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									                                                                                                       May 20, 2009

Want to save money and increase your income?
Did you know you can increase your take-home pay by           The money is then deposited into your personal Flexible
lowering your income tax and Social Security deductions       Spending Account for you to make withdrawals
each month? All you need to do is participate in a “Section   throughout the year. You can use this money to pay for
125 Flexible Spending Account”.                               any of the qualifying out-of-pocket medical expenses or
                                                              dependent day care expenses TAX FREE.
Please look at the list below and check to see if you
have any items that you currently have as out-of-pocket       For example, if you know you spend $50 every month on
expenses. If so, you can save money in taxes.                 prescription drug co-pays, you can have that $50 taken
                                                              from your paycheck BEFORE IT IS TAXED, therefore
o   Daycare expenses                                          lowering your taxable income. Then when you spend
o   Prescription drug co-pays                                 money on your co-pays, simply use your Flexible
o   Office visit co-pays                                      Spending Account to access your tax-free dollars.
o   Medical insurance deductibles
o   Orthodontia (You can now take an advance from             Although you should use up your entire account by
    your account for this.)                                   August 31, 2010, new IRS regulations allows for you
o   Dental care                                               to have a 70-day grace period (starting September 1),
o   Eye exams                                                 to spend any of the unused money from your account.
o   Laser eye surgery                                         This greatly eases the pressure of making sure that
o   Contact lenses or glasses                                 you estimate your expenses accurately.
o   Chiropractors
o   Hearing aids and batteries                                To find out more information on Flexible Spending
o   Insulin                                                   Accounts, including a comprehensive list of items
o   Acupuncture                                               that are allowed and are not, go to the American
o   Christian Science practitioners                           Fidelity website.
o   Certain corrective surgeries
o   Physical therapy                                          Representatives from American Fidelity will be visiting
o   Massage therapy                                           buildings throughout the next few weeks to help you
o   Medical equipment                                         enroll, or you can contact Brian Hall, our local AF rep
o   Mileage related to medical care                           directly at (425) 576-0247 ext.31. Please remember to
o   Certain over-the-counter medications (such as pain        sign up for an appointment on the day that American
    relievers, acid reducers, and antihistamines)             Fidelity is visiting your school. For a list of upcoming
                                                              building visits, see page 3.
It is easy to set up a Flexible Spending Account. Simply
add up the qualifying expenses you anticipate you will have
between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010. Divide
this amount by 12, and then request that amount to be
deducted from your paycheck each month.

This deduction will be taken right off the top of your
gross income, BEFORE taxes are calculated.
Therefore, you are lowering your taxable income and
paying less in taxes.
2009-10 contracts issued                                          It’s election time again!
The District will issue the 2009-10 contracts within the          Each year the members of the LWEA must elect the
next few weeks. This practice allows the District to be           President, Vice President, and Executive Committee
able to effectively work on staffing by knowing which             Reps (Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High,
staff members are returning.                                      Special Services, Specialists, and Ethnic Minority) for
                                                                  next year.
Upon receipt, signed contracts are due back to Human
Resources within 10 calendar days.                                In order to aid in that process, the following timetable
                                                                  has been put in place:
It’s important to note that signing a contract is legally
binding. That means that once your contract is signed,            May 22        Nominations open – 9 AM
you are legally obligated to fulfill that contract.               May 29        Nominations close – 5 PM
                                                                  June 2        Candidates speak at Rep Assembly
The District will allow teachers to resign their contracts        June 3        Ballots arrive in buildings
if the resignation is received by Human Resources on              June 10       Ballots due back to LWEA
or before June 30. After June 30, the resignation will            June 15       Ballot count finalized – results announced
be allowed only when a replacement is found. If there
are extraordinary circumstances (such as the transfer
of a spouse or domestic partner) that make it
necessary for the teacher to resign, the District will
accept the resignation.

      Educational Bosses’ Week!
                                                                  Quick reminder
                                                                  Since many secondary buildings are working on master
                                                                  schedules for 2009-10, we want to remind everyone
      Thanks for your leadership!                                 that new teachers, in their first or second year of
                                                                  teaching, should not be assigned more than two
                                                                  courses for preparation.

