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									FEBRUA RY 2009

VOL U M E 61

                                       NJDEP Issues New Permits for Boilers & Heaters

                                               he New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has issued
                                               two (2) new general permits for boilers with a gross heat input of 1 million

                                               BTU/hr or greater. General Permit 017, which applies to boilers or heaters
                                      with a gross heat input of less than 5 million BTU/hr, and General Permit 018, which
                                      applies to boilers or heaters with a gross heat input of less than 10 million BTU/hr,
 Tel 908.497.8900 l908.497.9134 l

                                      will be available for use on April 2, 2009. These new General Permits are available
                                      for your reference at www.state.nj.us/dep/aqpp/gpupdate.html.

                                      Your current boiler air permit,   GP-017: Boiler(s) each less        heaters burning natural gas
                                      either GP-006 or GP-006A,         than 5 MMBtu/hr                    and/or propane registered

                                      will continue to be valid until   This general air permit will       under this option cannot
                                      the expiration date noted on      permit one or more boilers         exceed 400 million cubic feet
                                      the Certificate to Operate.       with an individual gross heat      of fuel usage annually. The
                                      However, you will be unable       input of 1.0 MMBtu/hr, but         third PTE option is also based
                                      to renew your current boiler      less than 5.0 MMBTU/hr. A          on a maximum fuel limit;
                                      air permit once it has expired.   facility may only have one (1)     however, applies to liquid fuel
                                      At that time, you must register   GP-017 at a time, and can          rather than gaseous fuel.

                                      your equipment for the            register multiple boilers on the   Under this option, boilers
                                      appropriate new general           same permit. Facilities must       and/or heaters may burn No.
                                      permit (GP-017 or GP-018).        select one (1) of three (3)        2 fuel oil, B5 biodiesel and/or
 NJ 07016

                                      As NJDEP notes, “Failure to       potential-to-emit (PTE)            kerosene, and may not
                                      comply with N.J.A.C. 7:27-19      options when registering for       exceed 2 million gallons of
                                      rule changes or improper          this General Permit. One           fuel usage annually. A fuel

                                      registration/permitting of        PTE option requires that when      totalizer is required if the
                                      boilers and/or heaters will       multiple boilers are listed on     facility chooses the second or

                                      result in enforcement action.”    the same permit, their total       third PTE option. Only boilers
                                                                        combined maximum heat              burning natural gas, No. 2 fuel
 PMK Group: 65 Jackson Drive

                                      The transition to these new       input rates are less than 30       oil (up to 5% bioadditives),
                                      general air permits will not be   million BTU/hr. Boilers and/or     propane or kerosene are
                                      automatic. Permittees are         heaters registered under this      permitted by GP-017. In
                                      required to register for the      option may burn natural gas,       addition, the facility must keep
                                      new permits once their old        No. 2 fuel oil, B5 Biodiesel,      copies of fuel receipts
                                      permits have expired or if they   propane and/or kerosene.           showing sulfur content of less
                                      change, or replace, the           The second PTE option is           than 0.2% by weight. Opacity
                                      permitted equipment in            based on the maximum               inspections for visible
                                      question.                         allowable gaseous fuel limit       emissions will be required as
                                                                        for each consecutive 12            well.
                                                                        month period. Boilers and/or                          (CONTINUED)
                 GP-018 – Boiler(s) each less        permitted through the NJDEP
                 than 10 MMBtu/hr                    and require assistance

                 This general air permit will        determining applicability, or if
                 permit one or more boilers          you need assistance
                 with an individual gross heat       determining which general air
                 input of 5.0 MMBtu/hr but less      permits your facility currently
                 than 10.0 MMBTU/hr. A               operates, please contact
                 facility may only have one (1)      Matthew Mee
                 GP-018 at a time, and can           (mmee@birdsall.com) of
                 register multiple boilers on the    PMK Group, a Birdsall
                 same permit. As with the GP-        Services Group Business
2                017 (above), a maximum              Unit, at 1-800-879-6681.
                 combined size (30 million
                 BTU/hr) or fuel limit
                 restrictions (400 million cubic
                 feet or 2 million gallons of fuel
                 usage) limit the number of
                 boilers you can list on one
                 permit. Only boilers burning
                 natural gas, No. 2 fuel oil (up
                 to 5% bioadditives), propane
                 or kerosene are permitted by
                 GP-018. An annual
                 combustion adjustment
                 (N.J.A.C 7:27-19) is required,
                 which includes inspections of
                 the flame patterns, air-to fuel
                 ratio and boiler exhaust
                 sampling for NOx, CO and O2,
                 before and after every tune-
                 up. Beginning in 2012, results
                 of annual testing will be
                 required to be submitted
                 electronically to the NJDEP.
                 Opacity inspections for visible
                 emissions will also be
                 required as with the GP-017.

                 General Air Permit
                 Facilities have the option of
                 submitting a completed paper
                 application to the NJDEP for a
                 $500 fee; or completing a
                 permit application online for a
                 reduced fee of $350. The
                 NJDEP has recently added
                 the ability to complete a
                 permit application online and
                 receive a paper bill through
                 the mail as opposed to its
                 previous policy of requiring an
                 electronic payment at the time
                 of completing the online
                 application. More information
                 regarding the completion of
                 NJDEP general air permits
                 online can be found at the
                 following website:

                 If you operate a boiler and/or
                 heater that is currently not

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