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									                                                                                Posted: 4/7/2008
Job Title: Sprouts Cafe Grill Cook
                                                                                  Job Code: GC
Contact: Meredith Cassady
Phone: 916-482-6111
Fax: (916) 483-0872
Job Overview
Sprouts Cafe Grill Cook

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Job Description
Job Summary:
To provide the highest level of customer and member service while preparing wholesome,
healthy food in a clean and safe environment.

Reports to / Supervision Received:

Manager: Sprouts Manager
Indirect Supervisor: Director of Food and Beverage

Essential Functions:

      Prepare all foods for consumption by guests in a clean, sanitary environment.
      Working in a fast paced environment with a large team.
      Regular cleaning of all surfaces.
      Chop, heat, grill, and prepare all menu items in accordance with the menu descriptions.
      Providing five star customer service to the membership, guests, and internal customers to
       ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
      Prepare beverages like smoothies, coffees, and shakes.
      Regularly clean the Sprouts Atrium ensuring that tables are clean and available at all
      Maintain the coffee, tea and water station ensuring that it is fully stocked and all items
       are readily available.
      Attend monthly training sessions with the entire Sprouts team.
      Work well within a team environment to ensure the customer’s needs are always the
       highest priority and concern.
      Resolve any complaints from a customer with professionalism, ensuring that the
       customer leaves happy and satisfied.
      Properly charge all guests for purchased items. Promptly close out each ticket while
       appropriately charging member accounts.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience:

Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:
High School Diploma is preferred but not required.

Minimum Experience required:
1 year of previous customer service experience is preferred but not required.

Skills Required:
Ability to use computers to charge member accounts
Knife skills are preferred.
Financial Responsibility and Authority:

Computer, phone, knives, microwave, grill, refrigerator, blender, ice machine, coffee machine,
and dishwasher.

Cash handling, charging of membership accounts, and credit card transactions.

Internal and External Business Contacts:
Must maintain exquisite membership and employee relations at all times.


Career Path:
Ability to move up as shift lead, manager, or other positions in the club as they become

Physical Job Description

                                   Grill Cook

Job Title:

                                   Exposure to extreme heat while in kitchen. Some fumes
Typical Working Conditions:        created while cooking.
(Describe environment including
exposure to heat, cold, fumes,
chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.)

                                    Knives, blenders, coffee maker, computer
Equipment Used:
(List all manual and automated
equipment used in the course of
performing essential functions.)

                                    Some lifting of ingredients is required.
Essential Physical Tasks:
(List all physical tasks            Regular cleaning, cutting, computer use, and cooking is
encountered in performing           required.
essential functions.)

Analysis of Physical Demands

Key (Based on typical week):

R=Rarely (Less than 1 hour per week)
O=Occasional (1%-33% of time)

F=Frequent (34%-66% of time)
C=Constant (over 66% of time)

                             Frequency                Activity                 Frequency

                   N R O F C                             N   R   O F C

                                   Twisting/Turning              x

                               x   Reach over shoulder           x
Under 10 lbs

                           x       Reach over head                   x
11-20 lbs

                       x           Reach outward                     x
21-50 lbs

                   x               Climb                     x
51-100 lbs

                   x               Crawl                 x
Over 100 lbs

                                   Kneel                         x

                                   Squat                         x
               x   Sit                              x
Under 10 lbs

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               x   Walk-Normal Surfaces
11-20 lbs

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