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					Mutual-Complimentary Features
of Australia-China Agricultural
   Development and Trade in
     Agricultural Produce
  International Cooperation Department of
    the Chinese Ministry Of Agriculture

                Niu Dun
              Sep. 4th, 2003
    Mutual-complimentary features of Australia-
    China agricultural development and trade in
               agricultural produce

   Review of Australia-China agricultural
    cooperation and trade
   Discussion of mutual-complimentary features
    of bilateral agriculture industry and produce
   Australia-China agricultural cooperation and
    agricultural produce trade outlook
        Review of Australia-China
    agricultural cooperation and trade

   Outstanding achievements of Australia-
    China agricultural cooperation
   Importance of bilateral cooperation in
    agricultural fields and trade
        Outstanding achievements of
        Australia-China agricultural
   Continuous development of trade in
    agricultural produce, with total trade volume
    exceeding Australian $ 5 billion

   Increasing cooperation
    157 projects (China: 79, Australia 78), 720
    persons involved;70 projects with AusAID
    and ACIAR
Importance of bilateral cooperation in
    agricultural fields and trade
   China is the third largest produce export market of
   Improving China’s agricultural scientific research
    level through scientific and economic cooperation
   Funds from Australia helped mitigate China’s
    budgetary shortages
   Communications and cooperation in agricultural
    science and technologies, management and,
    personnel training.
Advantages resulting from Australia-
 China agricultural cooperation and
   trade of agricultural produce

   Mutually-complimentary in agricultural
   Mutually-complimentary in agricultural
    production structures
   Mutually-complimentary in agricultural
    bilateral trade structures
     Outlook for Australia-China
agricultural cooperation and bilateral
            produce trade
   China’s entering into WTO and improvement
    of investment and trade conditions provide
    historical opportunities for bilateral
    agricultural technologies cooperation and trade.
   China is set to become the largest market for
    Australian agricultural produce
   Win-win through strengthening bilateral
    communications and cooperation in the field of
    Australia-China agricultural technologies.
   A new era of bilateral agricultural cooperation
    and produce trade.
    Opportunities resulting from
    China’s entering into WTO
   China will create a better investment environment for
    foreign investors through perfection of policies and
    rules, open markets, and giving National citizen
   In the WTO management system, China will arrange
    agricultural production under the principle of
    comparative advantages. The priority targets will be
    increasing profitability, farmer’s income and the whole
    industry’s competitiveness.
   China will develop competitive labor intensive
    agriculture. This allows larger market space for
    Australia. It will make full use of China’s labor
    resources, develop processing and intensive processing
    of agricultural produce, and provide better prospects
    for export of Australian agricultural technologies.
    China is set to become the largest
    market for Australian agricultural
   China’s internal demand for foodstuff needs imports
   Improvement of people’s dietary intake will increase
    the need for high value-added produce, and thus lead
    to export opportunities for Australian agricultural
    machinery and equipment, livestock and related
    services, agricultural consulting, large infrastructure
    and environmental services, etc.
   Comparison of bilateral trade volumes shows that the
    prospect of trade between the two countries is large.
   China’s large market demand will become one of the
    driving forces of Australian agricultural export and
Strengthening bilateral communication and cooperation in
 the field of Australia-China agricultural technologies for
                       mutual benefit.
   Strengthen bilateral cooperation on agricultural technologies and
    agricultural produce safety management.
    - Promote and implement Australian advanced agricultural
    technologies, standards and management experience.
    - Learn advanced technologies and management experience of
    Australian inspection technologies, quality standards, and
    livestock processing.
   Strengthen the bilateral cooperation in the fields of continuous
    cultivation of dry fields, grasslands innovation and rangelands
   Push bilateral trade transactions, developing each side’s
    comparative advantages to realize cooperative mutual benefit: eg.
    - The export of Australian wool and other textile fibres to China
    - The import of vegetables, fruit and fishery produce from China
    to Australia
    A new era of bilateral agricultural
     cooperation and produce trade.

   Chinese Government will strictly observe
    the commitments made during entering
    into WTO, and will oppose any form of
    agricultural protection, and promote the
    free trade of agricultural produce.
   During the process of promoting trade of
    agricultural produce between Australia
    and China, the two governments have
    made great achievements.
   Widen bilateral agricultural cooperation
    fields, increase the exchange of science
    and technologies, create more
    opportunities for production and trade
   Australian Investment into western
    China is Welcomed
   Outlook for the NEW ERA!