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					              2009 Wartburg Service Trips Participant Application
       The purpose of service trips at Wartburg College is to provide students with an interactive and fun learning
      experience by making connections and providing service to communities across the nation. Please fill out the
             following information completely and accurately. Applications will be turned in via e-mail to

Name:                                     Major:                                   Year: FR SO JR SR ALUM
Campus Box #:                   Birthdate:                     Drivers License # / State ID #:
E-mail:                           Room Phone:                  Cell Phone:                      Sex: M or F
Will you, at the time of the trip, be under 18? Y or N
Health Insurance Company:                                      Name of Primary Insured:
Policy Number:                                                 Group Number:
Doctor/Hospital:                                               Phone Number:
Medical Concerns (Diabetes, allergies, etc.):
Name:                                                                            Relationship:
City:                                    State:                                  Zip Code:
Home Phone:                              Work Phone:                             Cell Phone:

Are you participating in a Winter Break 2009 trip? Y or N
     If not, why not? ___ Scheduling Conflict ___ Sports ___ Student Teaching ___ Orange Connection ___ Other
Are you involved in a sport? Y or N
       If so, which one? _____________________________________________________________________________

    TOUR WEEK APPLICATION PROCESS: Tour Week participant applications will be accepted on
    a rolling basis until all trips have reached capacity. This does NOT mean that earlier applications are
    guaranteed a spot on their first choice trip, but early applications are encouraged and will increase the
    chance of placement on your first choice trip. The open-ended questions at the end of the application
    will be the principle means of placing applicants onto each trip.

    An application fee of $100, payable to the Controller’s Office, must accompany each application filed
    between February 2 and February 28. On March 9, the application fee will increase to $125. This is
    intended to offset the fundraising efforts of those who join a trip earlier in the process. Applications
    will be accepted through March 20.

Tour Week Trips (April 18 – 25)
Please rank ALL of the following trips by interest, with 1 being the trip in which you have the most interest.
    ___ Denver, CO (Wartburg West)              ___ Minneapolis, MN

Disaster Relief
     ___ New Orleans, LA

     ___Cumberland Trail, TN          ___ Outer Banks, NC

*For full trip descriptions, visit
    Please answer the following questions (you may simply type your response below each question). Each answer
    should consist of approximately one paragraph. Please answer the questions thoughtfully and specifically. The
    application is the primary gauge the selection committee has for evaluating each applicant. It is to your advantage to
    provide us with a well-organized, concise, original, and insightful application. The quality of your application is the
    primary means of determining your placement on a trip. However, it is possible that you might have an excellent
    application but not be placed on your first choice trip.

1. Why are you interested in participating in a service trip? What draws you to your top issues?
2. What goals do you have for yourself on the trip? (be as specific as possible)
3. What do you expect to encounter on your trip? What is the social context for which your service will
    be useful?
4. Do you have any previous service trip experience? If so, when and where did you go? If not, what has prevented
    you from going on a trip?

                             2009 Tour Week Service Trips Schedule of Events
                      February 2 - Applications available online, Rolling Admission begins
                          February 28 – Last day to sign up with $100 application fee
                            March 9 – First day to sign up with $125 application fee
                                    April 18 - Tour Week Service Trips leave
                                   April 25 - Tour Week Service Trips return

            Upon submitting your application, please be sure to take the Service Trips Pre-Survey at Also, don’t hesitate to contact
    with any questions, comments, or concerns. Finally, DON’T FORGET TO THE SIGN LIABILITY
                                FORMS ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES.
                               Wartburg College Service Trip Policies
The following are the Policies of the Wartburg Service Trip (WST) program. Please read all statements below carefully,
consider them seriously, and indicate your agreement by providing your name and student ID number at the end of
                                                     this document.

Leader and Advisor Responsibilities
Leaders are responsible for the overall conduct of the participants and cohesion of the group both on and off the service
site. Leaders are responsible for assuring the group’s engagement in reflection exercises throughout the training process as
well as on the trip. Student trip leaders will also identify and incorporate an advisor that challenges and supports their
group. Trip advisors will assist with this process as well as manage all funds and receipts for the duration of the trip and
make sure the trip does not exceed the planned budget.

