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                  Auburn, Maine

• Eliminated 80 metric tons of CO2, 21% of their
  carbon emissions from their 9 facilities since
• Installed energy efficient lighting
• Used biodiesel in their delivery trucks
• The company fleet has a hybrid vehicle
• Recycled about 96% of their solid waste
• Changed heating and cooling standards in their
• Used biodegradable shopping bags
                   Augusta, Maine

• Eliminated 576 metric tons of CO2, 44% of their
  carbon emissions since 2002
• First state housing finance agency in the country
  to adopt green building standards for all new
  housing it finances
• Used 100% renewable energy
• Installed roof top solar panels to generate clean
• Installed light sensors saving $14,784.60 in the
  first year
    Bureau of General Services
                    Augusta, Maine
• Eliminated 2,849 metric tons of CO2, 41% of their
  carbon emissions on the Augusta Eastside Campus
  since 2002
• Purchased 100% of electricity with renewable energy
• Helped introduce more than 80 hybrid vehicles
• Turned the East Campus boilers off during the
• Switched from #6 heating oil to #2 heating oil in
  multiple locations
• Began using biodiesel to heat the Burton M. Cross
  Office Building, the State Capital, and the Cultural
               Bowdoin College
                     Brunswick, Maine
• Eliminated 8,085 metric tons of CO2, 39% of their
  carbon emissions since fiscal year 2002/03.
• On campus heating emissions reduction of 25%
  during this 5 year period due to:
  – change in fuels #6 heating oil to dual fuels (#2 oil and
    primarily natural gas), upgrades in steam system, and
    reduction in campus heating set point
  – Renovated 6 dormitory buildings with more efficient
    heating systems, plus added roof insulation and installed
    700 new windows
• Purchased REC’s to offset 62% of electricity use
  with Maine Low Impact Hydro and Maine Wind.
• Purchased hybrid and electric vehicles.
     Washboard Eco-Laundry
                  Portland, Maine
• Eliminated 16 metric tons of CO2, 27% of their
  carbon emissions since 2001
• Energy savings strategies saved nearly $80,000
  in the first 5 years of operation
• Dramatically reduced electricity & natural gas
  usage with new washers and dryers
• Installed energy efficient lighting and windows
• Dryers use a heat recovery system, reducing
  natural gas consumption
• Installed a solar hot water system
• Installed a radiant floor heating system
• Local bicycle and trailer deliveries
                    Unity, Maine
• Eliminated 269 metric tons of CO2, 21% of their
  carbon emissions since fiscal year 2001/02
• Used 100% Maine-based renewable electricity
• Conducted an energy audit of all campus
• Replacing inefficient older buildings with new
  green buildings, retrofitting all older buildings
• Teaching sustainability in the classroom
• Building only carbon neutral new buildings
       College of the Atlantic
               Bar Harbor, Maine

• Eliminated 108 metric tons of CO2, 18% of
  their carbon emissions since 2005
• Became the first US college or university
  to achieve carbon neutrality
• Purchasing 100% renewable, in-state
  generated electrical energy
• Currently constructing student housing
  with wood pellet-fired boilers to provide
  radiant floor heating and domestic hot
                 Newcastle, Maine

• Eliminated 119 metric tons of CO2, 17% of their
  carbon emissions from 4 of their stores since
• Installed energy efficiency lighting in several
  stores and in distribution center
• Replaced HVAC units in 2 stores and one large
• Insulated floor in Dexter store (the river runs
  beneath a portion of it!)
• Replaced several inefficient doors, a bulkhead,
  and other heat “leaks”
        MaineGeneral Health
                 Augusta, Maine

• Eliminated 3,450 metric tons of CO2, 16% of
  their carbon emissions since 2004
• Installed efficient/smaller boiler systems
• Replaced 480 windows at their Augusta
• Automated boiler systems and system
  setbacks at all 3 campuses
• Switched from #6 heating oil to #2 heating oil
• Replaced some fleet vehicles with hybrid cars
    ZF Lemforder Corporation
                Brewer, Maine

• Eliminated 3,381 metric tons of CO2, 55%
  of their carbon emissions since 2000
• Reduced electricity usage per part
• Optimized compressed air usage
• Minimized the use of hydraulic oil
  necessary for production
• Recycled plastic scrap
           Bath Iron Works
                  Bath, Maine

