; 《All disease can be spontaneously cured》
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《All disease can be spontaneously cured》


《All disease can be spontaneously cured》

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									              《All disease can be spontaneously cured》

The main speaker of the thematic scholarly conference about “the study on the commonness
                  of disease” hold in the Great Hall of the People said:

                             All disease can be spontaneously cured

Editor’s word: 《Science & Technology Daily》 made a thematic report that Luo-Kunsheng made
a lecture on “The Study on the commonness of Disease” in the Great Hall of People in on
December 11, 2006. As the professional personnel of media of the health, we are very excite; after
a lot of bother, we connected with the speaker of public lecture Prof. Luo-Kunsheng, and made
longer telephone talk and read some work of him. 《The Theory of the Universal Unified Field》,
which is written by Luo-Kunsheng in collaboration with Luo-Shuwei, discloses many secrets
existed in the cosmos. We synthesize some authors’ standpoint about the health of the human
body and abstract part authors’ essays; hoping them bring specialist in medicine some beneficial
inspiration and even hoping more patients can obtain health by way of this chance.

                        1, A book which can be equated with 《Bible》

 《Water is the best medicine》 whose author is an American M.N. F •Batmanghelidj, the student
of the Nobel Prize winner Sir Alexander Fleming, is considered as being equated with 《Bible》 by
the western medical community. His works have been published 35 times in the U.S., have
already been translated into 16 kinds of languages and were sell well all over the world. He said:
“We need new idea in medical science if want to solve the health problem.”; “In order to solve the
health problem, we have been seeking for medicine. But we are not only unable to reduce these
health problems, on the contrary, constantly aggrandizing the range of the question. Use more
medicine is like throw them into the bottomless pit. We have messed questions up and paid
painful cost in the flag of modern medicine ; “The trouble simply lies in the medicine or the
chemicals, which can’t cure most diseases can only conceal and suppress the sign shown
temporarily”; “Generally speaking, the high blood pressure can’t be cured. Only if one suffers
from high blood pressure, he/she must take medicine all one’s life. The asthma can’t be cured,
once someone comes down with the asthma, the inhalation must never leave. Alimentary canal
ulcer can’t be effected a radical cure, patient must carry anti-sour pharmaceutical at any time; The
allergy manages can’t be cured, must rely on the medicine to be controlled. The arthritis can’t be
cured, the patient will become cripples sooner or later……”; “Browse the medical textbook, we
will read thousands of pages of empty verbiage, as for the cause of main disease, all conclusions
of the case are exactly the same: ’the cause of disease is unidentified’”; “Water is the natural good
medicine for health protection, can solve many kinds of health problems. This is the greatest
discovery in the history of mankind”. F •Batmanghelidj, M.N. quoted Marx·Polak’s famous
saying that “A new scientific truth can’t often persuade opponent. However, the opponent will die
gradually. Next generation begins to know this kind of truth.” He researches the “water therapy”,
by which many kinds of diseases can be treated. But his book does not refer to overcoming more
diseases. Even so, we’ve never heard of one medical scientist who has courage and acknowledge
modern medicine’s “empty verbiage” (more than thousands of pages). If most medical experts had
half of Batmanghelidj ’s courage, “incurable” diseases which have been talked for several
thousand years would already be disappeared.

                                    2, Is this medical research?

   We think: Medical science is simply a kind of fuzzy experiment method by which to deal with
disease. According to the theory of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), disease is the result
of imbalance of negative and positive aspects & unsmooth of body meridian; but TCM can not
eliminate disease easily. As regards the Western Medicine, it divides the human disease into
dozens of classes, hundreds of subjects, and works out several ten thousand kinds of names of
disease. It cannot effect a radical cure, only utilizes the chemicals to conceal and suppress the sign
shown temporarily, but that is considered as clinical radical cure. A great deal of diseases which
have been treated as “incurable disease” for several thousand years remain the “incurable disease”
or “the disease of taking medicine all one’s life”, which shows doctors’ incapability from another
aspect. Several thousand years have gone by, using miscellaneous therapy & numerous medicines
to treat disease is only a kind of primitive test method. 《The Art of War》 written by Sun-Zi said:
“The way to make enemies give up without war is the best approach.” It is the same method that
the therapy to make disease spontaneously cured is the best approach. Consequently, maintain
one’s own existence by way of pharmaceutical is simply a kind of rudimentary middle transition
course in the historical long river of progress of mankind. As contrary to us, we bold and
assuredly declare: “All incurable diseases can be spontaneously cured.” Even an ordinary villager
woman can also say this sentence. The development of medical science must reach this step we
study. “The health & life coexist” is an inherent universal rule we disclose. People’s immunologic
function & regeneration function reflect that rule. In the animal’s world, overwhelming majority
haven’t pharmaceutical, let alone the hospital. Our composition simply tells you how to use the
rule well.

