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					Rationalization          of      tariff        of      landline/WLL              service:      w.e.f.

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Ref:: Lr No: BSNL CO. :: File No. 3-15-2005-R&C                            dated: 05.06.2008
The following landline/WLL Plan’s tariff has been rationalized in the above order.
   1. Economy
   2. Special
   3. Special Plus
   4. Super
   5. Premium

Attention: SSA--DBA/ Commercial officers
1) The tariff revision w.r.t. above said plans may be intimated to the
concerned customers – which included the revised pulses also.
2) Implementation in Dotsoft
       The implementation date for the said plans with the new tariff was given as
11th Jun,2008 in the tariff order. Dotsoft billing modules currently do not support mid
of the month tariff changes( with tariff change meter readings on 10th,jun,08) and
hence it is suggested to set the implementation date as 1st July,2008.
(1) Economy, (2) Special Plus, (3) Super and (4) Premium Plan ---LCC tariff
Close the PLAN LCC with 30-jun-2008, w.r.t. above plans and create new PLAN
LCC details w.e.f. 01-jul-2008 as follows:
   ( configure bi-monthly details as given below:
     with period:: 01-jul-2008 – 31-mar-2009)
   Slab 1: 1 to 450                        -- 0
   Slab 2: 451 to 99999999                 –- 1.2
   Special Plus:
   Slab 1: 1 to 2000                       -- 0
   Slab 2: 2001 to 99999999                – 1.0
   Slab 1: 1 to 3000                       -- 0
   Slab 2: 3001 to 99999999                – 0.9
Slab 1: 1 to 6000               -- 0
Slab 2: 6001 to 99999999        – 0.8

Special Plan:
Under revised tariff order as given in the reference, only one tariff plan defined
under ‘Special Plan’ for both rural and urban areas and de-linked exchange
system capacity.
   Hence, SSA – DBAs are advised to Close(on 30-jun-08) all the existing
rural and urban special Plans in the plan periods so that these plans will not be
available for new connections and for plan conversions.

New -- Special Plan (SPLPLAN):
1. Create new Plan LCC with 400 free calls per month and unit rate beyond free
   calls with 1.10. ( wef: 01-jul-2008 )
   Slab 1 : 1 to 800            --- 0
   Slab 2 : 801 to 99999999     –-- 1.10
2. Create a new plan rent with rent amount 425 per month.
   Bimonthly Rent – 850 ( wef: 01-jul-2008 )
3. Create new special Plan which is common for rural and urban/landline and
   WLL (SPLPLAN) ( wef: 01-jul-2008 ). And map above Plan LCC and Plan
   Rent to this new plan.
4. Map the already running applicable Plan deposits (local, STD and ISD) to the
   above new Plan SPLPLAN.

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