All Participant Requirements and Responsibilities
Service trips are intended to be educational experiences and being a WST participant requires time, energy, research and
commitment. Participants are expected to fully participate in all group activities organized by trip leaders including (but
not limited to) all fundraising activities, pre- or post-service activities, pre-trip meetings and trainings as well as reflection
activities before, during and after the trip. In addition, all college policies must be observed, including (but not limited to)
driving practices, financial reporting, and policies outlined in the Student Handbook.
  Non-refundable Deposit
  As a sign of commitment to the program ALL service trip participants (including leaders) are required to pay a non-
  refundable deposit (currently set at $25 for Fall Break and $100 for Winter Break and Tour Week) (see trip application
  for payment dates) and any associated fees in full by departure time (see travel factors below). Under special
  circumstances, such as financial hardships, there may be support up to $75 from the service trip endowment fund. To
  apply for this, complete the application found at
  All WST participants will occasionally be asked to participate in several surveys and evaluations. The individual
  responses will be kept confidential, but aggregate reports will be used for programmatic feedback and improvement. On
  occasion individual responses will be used publicly and every effort will be made to keep these responses anonymous.
  For example, a compelling quote from an evaluation may be used as evidence to the importance of service trips.
  Reflection Pieces
  Reflection is an important and valuable part of the service trip experience. All participants will partake in both oral and
  written reflection before, during and after the service trip. Reflection is meant to help challenge assumptions, remember
  the experience, examine the root causes of social problems being addressed as well as learn about ourselves and the
  community around us. Group preparation and reflection materials will be assembled by the trip leaders and submitted to
  the CCE at the conclusion of the trip. These group products will be used for the purpose of sharing and learning from
  each other. We recognize that many students will keep personal journals on the trip and while we hope that these will be
  brought into other opportunities for reflection (for example group reflections, conversations, presentations, etc), we do
  not expect these to be turned in or shared with the campus community.
  Photo Release
  Photos from service trips are often used in slideshows, on posters, in brochures, in videos and on the web. These products
  will be used to help promote the program and for other educational purposes deemed appropriate by the CCE. By
  participating in a service trip you agree to allow Wartburg College, its successors and assignees, to use your image, name
  and likeness, and voice in the manner described above.

Group Financial Requirements, Fundraising and Budgeting
Historically, service trips have been fortunate to have strong financial support from both Student Senate and the Center for
Community Engagement. However, this financial support typically is not enough to cover all costs. Trip leaders will work
with their participants to strategize different funding options for transportation, food and lodging (additionally expenses like
t-shirts, journals, etc, should be included in the original budget). However, in good stewardship of our donor
communities, students are expected to collaborate with the SLC and E-board in the development of fundraising
strategies before they are executed. These cooperative discussions will lessen the impact of donor fatigue and provide a
learning experience for all participants. In addition, solicitations to businesses or those that utilize the Wartburg College
brand must be approved by the SLC. In fundraising, all leaders should inform donors that monies raised are to support
service trips and student participation in the service trip experience rather than to support individual charities.

Lilly Endowment Funding: Certain considerations are made to meet our obligations to the Lilly Endowment. The Lilly
funding is only meant to help offset fundraising efforts. For example, if your total budget is $10,000, you were allotted
$1000 from Lilly and you fundraised $9,500 ($500 more than you needed if you count the Lilly money), then you would
only end up receiving $500 from Lilly.

Each trip is required to include an emergency fund in their budget (currently set at $500). An emergency constitutes any
unexpected expense from running out of food to getting caught in a storm and needing to seek overnight shelter. However
if this money is not spent then it may be used as a donation to the site. Any monetary donations are not to exceed $500 total
and may not be donated until after a trip has returned. The fundraised monies contributed to individual trip accounts are co-
mingled dollars that come from a variety of sources. Surplus funding at the end of a trip will be pooled back into the
general service trip program with the intention of supporting future service trip opportunities and participant scholarships.
If all funds, including the emergency fund, are not raised before the trip is scheduled to leave, the trip will be cancelled.

International Service Trips
International travel outside of the United States during academic breaks is restricted. Travel beyond these boundaries has
the potential to increase risk, cost, travel time and create greater expectations for cultural competency that are unachievable
in the given timeframe. In general, international service is limited to service-learning courses in May because lengthy travel
times can create administrative tasks (passports, visas, immunizations, etc.) for which the CCE is unequipped. Students
interested in international service are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisors or the Global and Multicultural
Student office about curricular opportunities.

