Troubleshooting the Boiler by gabyion


									                  Troubleshooting the Boiler
If the house won’t heat up, try these steps before
calling the boiler company.
Start here:
   1) Check for Air in the Water Pipes (this can cause the heat to be uneven)
         a. Find the nearest heat register and feel both pipes (water flows in, water
             flows out). If they are warm, the boiler is working.
         b. Find a flat-head screwdriver, and find a heat register.
                  i. Look for the bleed valve. It should be small and upright and have
                     a screw that you can turn with the flat-head screwdriver.
                 ii. Loosen the screw (counter-clockwise) with the screwdriver until
                     you hear a hissing sound. That’s the air escaping. Bleed the air
                     until the valve bubbles and water comes out.
                iii. Repeat steps (i)-(ii) with 2-3 more registers on the same floor.
                iv. Repeat steps (i)-(iii) on each of the other floors.

If the pipes in the registers are cold, go to each thermostat (basement, first
floor, second floor) and do the following:
   2) Reset the Thermostats
         a. Turn the thermostat all the way down
         b. Wait a full 30 seconds, then turn it up all the way.

Still no heat?:
   3) Visit the Boiler Room / Check the Control Panel:
         a. Make sure the display is working. It should show a temperature and say
              either “Outdoor” or “Boiler”.
         b. There are 3 buttons - press the left one to switch the view from the
              Outdoor Temperature and the Boiler Temperature.
         c. If the Boiler temperature is low (like around 60 degrees), you need to reset
              the burners.

Resetting the Burners:
   4) To the left of the control panel are two switches labeled #1 and #2. Turn them off
      (down), wait a full 30 seconds, and flip them on (up). The boiler should start
      making noise, and the metal shutter on the basement window should open. The
      Boiler Temperature should rise significantly within the next 15 minutes.
          a. If everything is working and the boiler is on, the Boiler Temperature
              should be between 130 and 180 degrees.
          b. If the Boiler Temperature is high (130 – 180), check the pipes upstairs – if
              they still don’t feel warm, you need to reset the water pumps.
Resetting the Water Pumps:
   5) Locate the two water pumps. They are red, located behind the boiler, about 4 feet
      off the ground, and are each the size of a football.
          a. Locate the 4 control switches – they’re mounted on a board on the wall.
          b. Turn them off (left), wait a full 30 seconds, and flip them back on (right).
          c. You should hear the pumps start running.

   6) Check to see if the green lights are glowing on the control modules. There is one
      module for each boiler – they are black cylinders about the length of a hand, right
      above each boiler. If the lights aren’t on but the burner switches are on (the ones
      labeled #1 and #2), then the modules are broken and need to be replaced.

If none of that works, call CLS Mechanical at (517) 323-8412.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) do all the steps above, then call Stu at (517)
281-6717 and leave him a voicemail. He should call back within a half
hour. If you already followed all the steps, then just call CLS because
there’s not much else Stu can do.

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