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					                                  Lesson30 Is that all

A lady is going to buy something at stationer’s.

Does the lady buy any chalk
No, she doesn't.

I want some envelopes, please.
Do you want the large size or the small size
The large size, please.
Do you have any writing paper
have 有
Do you have... 你有...吗
writing paper 是不可数名词,所以在疑问句中用了 any。

Yes, we do.
I don't have any small pads.
small pads 意思是 small pads of writing paper
I don't have...我没有...
small pads 是可数名词的复数,所以在否定句中用了 any

I only have large ones.
ones 代替的是信纸
I only have large pads of writing paper.
only 是“仅仅,只”
I only want some sugar.

Do you want a pad
Yes, please.
And I want some glue.
A bottle of glue.
And I want a large box of chalk, too.

Do you have any chalk
chalk 粉笔
a piece of chalk 一支粉笔
I only have small boxes.
I only have small boxes of chalk.
I don't have any large boxes.

Do you want one
No, Thank you.
Is that all

That's all, thank you.

What else do you want

what else... 还有什么
what else do you have 你还有什么?
what else do you like 你还喜欢什么?

I want my change.
change 找的零钱
keep the change.

that's all for today.今天就到这啦。

这节课中我们主要学的是 have“有”的用法
I have...         我有...
I don't have...    我没有...
Do you have...      你有...吗

Do you have any... 你有...吗
Do you have any glue
Do you have any envelopes
I have some envelopes, but I don't have any glue.

some 用在肯定句当中
any 用在否定和疑问句当中

Key words and expressions
writing paper
shop assistant

Lesson 60 What's the time

What's the time
It's two o'clock.

What's the time
It's six o'clock.

What's the time
It's eight o'clock.

What's the time
It's twelve o'clock.

cheese / butter
Do you have any cheese      cheese 是不可数名词,在疑问句中用 any
I don't have any cheese, but I have some butter. 在否定句中用 any,肯定句中用
jam / honey
Do you have any jam
I don't have any jam, but I have some honey.

bread/ biscuits
Do you and Sally have any bread
We don't have any bread, but we have some biscuits.

potatoes/ peas
Do you and Sam have any potatoes
We don't have any potatoes, but we have some peas.

tomatoes/ beans
Do Helen and Tim have any tomatoes
They don't have any tomatoes, bit they have some beans.

cabbages/ lettuces
Do Steven and his sister have any cabbages
They don't have any cabbages, but they have some lettuces.

bananas/ grapes
Do you and your friends have any bananas
We don't have any bananas, but we have some grapes.

tobacco/ soap
Do Penny and Dan have any tobacco
They don't have any tobacco, but they have some soap.

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