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					  Millions of travel dollars
are available on the Internet.
   WebSource tells you how to get them
  Are travel service providers in
   Egypt ready to grab a share?
• More people are buying and searching on
  the Internet
• More people are planning and booking on
  the Internet
• Get an online presence for your travel
• Conduct business that spans the globe
• Great.
• WebSource Technologies will help you on
  the way.
    This presentation will help:
• Existing travel service providers, and
• New entrants interested in tapping the
  growing opportunities
       WebSource Technologies
        will take you through:
•   The changing traveler
•   The travel scenario
•   The big players
•   A travel agents dilemma
•   Technology at hand
•   Beyond technology
•   The WebSource Europe advantage
          The changing traveler
•   Needs more information
•   Is pressed for time
•   Wants his travel dollar to go further
•   With the Internet at his finger tips, he
    rightfully believes in doing his own travel
             The travel scenario
•   28% of all online purchase are travel related
•   Travel and Tourism market:
    – 1999: $2.1 trillion
    – 2010: $3.9 trillion
                            (Source: Satellite Accounting Research)
•   Online travel bookings:
    – 1999: $6 billion
    – 2002: $30 billion
                                          (Source: PhoCusWright)
             The big players
• Hotels.com, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz,
  TripAdvisor, and a few others.
• Why are they enjoying a large market
  – They sell online in real time
  – Aggressive marketing
  – Customer support
       Travel agents dilemma
• Customer’s pressure for quick response and
  lower prices
• Increasing competition
• Diminishing margins
• Limited administrative and marketing
    Technology, or should we say
          help is at hand?
•   Tour operator and wholesalers
•   XML feed
•   Seamless database integration
•   Secured electronic transaction
    – Vouchers
    – Payment
• Tools for enhanced productivity
         Beyond technology
• An Internet presence is just not enough
• Right mix of marketing is essential
  – Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  – Pay-per-click opportunities
  – Customer loyalty programs
        WebSource advantage
• Deep understanding of the travel domain
• Highly experienced team of designers and
• Well versed with XML requirements of major
  Tour Operators
• Completed projects across UK, Europe, USA and
  Asia Pacific
• Local support
• Low costs- Own Software Development Center in
Welcome aboard!

    Thank you.

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