      LWEA Executive Committee                                                   www.lakewashingtonea.org
      President - Kevin Teeley             Junior High Rep – Victoria McCarter           LWEA Office
      LWEA / 425 822-9898                  Kamiakin / 425 823-6750                       10628 NE 37th Circle, Kirkland 98033
      mailto:kteeley@lwsd.org                                                            425 822-9898 phone
                                           Senior High Rep – David McGibney
                                                                                         425 827-7220 fax
      Vice President – Mike Blodgett       EHS / 425-836-6600
      Kirkland / 425 822-6224              Special Services Rep – Colleen McAlerney      UniServ Rep: Caroline McDowell
                                           Rush / 425 881-6047                                cmcdowell@lwsd.org
      Primary Rep – Ken Egawa
      Blackwell / 425 836-7300             Specialist Rep – Jim Eaton                    Admin Assistant: Sheila Hagerman
                                           Resource Ctr / 425 702-3363                        shhagerman@lwsd.org
      Intermediate Rep - Peggy Solum                                                     Admin Assistant: Ila Rhea Morrow
                                           Ethnic Minority Rep – Ernest Young
      Frost / 425 821-8238                                                                    imorrow@lwsd.org
                                           Kamiakin / 425-823-6750
Open enrollment time –
Flex Spending Accounts                                     They need a living wage
A representative from American Fidelity could be in your   The members of the LWESP are the backbone of the
building soon (see dates below) to enroll employees in     LWSD. They are office managers, building secretaries,
Flex Spending Accounts (medical or dependent care),        clerical assistants, data processors, library catalogers,
Salary Protection, Cancer Insurance, and Accident          media technicians, account technicians, and
Insurance. Keep in mind that the IRS requires you to       administrative secretaries. They work in schools, at
re-enroll in the Flex Spending Account in order to         Support Services, and at the Resource Center.
participate in the program for the next school year.
                                                           Currently, these hardworking employees are attempting
Bring your questions! We encourage you to find out         to bargain a “Living Wage.” Did you know that a single
how a Flex Spending Account can save you money!            parent with one child needs an hourly salary of $23.05-
                                                           $24.55 to live on the Eastside? Since the LWESP
American Fidelity reps will be in the following            salary is well below those figures, many of the LWESP
buildings over the next few weeks:                         members must work two jobs to just make ends meet.

May 26 Kirkland (8 AM - 3:30 PM)                           This week - take a few minutes to let LWESP members
                                                           know that you support them. Give them an extra smile,
May 27 Finn Hill (8 AM - 3:30 PM)                          a kind word, a friendly note - or even one less question
       Environmental (12 PM - 1 PM)                        to answer!

May 28 Finn Hill / Environmental (8 AM - 3:30 PM)

                                                           Do you have unclaimed
June 1   Rush (8 AM - 3:30 PM)
         RHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)
         Rockwell (11 AM - 1 PM)
June 2    EHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)
          RHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)                             The Washington State Department of Revenue has a
                                                           website that allows people to find out if there is
June 3    EHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)                             unclaimed money or property waiting for them. Take a
          LWHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)                            few minutes and check to see if there is money just
          Frost (9 AM - 2 PM)                              waiting for you to claim!

June 4   LWHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)
         Franklin (8 AM - 3:30 PM)
         Lakeview (7:30 AM - 3:30 PM)

June 5   Carson (8 AM - 3:30 PM)
         Community & ICS (11 AM - 1 PM)
         Wilder (8 AM - 3:30 PM)                            May 22         LEAP Day – No Students

June 8   Transportation/Facilities (8 AM - 2 PM)            May 22         Nominations Open – 9 AM

