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Financial Services
  Email, Email Read All About It!
• “WWU Official Notification” this signifies this email
  needs to be viewed immediately.

• Email, the official method of communication:
   – Watch for billing statements sent to your official
     Western email account
   – Contact ATUS or see handout for details on how to
     redirect messages to another email address
             Your Student Account
• What is included?
    – Student tuition, mandatory fees, on campus housing & most other
      campus charges.

• What is not included?
    – Book charges, library fines, parking permits

• Billing is linked to registration.
    – if you add or drop a class a charge or credit will be posted to your

• All payments can EITHER be directly credited to your student
  account or put into a deposit for future use.

• Financial information MUST be released by student
Your Student Account
Your Student Account
Your Student Account
 Managing Your Student Account
                    To Do List:

   Set Up a Parent PIN through CASHNet
   Authorization for Miscellaneous Charges Form
   Financial Information Release
   Electronic Funds Transfer

Forms Available at: www.wwu.edu/sfs/Forms
              Payment Options

• Paying online; quick, convenient & secure!
  – E-check through CASHNet – no fees!
  – MasterCard, American Express, Discover
     • 2.75% convenience fee is charged by the service provider.
     • (Note: WWU is unable to accept VISA credit cards.)
                 Payment Options
• Mail:
                                    Western Washington University
   – Check** or Money Order**         University Cashier MS-9004
• In person:                                  516 High St
   – Cash, Check**, Debit Card        Bellingham, WA 98225-9004
• After hours:
   – By Check** in the drop box outside Eden’s Hall

                  **Please make payable to:
                 Western Washington University

         Student ID # must appear on check or money order!
                    Cashiers Office:
         Old Main 245 (Monday – Friday: 9am- 4pm)
           When is Payment Due?
Tuition, mandatory fees, room and
   board are due the first day of    A monthly $40 late fee
   each quarter.
                                      and 1% interest will be
                                        charged to unpaid
                                        account balances.

                                     For fall quarter, first late
                                        fees will apply after :

   Important Dates and Deadlines     October 9th, 2009
    are available on the Registrar
    & Student Account’s websites      Winter: January 22, 2010
                                       Spring: April 16, 2010
Family Meeting Time
  Creating a Manageable Plan
                Loan Repayment

• Have more Federal loan money than you needed?
   – Return it to WWU for a refund of your origination fee!
      • Less than 120 days since disbursed to WWU, or
      • More than 120 days to US Dept. of Ed.

                                                  Loans & Collections
• Success Strategy: Plan ahead                       Old Main 370
   – Get the facts on loan repayment                (360) 650 2943
   – Devise a repayment strategy early
   – Contact Loans & Collections for more Info   loans.collections@wwu.edu
        Keep an Eye on Your
       Accumulated Federal Aid
           Click on: Financial Aid Review

   Shows all Federal Aid received throughout your
 educational journey – regardless of institution attended

Educate Yourself, Minimize Your Debt,
           Live Your Life!
    Student Financial Services
                       Contact Us:

            Student Accounts
                    Old Main 360
                   (360) 650 2865
                One-on-One Advising

Students can call our office anytime, to meet and discuss
 strategies for debt management specific to their needs.

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