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					                           Week 3
• Reminder Letters & Collection Letters
      • A reminder letter is a letter that asks if a client has forgotten to
        pay a bill. It gently reminds clients that they owe payment to a
        company. If the client does not send payment, the company
        sends a collection letter.
      • A collection letter is a letter that asks for a late payment (a
        collection) from a client.
      • Both reminder letters & collection letters must be clear & firm,
        but also polite & professional.
      • Before you write the letter, make sure you have all the
        information about the problem.
      • If necessary, contact other people in your company. Ask them
        if they have anything to add.
                        Week 3
– The Essentials of a collection letter are:
   • The reminder
       – Reminding the customer that his payment is past due.
   • The collection series
       – 1st Letter
       – The first of these letters is sent after the collection reminder has
         been ignored and should be mild but specific, stating the amount
         due and for how long the balance has remained unpaid. Provide
         the customer with an excuse for being delinquent.

       – 2nd Letter
       – In the second letter we should use different types of appeals,
         such as appeal to good will, to pride, to justice, and fair play.
            » Appeal to good will: Make clear that you trust that the
              debtors has good intention, but has forgotten or overlooks
              the obligation.
               Week 3
    » Appeal to pride: Make the customer feel he is not
      treating you fairly. You have done your part, and the
      customer has not done his part, which is to pay the
    » Appeal to pride: Pride is one of the strongest emotions
      and an appeal to that feeling will usually bring the
      desired results.

– 3rd Letter
– The third letter should make an appeal to fear. If all other
  appeals have been used without the expected results, it is
  obvious that we must resort to stronger treatment. Write
  this letter threatening legal action. This will suggest that
  the debtor’s credit will suffer if payment of his obligation
  is not made.
                       Week 3

– A. Getting Started

   • 1. Read the e-mails between two co-workers at Santrak
     Industries. They are waiting for several late payments.

   • 2. Complete the Collection Chart. Write the date a check was
     received or a letter was sent. Write n/a (not applicable letter
     did not need to be sent. Write ? if the information is not
                    Week 3

– B. Model Letter: Reminder Letter or Collection

   • Look at the different elements of a reminder letter or
     collection letter.
                   Week 3

– Useful language

  •   Your account balance of ______ was due ______ .
  •   All payments are due, in full, ______ .
  •   Please remit payment ______ .
  •   We look forward to continuing our valuable
      relationship with ______ .
                         Week 3
– C. Composing Your Message
– The body of a reminder letter or collection letter generally has four
   • Part 1, Opening
         – Content: Identify the missing payment (s).
             » Ex: Your account balance of $ 2,456 for the invoice dated
               May 30 was due on June 30.

    • Part 2, Focus
         – Content: Give details about payment
             » Ex: All payments are due, in full, within 30 days of
               receiving an invoice.
                     Week 3
– C. Composing Your Message
  • Part 3, Action
     – Content: Review future action.
        » Ex: Please remit payment no later than August 31.

  • Part 4, Closing
     – Content: Be positive about the business relationship
        » Ex: We look forward to continuing our valuable
          relationship with Maltech.
           Week 3

» Practice 1
» Two of the sentences are appropriate to use in a
  reminder letter or collection letter. Circle the letter of
  the two sentences.
                  Week 3

– That’s Good Business

  • A collection agency is a company that finds people
    who owe money to another business and forces
    them to pay it.
  • It is best to make payments to the original business
    where you owe money before that business sends
    your account to a collection agency.
                       Week 3

– Writing Your Message
   • Time Expressions
      – The time expressions no later, by, on, and within are close in
        meaning. It is important to use the correct expression so readers
        understand what they have to do. Look at the explanations
          » No later than August 31 means payment can be received at
             any time but must be received by that specific date.
          » By August 31 means payment can be received at any time
             but must be received by that specific date.
          » On August 31 means payment is due on that specific date.
          » Within the month of August means payment can received
             any time during that month but must be received before the
             month ends.
                   Week 3

– Well Said
  • In all business letters, including reminder and
    collection letters, it is important to be polite &
    professional. All clients are important, including
    clients who pay late.

         » Practice 2
         » Choose the words that best complete the sentences.
                    Week 3

• Articles
    – The words the, a, and an are articles. Use the refer to something
      specific; use a and an to refer to something general or unknown.
        » Your account balance of $2,456 for the invoice dated May
           30 was due on June 30.
        » All payments are due, in full, within 30 days of receiving an

        » Practice 3
        » Choose the articles that best complete the sentences.
                        Week 3
   • Look forward to + gerund
       – Use the expression look forward to followed by a gerund [-ing
         verb functioning as a noun] to talk about something positive that
         will happen in the future. Do not use an infinitive or other verb
         form. You may also use a noun that is not a gerund.

            » Practice 4

            » Rewrite these incorrect sentences using the expressions look
              forward to + gerund.

– That’s Good Business
       – Many companies send a second invoice before they send a
         collection letter. Often you have to send more than one
         collection letter before a clien sends payment. Each new letter
         that you send about a late payment should be firmer than the last.
           Week 3

» Letter Practice 1
» Complete the sentences in this letter. Use the words

» Letter Practice 2
» Alejandro Comar sent a collection letter about a late
  payment. He made ten errors. Find the errors, and
  write the correct word or punctuation above.
                     Week 3

– Homework Assignment

         » On a separate piece of paper, write a letter to Gornan
           Industries or Maltech. Use the information in the chart on
           page 90.
         » 1. Write a collection letter to Gornan Industries about the
           June 30 invoice.
         » 2. Write a collection letter to Maltech about the May 30
         » 3. Please look definitions of these words in the glossary at
           the end of the book: a). collection agency, b). firm, c).
           headquarters, d). notice, e). partial, f). reminder, g). remit.
                 Week 3

– D. Model Letter: Collection Reminders that
  Really Collect

– E. Model Letter: Collecting Small Amounts

– F. Model Letter: Series to Collect Large

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