                                                            May 25         Memorial Day – No School
June 9   Audubon (8 AM - 3:30 PM)
         Transportation/Facilities (8 AM - 2 PM)
                                                            May 26         Executive Committee
June 10 JHS (7:30 AM - 3 PM)                                May 29         Nominations Close – 5 PM
        Resource Center (9 AM - 1 PM)
                                                                        Last Rep Assembly – June 2
June 11 JHS (7:30 PM - 3 PM)
        Muir (8 AM - 3:30 PM)
WANTED                                                      FOR SALE
Treadmill w/ motor (not manual). $200 or less.              Inflatable boat & accessories. Pkg includes: Achilles
Gretchen Thomas (Smith) 206-799-9225.                       SE-131, Hypalon boat (13 ft) w/ 4 inflation chambers,
                                                            inflatable keel & attached oars; boat cover; Tohatsu 30
FOR RENT                                                    hp motor; Caulkins galvanized trailer w/ bunk boards &
                                                            new tires; wake board, tube & tow rope; 6 flotation
Totem Lake condo, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Quiet complex          vests, fire extinguisher; crabbing equipment, anchor &
near Evergreen Hospital w/ pool, tennis court, &            anchor line; engine carrier, removable transom wheels;
exercise room. Available 8/1. $1,200/month. Lindsay         & more. Boat easily deflated & stored in 2 carrying
Pattermann (Rush) 425-750-9613.                             cases. Light weight (280 lbs) – easy to handle & tow.
Kennydale/Renton rambler, 3 bedroom, family room            Excellent working order. $3,200. Contact Charles or
& living room w/ hardwood floors, fireplace, new            Kathy at 425-867-9338 or elledge.us@comcast.net.
appliances + W/D, & lots of storage. Beautiful yard         (Marjean Smart, Retired).
w/ rose garden. Yard maintenance included. Close            1999 Alpenlite 5th wheel, 29.5 ft. Comes w/ the works &
to 405 & Lk Wash. Non-smoking only. $1,375/mth.             Leisure Time Resort membership. $18,500. Call Abe
Call Luis at 206-250-8688. (Lisa Martinez, LWHS).           at 360-801-2231. (Veronica Hernandez, Keller).
Kirkland rental, 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Living area             Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator, white, side-by-side
approx 700 sq ft. Wired for Internet. Small view of         w/ exterior ice & water in door. Excellent condition,
Lk Wash. Undercover parking w/ extra parking for            about 8 yrs old. Fits in smaller space, 33”Wx66”T.
multiple cards & visitors. Day dock & swimming              $200. Sally Kirkman (Rockwell) 425-747-2370.
pool. Available end of May or 6/1. Call Lisa
Thompson at 206-920-1002.                                   Sammamish house, 3 bedrooms, 2.25 baths, on .42
                                                            acr5es. New everything (stainless steel appliances,
VACATIONS                                                   cherry hardwoods). MLS# 29058691. $479,950.
                                                            Ryan Scott (Wilder) 206-734-0718.
Beautiful 6-bedroom summer home in Long Beach,
WA. $185/night - rent a week & 7th day is free. Perfect     SERVICES
get-away for family & friends. Sleeps up to 12. Photos
available. Sorry – no pets. Marjean Smart (Retired)         Home Improvements, Repairs, & Remodels:
425-402-7888 or marjeansmart@yahoo.com.                     Specializing in trim, crown, doors, windows, siding,
                                                            decks, wall repair, bath & kitchen remodels. Pics &
OPPORTUNITIES                                               references. Free estimates. Lic# NWNECNC927DM.
                                                            NW by NE Carpentry Services at 425-691-7000 or
Income opportunity: Interested in learning new things?      nwbyne@comcast.net. (Kathy Kier, Resource Ctr).
Teaching small groups about new products in home
settings? (Teachers are naturals for this.) Recession       Ben’s Painting – professional painting service:
proof, great people, great fun, set your own hours.         Quality work & reasonable prices. Licensed &
Sharon Pape (Retired) Sharon@papesgrapes.com.               insured. References available. Call 206-778-3866.
                                                            (Carrell Quinn, RHJH/Kamiakin).
                                                            Home Remodels & Repairs: Bathroom & kitchen
Keri Meyers Photography - now booking senior portrait       remodels, trim, crown & doors, precise tile setting,
sessions. Basic $150 (+ tax) DVD w/ 10 of your              interior/exterior painting, update hardware, large & small
favorite high resolution images presented in color/B&W.     repairs. Background at Montgomery Homes, Inc
25 images presented in color/B&W hosted in password         building multi-million $$$ homes – quality workmanship
protected online gallery for up to 1 yr to purchase         – fair prices. Experienced, licensed bonded, insured.
additional prints. Mention this ad & receive a free 8x10    Pictures & references available. Call Ryan at RH
print. Keri Meyers (LOA) 425-445-1552.                      Renovations, 206-954-0311. (Jennifer Harris, RHS).

                Pending available space, ads are run in the UPdate on a first come, first served basis.
          Ads are accepted only in written form – send directly to Sheila Hagerman – shhagerman@lwsd.org.
                Ads are subject to approval by the Executive Committee and may be edited for length.

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