               3, The abstract of 《The Theory of the Universal Unified Field》

There are 4 kinds of basic interactive force in the cosmos. Some scientists think these f kinds of
force are probably not really independent. So the theoretical research on the unified field becomes
a hottest global subject in the scientific circles in the past 100 years. The theory of unifying
electromagnetic force & weak force is called “Small Unification Field”, the theory of unifying
electromagnetic force & strong force &weak force is called “Grand Unification Field”, the theory
of unifying known 4 kinds of interactive force is called “Super Unification Field”. This book but
discloses the health secret of the human body while discussing the force. Two authors have
summarized the footprints numerous scientists made and thought: there must be lack of a kind of
force, whose absence results in the extreme difficulty of the establishment of the unified field
theory. This book has enumerated a large number of research results and relevant theses that have
already reported in China and foreign countries, and thinks that “the fifth kind of force” exists in
the cosmos. The authors have a name i.e. “soul-force” for that. The Theory which unifies 5 kinds
of force is called 《the theory of the universal unified field》 which was issued in July of 2006 and
whose Chinese and English version have been published in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, U.S. at
the same time. Reader and academia were shaken. Scientists predict many secret will be disclosed
if unified field theory was completed. That’s right, the completion of this book has already made
the millennium mystery become known to all, expand the number of force to five kinds;
furthermore, the theory viz. relative to the formation of the cosmos got some supplementary and
revision. The spread speed of “Soul-force” is “sudden-extreme speed”, it generally exists in the
4-dimensional space-time, objects acted upon by that speed can reach the destination in the
twinkling of an eye. And they found the most general application on the subject of “Quantum
Entanglement” which is a strange physical phenomenon in the “quantum mechanics”. The author
points out, without “soul-force” after big bang, every galaxy in the universe would fails to reach
the predetermined position, let alone the development of the cosmos. “The universal unified field”
that book describes is “the total information energy field which provides infinity energy for the
existence & development of all living things in the cosmos. It also describes “the theory of
Traditional Chinese Medicine” & “the theory of the body meridian” & “the Harmony between
Nature and Man” with a brand-new idea, and arrives at a remarkable conclusion: all “incurable”
diseases can be spontaneously cured, all diseases is simply a certain phan reflected in the
3-dementional space-time from the 4-dementional space-time. The essence of all diseases is alike,
they have common character. The thesis 《A study on the commonness of disease》 has been
published in Chinese 《Science & Technology Daily》 It has been 62 years from the establishment
to the demonstration of Relativity. After 16 years of demonstration, author has completed the
“theory of the universal unified field” based on the theory that “all diseases have commonness”.
At the same time, Authors open the free on-line therapy with a vast unselfish heart. Either pain or
illness of any position of human body (sour, rough, bloated, itch, ache, faint, shock), only click
“AUDIO”, or turn on “Comfort Device” (or Synchronous Device) and put it on wherever feel
uncomfortable, pain or illness will be lightened or disappeared at once. The author also works out
a kind of special-purpose electronic chip used for therapy. Its method to remove “virus” is similar
to computers anti-virus software. In the eye of electronics, the essence of human body’s disease &
computer’s virus are similar. When computer user visits internet, the computer’s brain will
immediately unavoidably receive an enormous information source, some inherent “procedure” in
the computer will be unconsciously interfered by the information source, then computer was
“poisoned”. According to the same reason, if people have eaten many kinds of wild animals or
some other animals, the human body which carries human biological information will meet the
“bio-internet” constituted by those eaten animals which carry different biological information of
different intensity. At this critical moment, non-human body information will distribute human
body information due to biological exclusiveness, which is just the real cause of all disease.
“SARS” broke out in 2003 is simply an example. That book discusses that wrong diet is the
origins of more than 90% of the incurable diseases. If doctors cannot accept this general
knowledge, you are unlikely to conquer any disease even if more than 100 years will gone by, let
alone have a clear cognition about any kind of difficult and complicated cases. That book also
refer to the fire-new hi-tech “Planting in outer space” & “breeding in outer space”: ① reduce
animals/plants diseases or insect pests, ② increase animals/plants production without any
chemical drug. It also enumerates a large number of colorful photos about the application of
holographic water by which to deal with plants by and make some introduction without reserve.

