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EVENING MEAL by gabyion


									                         Salvation Army-Center of Hope
                      Temporary Night Sheltering Services at
                            Myers Park Baptist Church

                                       EVENING MEAL
At 6:30 pm, you will provide dinner for 15-20, for both the guests and the volunteer hosts. You can
make this as elaborate, or as simple, as you would like. Stay and serve the meal, along with the
overnight hosts.
    Arrive at church in enough time to set up tables
    Dishes, utensils are in the RITI kitchen. Clean dishes may be in the dishwasher from morning.
    Staples such as butter, salad dressing, condiments, beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade) are at the
    Load and start dishwasher. If there are any leftovers, check with the guest to see if they will use
      them during the week. If not, please take home for your own use.
    If you have time, you may want to reset table for continental breakfast and get coffee ready so
      that all the hosts need to do in the morning is turn on the coffee maker.

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