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					                                                                        Account #: _____________

The undersigned Customer herby applies to Guildford Cab (1993) Ltd. (hereafter called the “Company”)
for a Guildford Cab Credit Account. The undersigned acknowledges that the Company has entered into
this agreement based on the following information… (Please note that an incomplete form will result in a
delay in processing.)

NAME OF CUSTOMER: __________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

PHONE NO: ________________ FAX NO: _______________ EMAIL: ___________

CONTACT NAME: ___________________________

CREDIT REFERENCES (1): __________________________ Tel. #: ______________

CREDIT REFERENCES (2): __________________________ Tel. #: ______________

Upon acceptance by the Company and the opening of the Account, the Company agrees to be bound by the
following terms:
     1.      The Charge Account opened in the Customer’s name may be cancelled at any time by either
             party giving notice in writing to each other.
     2.      The Customer agrees to pay all charges billed monthly to the customer’s Account when due
             and the Statement of Account by Guildford Cab (1993) Ltd.
     3.      All Accounts are due and payable on receipt of statement and any amounts unpaid for sixty
             (60) days after the due date shall bear interest (Financial Charges) at 2% per month from the
             due date to the date of payment. Accounts will be automatically suspended if payments are
             not received within 90 days of the statement dates.
     4.      On default of payment when due, the Customer shall be charged any expenses incurred by
             Guildford Cab (1993) Ltd. In collection, including solicitor/client costs, which said expenses,
             shall be added to the amount due by the Customer and form a part thereof.

Dated at ______________________ this __________ day of _________________, 20_____

________________________________                      _______________________________
      Authorized Signature for                        Accepted by Guildford Cab (1993) Ltd.

________________________________               Date: ________________________________
     Please print name and title
        of above signatory

We thank you for your interest in Guildford Cab (1993) Ltd. We look forward to being your taxi company
of choice in Surrey. If you have any questions regarding billing, please feel free to contact our Accounts
Receivable department by telephone at 604.585.1111, send an eMail to, or visit
our web site:

Payment terms: Cheque, money order, and all major Credit Cards

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