                            4, Health & longevity is no longer a dream

Modern science research shows that the average life of people whose growing period is similar to
most other mammal is around 125 (people’s growing period is 25 years. Life-span should be 5
times as long as that). However, people’s average life is far from below the standard. Why? The
disease people come down with is too many and too complicated. short-lived patient mostly died
of ignorance.
《The Theory of the Universal Unified Field》discloses a universal rule: The divine give human
life & health at the same time, viz., health and life should coexist. That is to say, people should not
have come down with disease, at lease should not suffer from severe disease which severely
threats human life. Why modern medical science treats many diseases as “incurable” disease? The
“incurable” diseases have been talked by medical science community for several thousand years.
In essence, those “incurable” diseases are simply a kind of phan based on the same phenomenon.
“We should study and develop the hi-tech of the 4-dementional space-time” said in that book.
Now that “incurable” diseases are not disease at all, we can overcome all diseases without
multifarious any kinds of medicine, or use 1~2 kinds of remedy, or 3~5 kinds of remedy at most
which have been produced. 《The Tabloid of the Holographic Water》 I edit collects a lot of
information that many users use the holographic water after being treated by “holographic
water-treatment device” in the base of “running water” to cure many complicated cases, which
deserves highly thinking. The disease should be divided into two classes due to our study:
“real-life disease” (modern test method can reflect its total information) & “Xu-disease” (the
disease whose total information can be detected by modern test method). Though many remedies
modern medicine has, it can but effectively cure the real-life disease which accounts for less than
10% segment of the total incidence of disease, while it still has little or no effect on the
“Xu-disease” which account for more than 90% segment of the total incidence of disease. That
book also makes exhaustive argumentation to the production and differentiation of “real-life
disease” & “Xu-disease”. Modern medical science uses the dead device to research the living
human body, how can they arrive at the essential conclusion? It is as if to solve the higher
mathematics equation with arithmetic type of primary school, how can he/she work out result? Is
it possible that to cure the discomfort aroused by cloudy day and rheumatism of patient suffer
from, the cloudy day will become sunny through patient taking medicine? Is it enough for the
ignorance & futile effort of modern medical science which has been experiencing several
thousand years of failure to prove the error that cure disease simply relies on medicine? The
approach authors of this book study, is a kind of science & technology of the 4-dimensional
space-time, simple, has quick effect, can be mastered by everyone. All incurable diseases will be
spontaneously cured by way of that approach. 《The Theory of the Universal Unified Field》 will
up hill and dale change people conception on health. From now on, the dream of longevity
becomes sooth.
                                        5, On-line treatment

The on-line treatment said here refers to the method that only click the window “AUDIO”
located on the webpage, the healthy biological information broadcasted in the medium of sound
will make all diseases spontaneously cured. The essential point of on-line treatment lies in the
discovery of disease’s commonness & the utilization of electronic therapy-chip. The actual
function of computer “anti-virus software” is to protect computer from the inference of harmful
information & harmful information amending original procedure of the computer.
Why people fall ill is that healthy biological field of people is distributed by other animal’s
biological information. A large amount of research think: the universal unified field is the
primitive life-evolution information energy field of the human life, if the connection between
human biological field (HBF) and the universal unified field (UUF) become distant because of
inference, people will fall ill. Intensify the connection between HBF & UUF, HBF will obtain
infinity life energy from UUF of enormous energy as if a drop of water won’t dry if being in the
sea; at this time, people are full of vigor and vitality, the whole diseases will be spontaneously
gradually cured. To let HBF & UUF synchronous is called “return of life”.
The device upon which base this electronic therapy-chip can be devised, of course, this chip can
also be designed to be utilized in the telephone or network. Their result is equal. The author’s
research purpose is to make all patients get away from disease without single cent. Were the
epidemic broken in further, everybody can make use of this free on-line therapy to obtain health.
The method is: click “AUDIO”, put sound box on the desk or place the sound box to wherever
feel uncomfortable, user sits quietly, closes the eye and keeps relax. User can also download this
sound recording (content refers to the principle of treatment said in Chinese and English), sufferer
from deafness & coma or those who don’t understand content will get similarly same curative
effect. Sound recording is designed to be played in succession, about 30 minutes for once. Tool of
this therapy doesn’t contact human body, has no side effect. This healthy information gives rapid
relief to sufferer form terminal cancer, at least, helps patient realize euthanasia. After 16 years of
clinical application, this therapy has made more than millions of patients who suffered from
difficult and complicated cases afresh obtain health.
Such as the following typical examples:
Jiang-Guangliu, male, 53 years old, lives in Xin Hua town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, suffer from
“acute young cell leukemia” (blood cancer). He had been in Rui-Jing hospital (hospitalization NO.
2001375) for one year and two months, cost more than 250,000 yuan, almost died. Afterwards, he
accepted our therapy, and gradually recovered from all kinds of disease he suffered from after 4
months without additional money. After half of year, he made a reexamination, only to discover
small blood board, leukocyte all become normal, even the kidney stone, prostatitis, periarthritis
humeroscapularis and other disease were all cured.
Li-Liang×, 59 years old, male, a president of some Shanghai company, had suffered from whole
body psoriasis for 10 years. After accepting this therapy, he had been taking a shower by
holographic water, his new skin of whole body became thin and soft one year later.
Li-Yulin, male, 58 years old, is a retired artilleryman in Nanjing. Because of the maneuver more
than 20 years ago, his right ear was shaken by the cannon and became deaf and was diagnosed as
myringorupture of eardrum. While he was listening to Guangzhou “information telephone”, hardly
had he finished listening to the content of information telephone yet, he actually found the device
on the desk hadn’t turned down. After careful recollection, his right ear has already totally
resumed hearing.
Look at here, reader will definitely considers according to the routine medical science thinking: is
this a typical case in 1% of the success rate? Above all, what we study is a universal rule, it is no
wonder that any strange disease are spontaneously cured; on the contrary, to fail to cure them is
strange. In a word, there must be strange results if user persists.

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