• Eliminated 10,559 metric tons of CO2, 15% of
  their carbon emissions 2003-2006
• Installed energy efficient lighting
• Insulated steam lines
• Upgraded Energy Management System
• Had a Conservation Awareness Campaign
• Initiated a program for replacing air-handling
  motors with high efficiency motors
         Hannaford Bros. Co.
                 Scarborough, Maine

• Eliminated 12,641 metric tons of CO2, 16% of
  their carbon emissions from all 53 of their
  facilities since their individual baselines
• Installed energy efficient lighting, refrigeration
  and energy management systems
• Installing an innovative refrigeration and heating
  system that reduces emissions by 25% due to
  less refrigerant leaks and more reclaimed heat
• Exploring alternative energy sources (biofuels,
  solar, etc.)
      Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
              North Berwick, Maine

• Eliminated 6,331 metric tons of CO2, 17%
  of their carbon emissions since 2001
• Replaced 1,500 lighting fixtures with more
  energy efficient models
• Installed motion sensors for lighting
• Cooling tower consolidation
• Compressed-air leak detection program
• Machine shut-off program
• Robust steam trap program
      Poland Spring Bottling
                Hollis, Maine

• Eliminated 1,251 metric tons of CO2, 16%
  of their carbon emissions since 2002
• Reduced water tempering
• Installed energy efficient lighting
• Installed motion sensors
• Automated compressors
• Largest biodiesel vehicle fleet in Maine
• Employees reduced carbon 350 tons in
  their homes for Earth Day 2007
Winthrop Congregational Church
               Winthrop, Maine

• Eliminated 9 metric tons of CO2, 14% of
  their carbon emissions since 2003
• Installed a new furnace
• Installed energy efficient lighting
• Weather sealed stained glass windows
            Oakhurst Dairy
                 Portland, Maine

• Eliminated 1,641 metric tons of CO2, 12%
  of their carbon emissions since 1998
• Used biodiesel in their transportation fleet
• Employed rerouting software to improve
  efficiency of transportation routes
• Programmed delivery vehicle engines to
  go into idle shutdown mode when stopped
• Limited speeds on highway driving
• Upgraded sales vehicles with hybrid cars
    Greater Augusta Utility District
                   Augusta, Maine
• Eliminated 209 metric tons of CO2, 12% of their
  carbon emissions since 2003
• Fuel usage (#2 oil) for their three main buildings
  decreased by almost 1/3
• New garage has radiant heating replacing an
  older building heated by electricity
• Reduction in electricity seen when staffing
  changed from 24 hours/day to 12 hours/day
• New equipment is more efficient. As water flow
  goes up, power usage per unit (million gallons of
  water treated) goes down.
     Wright-Ryan Construction
                  Portland, Maine

• Eliminated 219 metric tons of CO2, 66% of their
  carbon emissions since 2005
• Purchased 100% Maine-based renewable
  energy for their office and millwork buildings
• Encouraged owners and developers to
  incorporate sustainable building products
• Constructed LEED certified buildings including a
  PLATINUM level- the highest distinction
• Included green training hours in their employee
     Lyman Morse Boatbuilding
                 Thomaston, Maine
• Eliminated 292 metric tons of CO2, 36% of their
  carbon emissions since 2004
• Constructed a Green building
• Radiant heating in the floor and walls
• Installed a Solar Roof System
• Installed low energy florescent lighting
• Installed Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)
• Installed Motion Sensors for lights
• Installed Vending Mizers
• Used biodiesel in all of their equipment
• Used B20 heating fuel in their buildings
• Waterless urinals saved 200,000 gallons of water in
  1 year
                   South Portland, Maine
•   Reduced the carbon emissions per wafer 56% since
    2000. Equates to 43,700 metric tons of CO2
•   Converted the heating of deionized water (necessary
    for manufacturing) from an electric system to a heat
    pump reject system
•   Optimized the 7680-ton chiller plant by creating a feed
    forward control system to react to future weather
    before it changes
•   Convert the energy of cold incoming water from
    Sebago Lake to allow free cooling of manufacturing
•   Re-use ultra clean manufacturing heat exhaust to limit
    the amount of winter heating and summer cooling
    needed to keep the building comfortable
          Efficiency Maine
               Augusta, Maine

• Assist GCC participants with free energy
• Offer cash incentives towards energy
  efficiency projects
• For more information call 1-866-376-2463
  or visit

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