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Curing Athletes Foot With Sneakers by toriola1


									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Athletes foot is typically harmless, but it is still a foot infection. It is caused by a microscopic ringworm fungus
    that feeds on dead skin, usually found on toes, and other outer skin layers. It could also affect the hand, called
                                                         tinea manuum.
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                                                   Curing Athletes Foot With Sneakers
                                                                    By Low Jeremy

    There are a million of sports fans around the world. Sports rank almost number one among
interests and hobbies of most people. There is a sport for every human being in this planet. If you do
not have one, it is only because you did not go around looking for that one sport for you or worse you
never tried any sport at all.

Every clique and every country has a favorite sport they love and extensively promote. Europe will
never be the same without football. The United States of America can never have enough of the
National Basketball Association and Superbowl. Sports channels like ESPN and Star Sports thrive on
healthy ratings and steady support from advertisers.

It follows then sports personalities are just as well loved around the world. Michael Jordan has Nike.
Kobe Bryant was once poster boy fro Adidas. Danica Patrick inspired a lot of women to get into auto

David Beckham was style icon for both football fanatics and those who just think he carries of all types
of clothing really well. These athletes can attest ho dressing up right can make or break a race or a
game. They have to pay attention to details down to the shoes they are wearing.

Choosing the right pair of shoes is vital in almost all sports. One sports shoes chain that increasingly
gaining popularity is Athlete's Foot. The store name doubling as brand name is very smart. One might
think that it is a bad choice considering the bad picture that comes to mind when Athlete's Foot is
mentioned but upon closer look you will realize that and athlete's foot and footwear can make a lot of
difference in the athlete's over all performance. This is why Athlete's Foot is a very marketable brand
name because it speaks for itself.

So for athletes and would be athletes, it is safe to go into one outlet and go over the various brands
and designs that these brands have to offer. For sure they have all sorts but one thing that people,
both athletes and non-athletes, should have is a pair of sneakers. A pair of sneakers is basic footwear
that is ever comfortable and dependable for everyday wear. It is then acceptable to splurge on an
expensive but quality wise worth it sneakers. A person should have at least one pair or better yet two
so one can alternate.

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                                  Do You Have An Athletes Foot? - A Complete Review.
                                                              By John Wellington

 Not too long ago I found that my feet were quite itchy. There was some kind of redness in the creases
between the toes. At times, in the middle of the day I felt like taking off my shoes and socks, just to
scratch my feet. My husband told me that I had athletes foot. Even though I had not been to a gym or a
locker room recently I was convinced that it could not have been an athletes foot. However my
husband also had an athletes foot when he played football in college and my symptoms matched his.

I had fixed an appointment with a physician hence I mentioned the itchy feet to my doctor. After a
looking at my feet briefly, my doctor stated that I had athletes foot. He further went on to explain that
athletes foot is a fungal infection of the feet and toes that lives on the surface of your skin. These
fungal cells can survive on wet warm surfaces for a period of time, so this is how athletes foot passes
from one person to another so easily in locker rooms and pool areas. Though I explained to my doctor
what I had initially told my husband about not being in any of those places of late, he only retorted that
I could have picked it up from some place else.

He advised me that the best way to treat an athletes foot is to use a powder or cream for it and to wear
cotton socks. He also recommended me to change my socks often if I regularly exercised or if my feet
sweat. Besides he suggested about treating my shoes too, so that the athletes foot would have a
chance to clear up. In addition, he directed me to wear sandals in the shower so I would not pass my
athletes foot to other family members.

All along my way home, I was simply trying to figure out from where or how I had contracted the
athletes foot. When I reached home, I told my husband that I did have athletes foot and that I had
picked up powder and cream to help me get rid of it. Somehow he figured how I got it from, it was not
too long ago when we had spent a weekend at a friends’ house and stayed in their son’s room and had
also used his bathroom to shower in. My friend’s son had been battling athletes foot since basketball

Thankfully I do not have a very bad case of the athletes foot and have already found that the itching
has slightly lessened. In fact I feel fortunate, as apparently several people who I have spoken to, have
stated that it took them several months to get rid of the athletes foot. For sure, I know that one can pick
up athletes foot in public areas, but who would ever think that I could get it at a friend’s home!

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