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July 22, 2003

Mr. Fortunato Attina
71 Irving Place
2082 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, NY 10538

RE:      Boiler Installation
         71 Irving Place
         New York, NY 10003

Dear Mr. Kassner:

                        We are pleased to submit our proposal for the replacement of the
                fuel burning equipment at the above referenced job location.

BOILER                  We shall furnish and install one new field erected H.B. Smith 8
                Series 6 section cast iron boiler. Boiler model rated at 781 sq. ft. of steam.
                Boiler will come complete with fiberglass jacket and necessary steam

BURNER                  We shall furnish and install one new Carlin oil burner. Burner will
                have high-speed motor with manual overload protection. Burner to come
                factory prewired with burner mounted safety relay. Burner will fire #2 oil.

BOILER                 We shall remove the existing cast iron boiler and the fuel burner.

PIPING                 The existing piping will be modified as necessary in order to
                connect to the new burner.

OIL LINES                The existing oil lines will be cleaned and modified as necessary in
                order to accommodate the new burner and all necessary valves, pipes,
                fittings, gauges and will be installed.

FRESH AIR              Existing will be used.
ELECTRICAL            We shall furnish all labor and materials to install new electrical
              service of adequate size, to connect the new equipment.

BREECHING             The stack will be connected from the breeching of the new boiler
              to the existing chimney opening, with steel of the required diameter and
              gauge thickness.

STEAM LINE             The steam lines will be connected with steel pipe, which will be
              the full diameter size as that of the steam lines with a drop leg.

CONTROLS             We shall install the following controls:
              One new operating pressure control
              One new manual reset pressure control
              One new aquastat for domestic water control
              One new steam gauge
              One new low water cut-off control
              One new Watts backflow preventer
              All required line starters and switches
              All necessary blow-down valves.

MODIFICATION         1. We shall install oil line strainers, additional shut-off valves and
                        gauges on the oil supply piping for isolating and testing the oil

                     2. All electrical tubing and wiring will be installed overhead and
                        out of reach of any possible water damage.

                     3. All rubbish, created by this installation only, will be removed
                        and the area left in a “broom-clean” condition.

                     4. The oil burner will be equipped to operate with a complete
                        electronic Combustion Control System built into the new oil

                     5. We shall install all required oil supply and return piping from
                        the existing source of supply located in the boiler room to the
                        new oil burner, including all shut-off valves, relief valves and

DOMESTIC          We shall also install a new tankless hot water coil rated at 5
HOT WATER gallons per minute. We shall furnish and install one new gate valve for
              domestic mixing.
                    We assume that the existing chimney is legal and in good
            condition. We do not assume responsibility for the condition of the
            existing chimney and it is agreed, should any repairs be needed to the
            chimney in order to obtain a Certificate of Operation or other permits
            and/or approvals from the City or State agencies, owner will assume all
            costs and responsibility for such repairs and Adelfi Fuel is relieved of any
            obligation under this agreement until such repairs are made by owner.

GUARANTEE           All work will be completed in a workman-like manner and any
            debris created by this work will be removed from the premises. All
            equipment and labor is guaranteed for one year from date of start-up of all
            new equipment. Guarantee does not include damages or defects to the
            equipment caused by fire, flood, malicious mischief, act of nature,
            insufficient or improper grade oil in storage tank, dirty boiler tubes and/or
            shutdowns caused by contractors other than Adelfi Fuel. We do not
            assume responsibility for delays in labor production, shipment of
            equipment and/or materials that are due to strikes, wars, embargos and/or
            acts of nature.

                    This contract fully states that the entire agreement between
            Purchaser and Contractor and upon signing by an officer of this company,
            will become the entire contract between them, and no other agreement,
            verbal or otherwise, will be considered as modifying this contract unless
            signed by both parties.

                    The parties agree that the performance by Adelfi Fuel to the terms
            and conditions of this contract and the guarantee as stated herein, are
            conditioned upon the prompt and full performance by the Owner of the
            payments as set forth by this agreement. It is Further agreed that, if in the
            event Owner fails to promptly perform said term of payment, Adelfi Fuel
            is under no further obligation to proceed with the work or render any
            service, repairs, replacements or adjustments until such time the Owner
            tenders proper payment. Adelfi Fuel’s election to enforce or waive this
            clause will not reduce or eliminate the obligations of the Owner for
            payments hereunder. Non- payment will also void any warranty on labor
            and materials for remainder of the warranty period one (1) year from

                   Title to all equipment and materials furnished for this installation,
            whatever may be the mode of attachment to the real property, will remain
            with us until all payments have been fully made. In the event payment is
            delayed beyond the agreed date, Adelfi Fuel shall have the right to remove
            equipment from the premises.

ASBESTOS            This proposal does not provide for the removal of Asbestos. Upon
            request, a price quote for the removal will be submitted.
The total cost for all work specified herein is:

                                    $ 8,399.00
                  (Eight thousand three hundred ninety nine dollars)

Tax: Please submit Capital Improvement form, or add 8.25% to the price.


1/3 % upon receipt of signed contract.                               $ 2,799.67
1/3 % upon delivery of new boiler to job site.                       $ 2,799.67
1/3 % upon firing of system.                                         $ 2,799.66

                                                       TOTAL         $ 8,399.00

**Price effective for 30 days after receipt of this contract.

               Awaiting your acceptance, I remain.

                                                       Very truly yours,

                                                       Joseph Adelfio

Accepted by: _____________________________
              Michael Kassner

Date: ___________________________________

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