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					Governor Pat Quinn
Your Workforce Choices
  Finding Qualified Employees
 Through the IL Department of
     Employment Security’s
 Re-entry Employment Service
        Program (RESP)
 Overview of the Re-Entry
Employment Service Program
   Who is RESP? / Who do we serve?
   Why did we develop the RESP?
   What services do we offer? / What are
    the benefits to you?
   When can you use our services?
   Where can you get our services?
   Let’s begin…
        Who are we?
   Illinois Department of Employment
    Security’s Re-entry Employment Service

       We are Employment Specialists
       We specialize in creating job
        opportunities for formerly
        incarcerated individuals
Who do we serve?

   Businesses

   Formerly incarcerated job seekers

*Our goal is a precise match between the
 business and the job seeker*

Have we developed the Re-entry
Employment Service Program?
#1 reason for recidivism…
   According to the Illinois Criminal Justice
    Information Authority, it is “lack of
    employment upon release.”

   According to the H.I.R.E Network,
    “employment reduces recidivism – this
    is where businesses can help us help
    our job seekers.”
   With the high number of returnees in
    Illinois and the proven impact of
    employment on recidivism, the state
    must address this population’s needs –

      The IDES solution is the Re-Entry
     Employment Service Program (RESP)
         Approaching Workforce
   Chicago Metropolis 2020 is an organization of
    Chicago Business leaders whose focus is to
    “achieve the best possible conditions of living
    for all residents of Metropolitan Chicago.”
   Chicago Metropolis 2020 suggests we “…tap
    the job potential of the unemployed and
    underemployed segments of the population”
    (i.e. formerly incarcerated) in order to sustain
    a prosperous region…”
How can we do this?

 By turning the unemployed,
 formerly incarcerated individual
 into a tax-paying consumer!
The RESP goal is…

 …to provide qualified employees
 to businesses while reducing the
 rate of recidivism in Illinois.
The RESP plan…
   Is to create a business relationship
    between you (the business) and us (the
      We provide our services…

      We ask that you provide…

         Job opportunities

         An environment which supports

What can we offer you?
   One-on-one business relationship,

   $$ Services Saving You Time and
    Money $$
       Human resource services
       Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
       Fidelity Bonding
The Business Relationship:

   Focused on your requirements

   Focused on your business environment

   Focused on your goal – your bottom line!!
Think about…

   How much you spend on recruiting…

     Advertising
     New hire training costs

     Time, etc.
By providing pre-screening…
   …for your company’s qualifications: What are
    your needs?
   …for job seeker qualifications:
      Clarify criminal records

      Skills

      Work history

   Our job seekers will…
      Meet your needs

      Be qualified and job ready

      Be motivated to work
Illinois Skills Match (ISM)

   NO COST internet-based job matching

   Database of qualified job seekers
Work Opportunity Tax Credit:
   A federal tax credit which encourages
    businesses to hire targeted, difficult to
    employ job seekers, including qualifying
    formerly incarcerated felons

   Can reduce employer federal taxes by
    as much as $2400 per new hire
How WOTC works:
   Credit equal to 40% of first $6000 in wages
    (up to $2400)
   Businesses must retain employees for a
    minimum of 10 weeks @ 40 hours per week
    (400 hours)
   RESP will assist in
      completion of “pre-screening notice” (to
       be done on or before day of hiring)
      submission of notice and letter of request
       within 21 days of employee start date
How to apply for WOTC:

   Contact your RESP Specialist or the
    WOTC Coordinator nearest you
Fidelity Bonding Program:
       Offers insurance protection for employers

Provides individual fidelity bonds for job
 applicants (with a job offer) who have been
denied commercial coverage due to…

Arrest, conviction or dishonorable discharge

   Since 1966, 43,000 bonds have been issued
   Default rate remains at about 1%
   Available to businesses at NO COST
   Bonds issued at the IDES office nearest you
   Employers apply for bonding through the
    RESP, Illinois Employment Training Center
    (IETC) Coordinator or State Bonding
   Insurance becomes effective on date of hire
Other incentives for you…

   Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

   Workforce Investment Act

   TIF Works Chicago
…as well as…

   Partnerships with support agencies
    throughout Illinois

 The most important aspect of
 working with the Re-entry
 Employment Service Program is…
$$ All of these services save
  you time and money $$

This savings adds up to meeting
your goal of an…
When can you use our services?

   When you’re looking for full- or part-
    time employees

   When you need seasonal employees
Where can you get our services?

   Direct contact with RESP personnel
       Chicago: Algie Crivens
       Statewide: Patricia Rusoff

   Trained Re-entry Liaisons in each IDES
    local office
Begin the relationship…

  Consider placing a job order
            today !
Open discussion…

   How many of you have positions
    available at this time?

   How many of you would consider hiring
    qualified candidates from this program
    to fill those positions?
Contact information:
   Algie Crivens,
    , 312-793-1597

   Patricia Rusoff,
    , 312-793-9741
   IETC Re-entry liaison nearest you

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