Travel Factors for Service Trips
Service trips are intended to support and amplify curricular learning. To this end, travel time is scheduled only in periods
when classes are not being held (note: service trips cannot leave until after the last class concludes at 5:30pm Friday
afternoon). Trip participants are expected not to seek permission from any faculty for release time before or after
service trips. However, service trips taking place as part of an academic course may be considered as an exception.

Travel time can be a crucial factor regarding safety and trip effectiveness. Therefore, any service trip traveling more than
1,500 miles one way will be required to use alternative modes of transportation (i.e. airplane, train, bus, etc). Any service
trip that will require more than 18 hours of driving time one way will be required to find suitable lodging at or before the
18-hour mark. This is to ensure safe and alert driving.

All drivers WILL…
1.   Have a responsible and alert co-pilot sitting in the front passenger seat to assure safe and alert driving at all times.
1.   Obey all state traffic laws and regulations.
2.   Not eat, drink, or talk on a cell phone while operating the vehicle.
3.   Take a rest break or change drivers every 100 miles of driving or 2 hours of driving time. No driver should drive longer than 12
     hours in a 24-hour period. Each driving shift for a driver and co-pilot team may not exceed four hours at one particular time. The
     order of driving is at the discretion of the trip advisor and he or she has full discretion to refuse a participant the right to drive a
     vehicle in the interests of the group’s safety.
4.   Report any vehicle accident to the police department where the accident occurs & a follow-up report to Campus Security. If you
     have a camera, please document the accident, get statements from all parties involved and once that is done, call Service-Learning
     Coordinator immediately. Make sure you bring back a copy of an accident report for insurance filing.
5.   Report any moving violations received while driving a college or rental vehicle. Additionally, college drivers should report any
     alcohol related driving citations & notifications of license probation or suspension connected to citations received while not driving
     on college business. This includes violations while driving their personal or rental vehicles.
6.   Be responsible for speeding tickets if they should get one, the driver is responsible and not Wartburg College.

Service trips utilizing alternative modes of transportation can fundraise up to the comparable amount that it would cost for
traditional (van) transportation within the 1,500 mile driving limit. Individuals on service trips that utilize alternative
modes of transportation will be held financially responsible for the standard participation fee plus any outstanding
transportation costs. Should a participant withdraw from a trip, he/she will continue to be responsible for the
outstanding transportation costs unless a replacement participant is found who will then assume the responsibility.
Exceptions may be approved by the SLC or Director of the CCE for trips to community partners with which we have a
College developed relationship or to advance institutional program goals.

Social Behavior
Student groups that represent Wartburg College at official college-sponsored activities off campus or students making a
visit as part of a class off campus (including study abroad programs and service trips), have the responsibility of being
responsible positive representatives of the College. Membership in a group recognized by Wartburg College is a privilege,
and each student's actions reflect on our community. As such, participants agree, but are not limited to the following:
      Being on time, present, and able to participate in all scheduled events, classes, or performances.
      Behaving responsibly in all living situations and on group excursions. This includes using good judgment about
          co-curricular activities that may be considered risky.
      Striving to understand and respect the cultural and ethnic differences that may be encountered.
      Acknowledging that participants are bound by the laws of the State of Iowa, home state of Wartburg College, in
          addition to policies, procedures, and rules outlined in the Wartburg College Student Handbook. Participants will
          also observe the laws of the state in which they will be residing/traveling and all academic and disciplinary
          regulations in effect at the host institution.

Alcohol and Drugs
Wartburg recognizes that drug use and alcohol abuse are a contradiction to its understanding of community, and that use of
illegal drugs and alcohol abuse may impair work performance and judgment, endanger colleagues, and cause physical
damage. It is the policy of Wartburg College Service Trips that all participants, leaders and advisors will be drug and
alcohol-free during the Service Trip experience. Violation of this policy will result in termination from the program.
Termination from the Program
The Service-Learning Coordinator and CCE staff reserves the right to terminate any individual’s participation in the
program due to policy violations or behavior deemed injurious to them or to the group. In addition, behavior deemed to be
so disruptive that it threatens individual or group ability to successfully achieve the goals of the program will result in
termination from the program. If terminated from the program, the person will be required to return home immediately and
bear the full financial and academic responsibility for doing so. Termination may be appealed through the Vice President
for Academic Affairs or the Vice President for Student Life.

