How-to Reinstall Internet Explorer On Windows 7 or Windows Vista by Zarray


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									      How-to Reinstall Internet Explorer On Windows 7 or Windows Vista
By: K. Douglas

Let’s start off right now. It is not recommended to reinstall internet explorer. By reinstalling
Microsoft internet explorer, you might replace dependencies and shared DLL’s. It might
corrupt other parts of your system, since internet explorer components are integrated
throughout the system. It’s far better to automatically fix your system by now, by using a
toolkit that has time and resources to ensure a safe fix.

To reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer go to the configuration screen. After that, click on
“Add or Remove Programs”. By now, you should click on Microsoft Internet Explorer and
click on remove. After you have successfully removed the software it is time to get a new
version on Microsoft’s official website.

After you have found the latest version on the website, you should download it but not install
it yet. Before you continue to install it, you should be absolutely sure that you also installed
all windows updates. The latest version of Internet Explorer also requires all other
dependencies and shared DLL’s to be up to date. If you also installed all the optional patches
and hot fixes, you can proceed with the installation.

If you find this too much work or if you can’t follow this by now, you should try to use a
system optimizer. It save you from all the frustration and hassle to fix your system. They also
contain lots of other useful system utilities. For me, the “Deleted file recoverer” and the “Ram
Defragmentation Tool” have saved me a lot headaches.

You should check out reviews of system-optimizers. It will fix your runtime error trouble
and lots of other problems. On top of that, your system will be as good as new and might even
run faster than if it was new.

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