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					The Edmonton Journal

    An Analysis Through
   Organizational Framing
•   Background Information
•   Structural Frame
•   Human Resource Frame
•   Political Frame
•   Symbolic Frame
•   Future Challenges
•   Video from “XYZ Corporation”
     Background Information
• First published on November 11th, 1903 as
  The Evening Journal
• Renamed to The Edmonton Journal in 1910
• Purchased from the Southam family by
  Hollinger Inc. in 1998
• Purchased from Hollinger by CanWest
  Communications in 2000
• Currently the largest circulated newspaper in
• I have been employed there since 2002 in the
  Technical Services department
Structural Frame
• Vertical coordination
• Mechanistic Structure but some Organic
  structure exists
• Machine Bureaucracy but also is part of
  a Divisionalized Form when taken in the
  perspective of CanWest as a whole
       Systems Department
• Much more organic (All Channel Network)
• Based around processes and projects
• As a result the hierarchy is much more lateral
• This is an anomaly in the EJ and is possible
  due to the small size of our department
• This is also necessary due to the rapidly
  changing nature of our job functions
                        Canwest Communications
                           Organization Chart


                  COO                   CIO                   CFO

                                VP Canwest Mediaworks           VP Canwest Mediaworks
VP Canwest Mediaworks
                                     Publications                    International

                          Calgary     Edmonton     Montreal            Network
      Global TV           Herald       Journal     Gazette              TEN
                                         The Edmonton Journal Organization Chart


                                              VP Human
Editor-in-Chief     VP Reader Services
                                                                      VP Finance          VP Production        VP Marketing             VP Advertising

Manager   Manager   Manager   Manager      Manager   Manager        Manager   Manager              Manager   Manager      Manager      Manager   Manager

                                                                                        Systems Manager

                                                                                        Technical Services
                                                                                        & Project Manager

                                                            Server                                                       Network
                                                          Administrator                                                Administrator

                                                               Technician                                               Technician

Human Resource Frame
• The EJ is dedicated to providing a
  service to the public. That being, to
  inform people of their community and
  the greater society as a whole
• People give back to the EJ through
  feedback such as „Letters To The
• In response to such feedback, the EJ
  may or may not tailor future activities
• Employees gain a sense of self-worth,
  purpose and gainful employment
  working for the EJ
• The EJ has a Human Resources
  department dedicated to the needs of
  employees. Benefits, counseling,
  grievances etc. are all services provided
• The EJ is an equal opportunity
Political Frame
            As An Arena
• Due to being part of a larger corporation
  the EJ must struggle to make it‟s needs
  heard in the large scope
• Compete with other organizations and
  other subsidiaries for resources (e.g.
  money, project priorities)
• Departments within the EJ must
  compete for resources
            As An Agent
• The EJ is used by CanWest as a way to
  express their views and agenda
• An example of this is that many Editorial
  columns are written by corporate head
• One of the many „faces‟ of CanWest
• The EJ also serves as voice for the
  community by allowing „ordinary‟
  citizens to voice their concerns
Symbolic Frame
• Follow the CanWest corporate mantra
  of “Inform, Enlighten, Entertain”
• Another slogan is “Number One, Since
  Day One”
• The EJ is an old company so there are
  many old stories kicking around. These
  include the 1987 tornado tragedy, the
  first Oilers Stanley Cup, and the first
  Macintosh computer
• Office Christmas party = corporate ritual
• Many departments also have their own
  rituals (birthdays, retirement, maternity
• External events such as Dragon Boat
  and Corporate challenge
       Future Challenges
• Having to restructure in order to meet
  the rapidly evolving world of media
• Hiring and retaining new staff
• Creating greater co-operation and
  communication between the divisional
  units and departments
• Finding a new identity with a new
  Comparison Video:
“The XYZ Corporation”