By providing my name and student ID Number, I am signifying that I have read and understand the Wartburg
Service Trip policies and am agreeing to follow and uphold the policies to the best of my abilities:

PARTICIPANT NAME:                                      STUDENT ID#                                   DATE
                                            100 Wartburg Blvd., P.O. Box 1003, Waverly, IA 50677

                              Service Trip Statement of Risks and Liability Release Form
  This is a release, please read carefully before signing as this constitutes your agreement as a volunteer participant with the Wartburg Service Trip program.
PARTICIPANT NAME:                                         ID#

Wartburg College itself does not control the way in which this service trip opportunity and the host site are structured and
operate. In granting participation on this trip, Wartburg College, its governing board, agents and employees make no
assurances, expressed or implied related to the environment which might exist at the service trip host site. Each service trip
may include potential hazards which are beyond the control of Wartburg College, its governing board, agents and
employees. In consideration of being allowed by Wartburg College to participate in all or any part of the service trip program,
whether or not as an enrolled student, the undersigned expressly and voluntarily acknowledges and certifies the following:

    1.     I understand projects often involve hard physical labor, heavy lifting or other strenuous activity and I certify that I am
           in good health and physically able to perform the type of work required of my service trip project.
     2.    I understand that participating on a service trip entails a risk of physical injury or damage to my property and that I
           am engaging in this project at my own risk.
     3.    I assume all risk and responsibility for any damage or injury to my property or any personal injury or illness, which I
           may sustain while involved in or as a result of this service trip, and any related medical costs and/or expenses.
           Further, I understand that Wartburg College, its governing board, agents and employees assumes no liability for
           injuries that I may suffer or cause to others during the course of my service trip.

      1.     I have sufficient health, accident, and hospitalization insurance to cover me during my service trip; I further
             understand that I am responsible for the costs of such insurance, and I recognize that Wartburg College
             does not have an obligation to provide me with such insurance.
      2.     I assume full responsibility for any physical or emotional problems that might impair my ability to complete
             the experience, and I release Wartburg College, its governing board, agents and employees from any
             liability for injury to myself or damage to or loss of my possessions.
      3.     I understand that if I use my personal vehicle for travel to or from the service trip or for the benefit of the
             organization with whom I serve the service trip program, Wartburg College, its governing board, agents
             and employees has no liability for injury or property damage which may result from that use. I agree to
             rely solely on my personal vehicle insurance coverage and on any liability coverage which may be
             provided by the service trip host site.
      4.     I agree to be responsible for ascertaining whether the service trip host site provides workers compensation
             and/or liability insurance coverage for me.

I understand that the responsibilities and circumstances of a service trip may require a standard of attire that may differ from
that of Wartburg College. Therefore, I indicate my willingness to understand and conform to the standards of the service trip
host site. I have been cautioned as to the proper attire for this project and I take responsibility for any injury that may result
from improper attire. Further, I understand that it is important to the success of both present and future service trips that
participants observe standards of conduct that would not compromise Wartburg College from the perspective of individuals
and organizations. I agree, should the Service-Learning Coordinator or CCE staff determine that I must be terminated from
my service trip because of conduct that reflects poorly on the program or service trip host site, that decision will be final and I
will be required to return home immediately bearing the full financial and academic responsibility for doing so.

By providing my signature or student ID number as my electronic signature, I understand and agree that my participation in
the service trip program and use of any facilities in connection with the service trip program is undertaken by me at my own
sole risk and that Wartburg College, its governing board, agents and employees is not liable for any and all claims, demands,
injuries, damages, or actions whatsoever to me or my property arising out of or connected with the service trip program. I do
hereby release, acquit, forever discharge and covenant not to sue Wartburg College, its governing board, employees or
agents from any and all liability whatsoever, including all claims, demands and causes of action of every nature that may
arise in connection with my participation in the service trip program.

This agreement shall be construed, interpreted and controlled by the laws of the State of Iowa with venue in Waverly,
Bremer County, Iowa.

PARTICIPANT’S SIGNATURE ______________________                                  -or- ID NUMBER (if signing electronically) _______________
DATE OF BIRTH__________ AGE_______