Loan Status              Payments (Aug., p.6)                     DataLink; Applying an Advance is a
    Code AL) (Feb., p.3)                     Changes to the Management                Snap on System III; System III
   Interest Rate on Federal Loans to         Operations Analysis (Oct., p.7)          Availability (June)
    Decline (June, p.3)                      Changes to the NDSL Fiscal            Strengthening the Weakest Link;
   Message to Default Reduction              Operations Analysis (Sept., p.7)         Why Did My Password Expire?;
    Assistance Program (DRAP) Users          Clearinghouse Announces Real-            System III Availability (Sept.)
    (Jan., p.2)                               Time LoanLocator Information          Introducing the New Payoff
   NSLDS Changes Under                       (Nov., p.5)                              Projection Screen (PAYO); Payoff
    Consideration (Feb., p.3)                Cohort Default Rate Added to             Projection Screen Fields and their
   New Death and Disability Discharge        Reports (Dec., p.4)                      Functions; Helpful Hints Regarding
    Regulations Reminder (June, p.2)         Consolidation Loan Available Thru        the PAYO Screen; System III
   New Promissory Notes Approved             AMS (Dec., p.4)                          Availability (Dec.)
    (Nov., p.1)                              DataDirect FTP Service Increases
   Notice Inviting Proposals for             Efficiency (June, p.5)
    Participation in Experimental Sites      Default Processing Screen Allows          Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA)
    (June, p.3)                               Assigned/Accepted Processing
   Perkins Service Cancellation              (Oct., p.6)                              Form 1098-Es Mailed (Jan., p.4)
    Reimbursement and Payment Letter         DocumentDirect Enhancements               Attachment: TRA Documents (3)
    (May, p.3)                                (Apr., p.6; May, p.6)                    Form 1098-Es to be Mailed in
   Renewal FAFSA and SAR Drafts             EFG Provides Sep Date                     January (Dec., p.3) Attachment:
    Available Now (Nov., p.4)                 Management via the Clearinghouse          Sample of Form 1098-E
   Sample Default Management Plan            (Oct., p.7)                              Student Loan Interest Reporting
    Updated (July, p.1)                      Fiscal Operations Report                  Service Available (Nov., p.5)
   Tentative 2001-2002 Funding               Enhancements Implemented (June,
    Levels for Campus-Based Programs          p.5)                                               Web Site
    (Feb., p.2)                              Introducing the New Payoff Screen
   Updated NAS Specifications and            (PAYO) (Dec., p.4)
    Draft ISIR Format Now Available          Loan Consolidation Information on        Enhancements to the EFG
    (Nov., p.4)                               Our Web Site (Sept., p.8)                 Technologies’ Web Site (Apr., p.7)
   Use of Electronic Signatures in the      NSC Deferment Processing Service         How to Link to Our Site (May, p.7)
    Federal Student Loan Programs             Begins July 1 (June, p.4)                Information Available on Loan
    (May, p.2)                                Attachment: NSC Authorization             Consolidation (Oct., p.7)
   Verification Tracking Flag Added to       Form                                     Loan Consolidation Information on
    2002-2003 ISIR Layout (Nov., p.4)        National Student Clearinghouse            Our Web Site (Sept., p.8)
                                              Services (July, p.4) Attachment:         Watch for Enhancements to the EFG
                                              Clearinghouse Procedures                  Technologies’ Web Site (March,
            Reminders                        New Default Processing Screen             p.4)
                                              (Sept., p.7)
   Deferment Processing Service             New Product Available Now! (Early
                                                                                       Workshops/Regional Meetings
    Reminder (June, p.4)                      Intervention Program) (Oct., p.5)
   Fiscal Year End is Approaching            Attachment: New Product Update
    (Apr., p.7; May, p.6)                    New Sort Option Available for Exit       Additional On-Line Workshop
   Just a Reminder-Use the IVR (July,        Interview Packages (March, p.4)           Available (March, p.5)
    Attachment: Registration Form and
    Workshop Flyer
   Conference Scheduled (COHEAO
    Annual Meeting and Student Loan
    Seminar) (Nov., p.6)
   COHEAO Annual Meeting and
    Student Loan Seminar Coming
    January 27-31, Arlington, VA
    (Dec., p.6)
   Fall Workshops are Successful
    (Oct., p.8)
   Final Regional Meeting for 2001
    (Oct., p.9)
   July Workshop Scheduled
    Attachment: On-Line Processing
    Workshop Flyer and Registration
    Form (May, p.8; June, p.6)
   July Workshop (July, p.7)
   More Workshops Scheduled (Apr.,
    p.8) Attachment: On-Line
    Workshop Flyer and Registration
   Phoenix Regional Meeting a
    Success (Nov., p.5)
   Register Now Before It’s Too Late!
    (Aug., p.6) Attachment: Workshop
    Registration Form
   Regional Luncheon Held in Texas
    (Dec., p.6)
   Regional Meetings (Jan., p.7; Feb.,
    p.9; March, p.5; July, p.7)
   Regional Meetings a Success!
    (Apr., p.8; May, p.8; June, p.6)
   Regional Meetings Scheduled for
    Fall (Aug., p.7; Sept., p.8)
   Spring 2001 Workshop (Apr., p.8)
   Start the New Year off with a
    Bang! (July, p.7) Attachment:
    Workshop Registration Form
   Upcoming Conferences (Jan., p.7;
    Feb., p.9; March, p.5; Apr., p.9;
    May, p.9; June, p.7; July, p.7; Aug,
    p.7; Sept., p.9; Oct., p.9)
   Workshop Offered in March
    (Winston-Salem) (Feb., p.8)
    Attachment: Registration Form
    and Workshop Flyer
   Workshops Update (Jan., p.7)
    Attachment: Registration Form
    and Workshop Flyer